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"Dearies, you must be shell shocked. You just got attacked." Effie told me and Fang.

"Nah, not really. It was expected actually." I said to Effie. She looked shocked. So I explained.

"We've been fighting these guys off since we were, what Fang? Eight? Nine?" I asked.

"Eight," Fang replied.

"Yeah, eight, and these now "flyboys" as we call them have gotten more advanced too." I told Effie.

"I don't know how you can stand it… I would've died!" Effie said.

"We had to go to the hospital a few times so that wouldn't happen." I told her.

"Well, uh, go to bed you two… see you in the morning."

Fang and I walked back to our rooms. Katniss was on the bed reading Percy Jackson and the Olympians: The Last Olympian.

"Nice choice in book." I said. "Reading the same thing." I said, showing Katniss my book.

I turned out the light on my side, stretched out, prayed for the flock, thought about Fang's abs, and fell asleep.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~I'M JUST A PAGE BREAK… DON'T MIND ME YOUNG ONES~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

I turned over on my side, looking at the clock. 3:46. Wow, I'd slept like a rock until now… I'm hungry. I walked over to Fang's room. I tapped on the door so quietly you almost couldn't hear it. With Fang's hyped up hearing, if he was awake, he'd hear it. I waited outside for a minute and just as I was about to walk over to the dining car, I heard a rustle of sheets. It was so faint you almost couldn't hear it. Then Fang came out. He was still in his pajamas, as was I. he was wearing black sweat pants (surprise, surprise) and I was wearing dark purple and white checked shorty shorts and a tight dark blue tank top. I had my black windbreaker on over it. Why? Cuz for 4 in the morning, it's cold.

"Good morning, babe." Fang whispered to me as he closed the door silently. "Can't sleep?"

"Yeah…" I said. He kissed my forehead. I touched the bottom of his hair. "Your hair is getting so… shaggy." I told him. "It reaches your shoulders." I went to the bathroom and opened the door. I motioned towards the toilet. "Sit down."

Fang frowned. "Why?"

"Because you need a haircut." I told him.

"Portia said I should keep my hair long. She wouldn't let the prep team touch it." Fang said, scowling now.

"Screw Portia and her prep team. Your hair's too long!" I told him with a smile. "Now sit." I commanded him. He was so easy to convince. He scowled.

"If you keep scowling your face will permanently stay that way." I told him. This earned me an elbow in the ribs. 'Lighten up Fang. Jeez.' I thought.

I grabbed a pair of scissors and began to cut his hair. I looked back and admired my masterpiece. Fang's hair was shorter in the back, about half-way down his neck now, and his bangs no longer reached the end of his neck, they reached the end of his earlobes. Just the way I like it. Fang looked smokin' hot now.

"How does it look…?" Fang grumbled.

"Sexy," I said. He perked up when he heard that.

"Oh, really?" He asked.

"Yeah," I said. "It does." He looked in the mirror and kissed my forehead.

"Thank you," He muttered. "I'm hungry." he whined.

"I am too," I smiled. "Let's get some hot chocolate." I said.

We walked down the lilac purple velvet carpeting in a comfortable silence. I was glad we could have silence and not have it be awkward. It made me happy we were this comfortable with each other. We went to one of the 4 seat booths and shared a bench. On the table of the booth we picked were whiskey and a slice of blueberry pie. I noticed Fang's look and was just about to switch booths when none other than Haymitch himself came over and sat down in the booth. He was so drunk he just slumped down and didn't say a word. Fang and I jumped up from the booth and into the booth in front of his.

"Close call," I said even though Haymitch was too drunk to realize what just happened. A waiter walked over to our booth and asked for our orders.

"I'll take a salted caramel hot chocolate. Fang?"

"Same," Fang said.

"Anything else?" The waiter asked us.

"No," I said. "That will do."

A few minutes later our hot chocolates got to us. I sipped mine quietly, just content that Fang was sitting next to me, and that for now we aren't dead. I leaned into Fang slightly and enjoyed his warmth as he wrapped his arm around my middle. I actually felt normal for once, just normal people in love instead of two mutant freaks in love.

"I feel normal for once Fang. It feels… nice… for a change." I looked up at him as he kissed my forehead.

