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*~ Later~*

I'm in my trailer pacing back and forth. I can't believe I had a sister! How is this possible? And I just now find out! Why didn't my parents tell me? Why didn't no one mention her? I'm so confused!

"Alex?" I hear only the sweetest voice that belonged to a beautiful jaguar. "Are you okay?"

"How could I be okay Gia? I just found out I have a sister! And my parents didn't tell me!" I shout. Gia holds my shoulders in attempt to calm me down. And it works.

"Alex. Calm down. This is huge. You have a sister and she wants to get home and we should help her." Gia says.

"But what if I never see her again when we leave her in California? I just found out I have a sister and I can't just forget about her just like that." I say and look down. Gia lifts my chin up and made me look into her beautiful brown eyes.

"Alex, everything will be alright okay?" She says and kisses me. It was soft and passionate. Her lips were soft against mine and I kissed her back. She leaned out and smiled. "Just get to know your sister." I smile at her.

"Thanks, G." I say and kiss her one more time.


I watched as everyone were praticing their acts. They all looked like fun. I mean Marty's and Stefano's act seemed dangerously fun! The little dogs act were also fun. I've never tried these kinds of things before. I bet they're really fun! Yup! I'm all about the fun! But the most impresive one of all? It had to be Vitaly's. When I saw him fly through that tiny ring in flames, I was speechless. I thought that kind of thing was impossible!

"Vitaly! That was amazing! How do you do it!" I yell excitedly. Vitaly smirked.

"Its just my talent! I have courage and confidence! Nothing can stop me!" Vitaly said proudly. I smirked slyly.

"Oh yeah?" I tuant, "What about through an electric fence?" His smirk faded.

"Uh, well, almost anything.." He said awkwardly. I giggle. I look over my shoulder and spot my older brother...wow, I should get used to that, and his jaguar girlfriend, Gia. They laughed as they swung back and forth on the trapeze. I smile.

"He must really like her." I say.

"Yup, but Gia is like a sister to me, so if he hurts her he gets it." Vitaly says.

"Overprotective brother mode?" I laugh.

"Sort of," He chuckles, "I bet Alex would feel the same way about you."

"I've only known for almost a day! I don't think he would already treat me that way." I tell him. He shrugged. I look back at the couple.

Alex's POV

"Serously?" I ask Gia holding back laughs.

"Seriously." She answers. We laugh again. I look down and see my younger sister... wow, I should get used to that, talking to Vitaly. Suddenly I have this weird feeling inside. A feeling like protection. I think Gia catches my look cause she looks worried.

"You okay, Alex?" She asks.

"Uh, ya I'm Gia." I tell her. She smiles.

"Overprotective brother mode aren't you now?" She says. I smile nervously.

"You think its overprotectio what Im feeling?" I ask her. She smiles.

"Alex, I know overprotection when I see it. Trust me, I had to go through that with Vitaly." She says. I look at her.

"With who?" I ask. Gia smirked.

"Jealous much?" Gia said slyly. I cock an eyebrow and smirk. She laughs. "Just with a member of another circus. But Vitaly was right. He was a no show." She says sadly. Obviously she having a bad memory. I grab her petite waist and pulled her onto my lap. She cuddled into my chest.

"Sorry, G for bringing that up." I tell her.

"It's okay." She says. By the tone of her voice I could tell she was still upset. "I just hope it doesn't happen again." She says. I totally got the message. I hugged her tightly.

"I promise I would never hurt you, Gia." I whisper to her. She tightens her grip on me.

"Thank you, Alakay." My eyes widen. Oh what? She giggles.

Bree's POV

Aww! They look so cute hugging on the trapeze! Wonder what they were talking about.

"Hey, do you have a talent?" Vitaly asks. I shake my head.

"No, not really." I say awkwardly. A strand of my golden hair falls to my face and I move it away.

"Come on! Everyone has a talent." Vitaly says.

