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Kashino P.O.V.

Her hands gripped mine. They were so warm, but not friendly warm…just warm. I still felt her sadness as we rushed back to the kitchen. Back at the lake, I wanted to tell Amano how I really felt for her. I loved her. At first, I didn't tell because I had to focus on my one and only dream: being a chocolatier; however that dream vanished and now I'm caught in the war business. Even if I told her, everything would be pointless because I will soon leave her. I don't want to leave her behind with just those three words. No way will I do that to her. Besides, she's dense and would mistake those three words as a friendship view.

We arrived at the kitchen and immediately I saw the rejected strawberry pies. Scrunching my nose, I went over to the counter, where Amano threw her pie dough in the trash can.

"Amano, what happened to your pies?" I asked, trying to be normal, pretending that the war never occured.

There was a gloomy silence as Amano collected the ingredients for the pie crust and started making a new one.

"They're full of nothing. No passion. Nothing," Amano answered darkly as she carelessly poured in the flour.

I inhaled as I did nothing, but stared at Amano for awhile.

"Kashino, are you really going to stare at me?" Her empty voice echoed.

I got out my tempering tools and started to temper the dark chocolate. I'm really going to give up this dream just for this war. Why? I wanted to escape, but again I have to do this for…for what? I don't know whom or what I have to do this for. Angrily, I threw my tempering tools on the counter. Amano flinched and asked softly, "Kashino, what's the matter?"

"Nothing, Amano. This is all pointless. Really pointless. I don't know why I'm really joining this war! The war, the moping is all just so pointless!"

Amano stared at me, worried, and gently walked over to me.

"Kashino, I really don't know why you have to join the war too. I also believe that the war and moping is pointless. Sorry, I won't…"

"Amano! Stop apologizing! I shouldn't be complaining. So I should be the one apologizing. Sorry, Amano."

"K-K-Kashino, is it okay if I ask you something?" Amano asked suddenly after a moment of silence.

"Sure," I replied, feeling appalled at Amano's sudden question and change of subject.

"Kashino, though this isn't really the time to tell you this…I have a favor. Can you please help me really perfect the strawberry pie?

"That's a simple recipe."

"I know…but I just can't put passion into this and I really want to help the victims out there! If you're going to help out in the war, I want to help too!"

"Okay, Amano. But just to let you know, I don't think sweets are really going to help because the sugar is starting to run out and we have limited sugar cane plantations out there. Before long, the sweets will run out and every personal needs and materials will cost more and more."

"B-but I really want to help! Maybe a sweet may seem pointless, but it can really cheer up someone! Sweets give people something to actually look forward to besides the terrible news of the war!"

"I know that, Amano. I'm just saying that this is a global war, meaning that almost every country is taking sides, which is either U.S. or Iran."

"Kashino, I thought we're going to stop moping around! We have to be serious!"

"You're right, Amano."

I sighed as I continued to temper as Amano kept remaking the strawberry pies. After few hours, I made chocolate chaud for the both of us. We leaned again the counter. It was covered with rejected strawberry pies.

"Kashino…the pies still turn out terrible, even though I put passion," Amano wailed.

I thought deeply and suggested, "Maybe, you're just forcing to put passion. You can't just force things."

She considered this as she sipped the chocolate chaud.

"I suppose so…and Kashino, this may sound really weird, but can I tell you something?"

I nodded, wondering if she was going to tell me that she…loves me, yeah right. Still, I hoped.

"Kashino, I…I wondered if we could sample the strawberry pies."

I again nodded, feeling a bit disappointed. Amano brought the best looking pie, though it still didn't look that delicious, two plates and forks, and a knife. She handed me a plate with a piece and I sampled it…

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