(Kashino and Ichigo come in my studio)

Me: Hi!

Kashino: Oi! You're writing another story?

Me: Well...I deleted the other two so this is my 'first' story. Let's pretend we don't know each other! So...Hi! My name is Terry!

Kashino: -.-

Ichigo: Hi! It's nice to meet you!

Kashino: Whatever...so what's the story about?

Me: Er...(hands the paper with the summary of the story)

Kashino: what the heck?

Me: I don't own Yumeiro Patissiere! :)

Ichigo: Can't wait to read this!

Ichigo P.O.V. (In the St. Marie kitchen)

I stared at my rejected strawberry cream pie. These days…I can't make anything. Everything I make is just rejects. Is it because…it's the war that's raging on?

Currently, World War 3 is raging between U.S. and Iran. I don't know why, but I just know that it just is. The war is the only thing people in St. Marie talk about. I hate the depressing topic. I want to forget it, but it just keeps coming up. Plus, Japan is supporting U.S. by sending in soldiers, but we don't have enough soldiers because about thousands die every day. St. Marie is also contributing by sending sweets to the children in U.S. But…that doesn't make me feel any better. My sweets turned into rejects. I try to put passion, however; I no longer can find it. I am still the happy, bubbly girl so that I could be positive that the war is going to end. All the countries are taking sides and this is the biggest war in history. I wonder how long I can be happy. I'm starting lose to the dark side.

Anyways, I started to make the pie crust again when the door opened and Kashino came in.

"Oi Amano. Why are you upset?"

"Nothing," I said with a feigned smile.

"Just tell me why," Kashino urged.

Lately, he and my other friends, Andou kun and Hanabusa kun, had been avoiding me. I rarely saw Kashino and I never saw Andou and Hanabusa since one month ago. I wondered why

"Well…it's just that the war is going on and…" My voice trailed off as I thought of many lives this minute that vanished.

"Just smile, please," Kashino interrupted.

I blinked and tried to smile, but I'm losing to the dark side.

"I-I-I c-c-can't anymore!" I cried out as tears started to drip down from my eyes.

Before I knew it, Kashino had his arms around me as whispered, "You could. Please be strong. I want to know if you could be alone."

"W-what d-do y-you mean?" I asked, trying to stop my tears from coming out.

"Amano, I…" He paused and then he handed me a letter.

Curiously, I took it and opened it…

Me: So how is it?

Kashino: Why the heck did World War 3 come out?

Me: There's something called being creative...look it up!

Kashino: Actually, it's called being an idiot, like Amano

Ichigo: hey! You're such a devil!

Kashino: You're a baka!

Me: Well...please review! Oh and if you do you'll receive...

Kashino: no one's going to fall for your trick.

Me: (ignores Kashino) strawberry pie (not rejected) with chocolate drizzle and a new chapter!