"I don't." I say sadly. I really don't have a talent. Im not good at anything. I can't trapeze. I would be too scared to blast myself from a canon. I wouldn't fit through a tiny ring. I looked down ashamed. Vitay frowns.

"You have to be good at something!" He says. I shake my head and walk inside my brother's trailor. I sit in a corner and eventually fall asleep.


I open my eyes and see my brother looking at me worriedly. I yawn sleepily. He smiled and picked me up bridal style. He took me to the couch and put me down on it. I buried my head into the pillow. Before I could fall asleep, I look over to Alakay- er, Alex who was looking out the window.

"Its great to finally meet you, Alex." I say. He turns around and smiles.

"You too, Bree. Its amazing to have a sister like you." He says. I smiled and fall asleep.

~*Next Morning*~

I wake up and the train is still moving. I felt dizzy. I should get used to this for a while. I sit up with the help of my elbows and look around. My brother is still sleeping. It must be around seven or eight. I yawn/roar and strecth my arms. I get up and stroke my hair. How does a lioness have hair you might ask? Lets just say scientists wanted to know if animals could have human hair. Now I have a big puff of golden hair on my head, but I kind of like it.

I walk to the window and look out and see that were surrounded by trees. We must be in Springfeild. I hear a yawn/roar behind me. I turn around and find my brother stretching his arms.

"Hey Bree. You're up early." He says. I smile. Im used to waking up early now. Ever since I escaped that torture house Ive been traveling early in the morning everyday. Suddenly the train stops slowly. I look out the window and see a pain grassy area.

"Do you want to be in show?" He asks. I shake my head.

"No, and even if I would, what act would I do?" I ask him. He shrugs.

"What are you best at?" He asks.

"Nothing." I answer and look down. Then I feel a heavy paw on my shoulder. I look at the paw then at Alex.

"Don't worry Bree. We'll help you find your talent." He says. I grin.

"Thanks, bro." I say happily and hug him. He hugs me back wrapping his arms around my shoulders. I'm pretty small for him. I guess thats reasonable since Im 5 years younger than him which makes me 18 and him 23.

"Come on, sis. Lets go get ready for the show." He says then opens the slide door and jumps out. I take a deep breath and step out. Everyone's setting up the tent and the trapeze thing that lights up.

"Hey Bree!" Gia says as she hops to my side.

"Hi Gia." I greet her.

"Alex told me he was gonna help you find your good at." She says.

"Ya, but I bet that would days, heck maybe weeks!" I tell her.

"Why do you think that?" Gia asks.

"Cause I really don't have a talent. I can't play any instruments or ventriloquist or breathe fire!" I say sadly.

"What about singing?" Gia asks. I look at her while cocking an eyebrow.

"Singing?" Is she seriuos? I've sung before but never in public. I don't think Im good at singing anyway.

"Ya," she says, "maybe you're good at singing."

"Noooo," I say, "I don't sing in public."

"Don't worry. It'll just be me!" She says. Should I? Could it be my talent? I decided to try.

"Okay, I guess I could try." I say. SShe smiles.

"Great! Meet me in my trailor after the show to rehearse." She says then runs off into the colorful tent.

Gia's POV

I run into the tent and headed for the neon paint we use for the show. After filling in my jaguar spots with purple paint, my eyes are covered by big brown paws. Do I really have to guess?

"Guess who?" Alex says. I giggle. I grab his arms and turn around. I giggle again and kiss him passionately. His paw goes up to my cheek as my arms go around his neck.

"WOAH DADDY!" Marty shouts. A perfect moment ruined. Thanks Mar. "Guys! Get a room!" He shouts. I blush.

"Marty!" Alex whined. Marty laughed.

"Come on, kitties. The show is starting!" He says. Alex rolls his eyes. I realize he's still holding me and I blush fiercely. He smirks slyly at me. I blush and lift an eyebrow. He leans down and plants his lips on mine. He pulls me closer and I smile into the kiss. We lean out and smile.

"Lets go do a show."

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