A whip crack echoed like a lonely gunshot throughout the brick-filled corriders. A young maiden's terrifying scream soon followed suit. A young boy sighed. "I think I'm done for tonight..." he whispered, sending chills down the spines of his workmates. Just his voice alone was downright terrifying.

"Len," one of the older males spoke, "you're not done." The blue-haired man pointed to a teenaged girl that was shivering, covered with blood and cuts.

"Damn..." Len whispered. He drove his fingernails into the nearest wall. Curling his fingers back to his hand, he crumbled the rotting rock with his toughened palm. He turned to his allies and stepped onto his faint shadow.

"Kaito," he gestured towards the blunette, "Gakupo," he gestured towards the to other worker, a man with long, purple hair that was tied into a ponytail, "you two take care of her; I'm too tired..." Len headed towards the exit but was stopped by Gakupo calling to him.

"Len!" Len gritted his somewhat pointed teeth and turned back towards the older men.

"WHAT THE FUCK DO YOU WANT?" He clenched his fist. His fingernails pierced his skin slightly, even with how tough it had become. Blood started to cover his palm.

"Len..." Gakupo whispered, thinking about his violent tendencies and how he never used to be like that. "Calm down..." He glanced at Len's palm and grimaced. "You might want to cut your fingernails too..."

"SHUT UP! YOU FUCKING IDIOT; I'LL NEVER DO THAT!" The boy started rushing towards him to murder him. Then he saw how scared Gakupo looked and stopped in his tracks. "I'm... sorry..." He hesitated. "I won't do it again. Though please don't make me cut them. They're my best weapon... I'm a goner if I don't keep them..." Len had tears forming but didn't want the others to see his fear. He kept his head tilted downwards so he wouldn't have to look at their faces; so they couldn't tell how scared he was.

"Well, how about this? You can cut them and keep them as a weapon. It's just for your own safety," Kaito tried reasoning. He lifted up Len's face only to see the dried tears that had become encrusted in the boy's face. Len was shaking violently and had many more tears rushing forth. He bit his trembling lip so he could try answering.

"Um... Y.. Yeah, I... I'll do that..." Len looked back down and the adults exchanged worried glances. The young boy straight away went to keeping his promise. He started prying his nails away from his skin, one by one. It hurt so much to him, though the sort of hurt he was used to. 'The same pain from my childhood... Why did that have to happen? Why di-'

"Len," Kaito snapped him from his thoughts. "Stop it now. All of your nails are gone, now you're bleeding. Just store them somewhere." Len slowly nodded and dug his already blood-covered nails into his shorts. Piercing his skin. Making dizzy from blood loss. Just how he liked.

Before either Kaito or Gakupo could object to this, they heard a thud behind them.

"Jeez," a woman's voice sighed. "The boss really needs to fix up these teleportation devices; that killed my back!" Len turned around once he was sure someone was there. To his surprise, he saw an old friend. A girl with blonde hair that she grew out at some point and sharp, glaring eyes.

"Oh," he mumble, seemingly unimpressed. "Lily. It's you." Lily nodded and stood up.

"Yep. Le- OW, MY BACK! Well, anyway, you're the reason I'm here." She pulled out a badge from her jacket and held it upside down. "I think that's the right way... Now, where's my script...?" She fumbled around more and pulled out a piece of paper with random scribbles on it. "Ahem." She said the rest in a very flat tone. "You people. Kaito, Gakupo. You are under a-rrest for the... Uh... Yes, for sexually harassing this boy here." She pointed to Len and he rose an eyebrow.

"Really, Lily? Either you're a bad actor or bad police officer; neither of these guys have done anything like that to me..." This time it was Lily's turn to raise an eyebrow.

"I'm a police officer, but not a bad one. How'd you think I got that teleportation thingy? Oh, wait, what? Are you trying to tell me I said the wrong thing?" Len stared blankly at Lily's utter stupidness.

"Well, yeah..."

"Oh!" She exclaimed in realisation. "That would make sense. Haha, my boss is the only one that can see the security cameras. Sorry 'bout that! Well, um, boys who I already said the names of, you are under a-rrest for letting this boy here," she pointed to Len once again, "almost kill himself and not doing anything about it, blah blah blah, shit like that... Hey, do you boys have anything alcoholic? I mean, I could really go for some wine right about now, oh right, arresting you!"

"Lily..." Len sighed. "Don't arrest them, please. They've done nothing wrong."

"Well, according to the boss they have."

"Look, I'm not letting them go to prison. They already work in one. If they have to, I'm going too." Lily giggled while thinking about two things. First, how cute she thought this devotion was. Second, if he cared so much about them as to spend years in jail with them, one could only imagine what sort of suggestive things they'd get up to in there. In fact, to make she could walk in on them at some point,

"Your choice~. Okay, so that'll be a life sentence for all of you, chocolate and peas only for breakfast, lunch and dinner," she added while remembering a few things she'd read. Apparently, chocolate works as an aphrodisiac and Romans used to believe peas worked as an amazing aphrodisiac for men. If they'd read that last one anywhere, it would be sure to work within a few days! "And, um... Actually, maybe we'll give you guys bananas too, it's such a nice shape!" She cooed while giggling.

"Okay, so let's take you there..."

LOL LILY. Believe it or not, I actually based her personality somewhat off mine. So yeah, I heard this song, and I was just like "HOLLY SHEETS, THIS IS BOTH SCARY-CREEPY AND THEM OUTFITS. I LAV IT. OHH, PLOT BUNNIES." So, um, yeah. If Lily gave you mental images, don't blame me...? But then again, it's probably a good thing.

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