"It does feel nice Max, I wish it would last."

"It's nice in spurts, but being a freak has its advantages. I get a Flock I can call my family, I can feel the rush of falling off a building over and over again, as many times as I want without getting hurt. And," I paused looking up at him, "I get a guy that I get to call mine forever." With that I kissed him hard and pulled away. "I love you Fang."

"I love you too Max." He whispered in my ear.

I heard Haymitch mumble, "Real star-crossed lovers. I'm gonna go kill myself now," before he passed out.

"I'm tired Fang," I said. He noticed this and picked me up bridal style. I didn't object. He walked down the hallway and opened the door to my room. He laid me down on the bed as Katniss watched us; secretly wishing her boyfriend loved her this much.

As my head hit the pillow, the rest of the morning was of a blur. (I was going to stop here but I thought that would be just plain cruel after not updating forever!)

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~MAY THE ODDS BE EVER IN YOUR FAVOR, YOUNG ONES~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

I awoke to someone flicking my head. "What?" I growled so lowly that anyone would be scared. Unless you're Fang.

"Time to get up sleepyhead," He said to me.

"Go away," I moaned turning over.

"Never!" Fang called. "Looks like someone needs to be tickled…"

Crap… worst. Morning. Ever. He found my weak spot. My waist. I started screeching and laughing at the same time. Fang got a kick out of it.

"Someone's jumpy this morning…" Fang said. Screw him and his magical hands. I looked up to see Fang fully dressed in jeans, black converse, and black shirt with white swirls on it.

"Shoo! Shoo!" I motioned towards the door. "Meet you in the dining car in 15." I said.

I hopped in the shower, brushed my teeth, and threw on my skinny jeans, red white and blue ruffled tank top and my light blue DC Hi-Tops and to top it off, and my old leather windbreaker. I also wore the promise ring Fang got me for my fifteenth birthday. I walked out to the dining car to see Fang, Peeta, Katniss, Haymitch, and Effie waiting for me. I sit down next to Fang.

I kiss him and say, "Morning baby," I then steal a piece of his bacon and smirk at him when he narrows his eyes. I stuff the whole piece in my mouth while he watches.

"Don't make a habit of that," Fang says, angered that I took his bacon.

"Please Fang," I say. "Iggy made me this bacon monster I am today."

"There's truth to that," he says.

"I think I'm going to be sick," Haymitch counters in our direction.

"You drink too much alcohol Haymitch." I tell him. "You need to lay off."

"Sweetheart," Haymitch says, "Don't tell me to lay off the alcohol." He says motioning to Peeta.

"Yeah I know he acts like he's love drunk.

"I'm not the only one…" Peeta mumbles under his breath.

"You wanna try that one again, pita bread?" I ask.

"No…" He says, quite scared.

"Good," I say quite content with myself. I look over at the waiter as if to say 'bacon please man'.

"Your girlfriend's scary," Peeta says.

"Tell me about it," Fang says. "She can glare too."

Peeta shudders. My food comes and I attack it like a VERY hungry mama bear. I scarfed the bacon first before Fang could steal a piece back. I then went to eating my cheesy eggs. I then ate fifteen croissants and two mugs of hot chocolate.

"Training day is today. Save your best for evaluation day. Go around the table saying you're best FIGHTING ability. Katniss?"

"Bow and Arrow."


"Throwing heavy stuff."


"Hand to hand combat. I know 15 ways how to kill you with my bear hands and can do 10 of them easily."

"Uhm… Max?"

"I can kill you 16 ways and can do 12 of them easily."

"That's only cuz Jeb favorite you."

"Jeb's the enemy Fang."

"Let's go to the training center."

When we got to the training center, I was amazed. This place was HEE-UGEEEE! I never expected anything so big for a training center. The first thing that happened was I saw Angel, Gazzy, Nudge, Iggy, and Dylan. Then an instructor lady came out and told us that we had to learn all we could in three days then be evaluated. No fighting with the others until the games… blah blah blah. Whatever. I went over to my Flock and told them not to show off to badly and to not get into too much trouble if trouble could be avoided. We went off to our stations. Welcome, training day 1. Oh, joy.

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