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Brooke Davis entered her hotel room, walking into the bathroom she turned on the shower. While waiting for it to heat up she chuckled thinking about that cute guy who was drooling over the girl that was really a guy. Climbing in she needed to start getting ready for dinner with an investor.

Don Flack cringed and turned around to the voice. "You know, I've got to get going." As he stepped back.

"I can come with you." The blonde replied.

"Look, I'm only into women."

"I'm almost all women now." She purred. Just then Flack's phone went off. Walking away from the women.

"FLACK" he said into the phone

"come on baby you'll never know I was a man." He heard yelled behind him.

"Vacation that fun Don?" he heard with laughter

"Funny Mack, whats up?"

"We got a call from a woman who says her best friend was being stalked."

"Mack, I'm on vacation what does that have to do with me."

"Flack she is staying at your hotel and she is a celebrity."

"Send me the details and I'll check on her."

" okay sending you her picture too."

Don pulls his phone away from his ear and opens the message.

"Shit!" he says. " She was sitting next to me by the pool earlier."

"GO FIND HER!" Mack yelled!

Upstairs Brooke was finishing up her hair and make-up she hated these meetings but because of her successes she had to go. The iphone on the table started to vibrate.

"Hey Hales, whats up?"

"Brooke, I did something you might not be happy about."

" You're not wearing that poncho again are you?"

"You hated my poncho?"

"Hales FOCUS!"

"Sorry, I called this detective, about your stalker. He said he has a guy in the Caribbean that can keep an eye on you."

"Haley, I told you I would take care of it. I don't need some tree hill cop following me around."

"Brooke, he is NYPD and this woman assured me he wasn't too bad on the eyes. Do it for the baby?"

"Baby? I'm not pregnant. " now Brooke was really confused

"Not you Brooke!"

Brooke Shrieked, and her door was kicked open resulting in her screaming and dropping her phone.

"POLICE" yelled the guy from the pool as he entered her room.

"what the hell are you doing?" She screamed at him.

"I heard screaming."

"my best friend just told me she is pregnant again I was excited. Shit Hales." Grabbing her phone off the floor."

"Brooke! BROOKE! Are you there?"

"Sorry Hales I dropped the phone. I'll call you back and congrats!"

"Love you Tigger!"

"Love you too Give Jamie a kiss for me!"

Setting down her phone she crossed her arms over her chest.

"Can I help you?" she asked.

" I'm Don Flack with the NYPD, we received a stalking report and I'm here to check on you."

"Ugh Haley! Im fine it wasn't a big deal. Go back to your vacation and I'll go to my dinner meeting."

Smirking Brooke added, " how's the blonde from the pool?