Interval 001: Resurrection

Location: The Pointman's flat.

Time: 1:43am

He was The Pointman, a former member of the US Army's First Encounter Assault Recon, F.E.A.R and a man who kept silent, but his eyes would tell you a thousand words. It had been twenty-two years since the new addition to the Wade family, and the last appearance that Pointman saw of his brother Paxton Fettel. After the events that happened all those years ago, Pointman raised the newly born child as his own, despite his designated mission to kill the child. Once he claimed the child in his possession, he went on to name him John Wade, an obvious remembrance of some-what to his mother Alma. Many years had passed; Pointman found himself having consistent nightmares reminiscing about the death of his brother. It had been the last time Pointman had seen him, but in his mind deep down he knew that Paxton could still return.

It had been another heavy night; he grabbed the half-empty whisky bottle which was placed on the kitchen side along with sleeping pill prescription box. Pointman looked that he was suffering from deep depression, and his nightmares were causing himself lack of sleep. The only time Pointman could find peace was when he was severely intoxicated and found himself passing out, waking up in the morning feeling more shit than he did the night before. He hesitantly but slowly opened the pills and poured a few of them onto the table. He stood there for a few minutes, staring down at the pills that were scattered across the table. He grabbed the half-empty whisky bottle, and grabbed the prescription pills and swallowed each of pills followed by finishing off the whisky bottle. A few minutes later, the sleeping pills were kicking in and his eyes started to become groggy. It was just another ordinary night for Pointman, with an evening of prescription pills and alcohol with a severe hangover in the morning.

It wasn't always like this. For years he lived a content life raising John, but it was not until the untimely death of Jin-Sun Kwon that caused Pointman to go down the road of depression. The obsession that Paxton had returned and was the man responsible for murdering Jin even caused him to have hallucinations. He had no idea what was real, what was not. Sometimes he would look in the mirror and find a reflection of his brother looking back at him. His life was slowly deteriorating; a man that had so much potential was nothing but a complete shell of his former self. His hair was severely thinning with countless strands of dark grey, with haunting dark circles under his eyes which showed lack of sleep. He sat down on the couch, and closed his eyes for a mere few seconds. He could hear a disturbing whisper, as if it was someone standing right next to him. He refused to open his eyes and kept them closed, just encase the hallucinations started happening again.

"Brother, I know you can hear me" the eerie whisper echoed. Pointman knew exactly who he was, but he refused to believe the whispers were real. He always blamed it on the fact he was either too intoxicated or it was some really fucked up side effect from the prescription pills. He could feel a presence standing right in front of him, he could feel that chill sensation when you feel like someone is watching or standing behind you.

"Brother, I know you haven't forgotten about me" the whisper echoed again. "I can sense your fear, I can hear your thoughts and feel your emotions and it makes me so much stronger brother". Pointman remained silent continuing to keep his eyes closed and block out the whispers and hope that they would disappear. The whispers were getting louder and aggressive which led Pointman to believe that the events that were happening were not all in his head. He opened his eyes from the darkness and looked in front of him to see Paxton standing a mere few inches away, with the same sadistic and disturbing smile when the two last encountered.

"Do you remember me? I'm sure you do" Paxton calmly said raising a slight smile. "It's been a long time, don't think I have forgotten what you did to me brother". Paxton aggressively said walking over towards Pointman who was slowly beginning to lose consciousness. The lights in each section of the flat began to flicker repeatedly until they all quickly burned out. The whole place was covered in sheer darkness, and the atmosphere of the place was so deafening that it was almost haunting. He sat there quietly with thousands of thoughts running through his mind. The hallucinations and whispers seemed as if they were over and that the whole scenario was just all in his troubled mind. As minutes past, the chill sensation happened again with the room starting to vigorously shake.

The lights came back on with Paxton standing once again in front of Pointman. Paxton walked over towards him, and kneeled down just in front of the couch to reach Pointmans eye level.

"Look at what you did to me brother" Paxton said pointing to the gunshot wound. "You killed your own brother". Paxton looked into the eyes of not only his brother but a young boy whom were both very close as children while at Armacham Technology Corporation. For the first time it looked as if Paxton actually had a slight bit of remorse for him, an emotion Paxton never thought he would feel again.

"We must end our bloodline brother, me and you together we can become the true God among men." Pointman looked down at the floor refusing to look into the eyes of his brother. He too deep down cared deeply for his brother and had regretted killing him all those years ago. Paxton could sense his brother's guilt, and that's what kept him still slightly care for him. Paxton had always wanted this, for him and Pointman to finally be a family, well it was his only family. It was no secret that he had despised his mother and hated the fact that the bloodline was going to continue.

"This is how it always should have been brother, me and you". Paxton raised himself up from his knees, raising the palm of his right hand to Pointman. There was no response; still his brother remained silent looking dead straight into his lap. This was aggravating Paxton, although he wished not to he knew that if his brother was not going to help him, he would try to stop him killing the third son.

The tone of Paxton's voice increased, showing slight aggravation to the fact that his brother would not join him. "This is your last chance to become what we were truly meant to be. The reason I can still live, the reason why I cannot die is because there is something inside of you that keeps onto my memory. Whether you like to admit it or not, we are brothers and always will be."

Pointman raised a slight smile, something that he had not done in a long time. He finally realised the only way he could be truly free from Paxton was to finally say goodbye. Paxton although resistant knew what needed to be done and that was reluctantly posses his brother. Paxton wondered what was going through his brother's mind, whether or not there was a soul still left inside the man who remained in silence. He raised a sadistic smirk once again and looked into the eyes of his brother one final time.

"It never had to end like this brother".

Paxton raised the chin of Pointman and looked deep into his eyes. The possession had begun as Pointman tried to resist Paxton trying to overtake his body. He could feel himself losing control, feeling all of Paxton's thoughts and seeing all of his memories. He placed his right hand into his pocket, still desperately trying to resist the possession. He pulled the object out of his pocket which appeared to be a hand held gun. The model was an M1911 Pistol, known for its fierce recoil and its popularity in the Vietnam War. He raised the gun to the right-side temple of his head. He could feel Paxton overwhelming his body and could sense the full transformation was only mere seconds away. Pointman finally wanted peace; a man who started with so much potential would end his life as a broken down man with nothing left. He closed his eyes and without hesitation he pulled down the trigger with the bullet piercing through his skull. His body collapsed straight down onto the couch with a river of blood trailing from the left-side of his skull. It was a disturbing end to the life of Pointman who destroyed his own life in request for freedom from the guild that he had suffered for many years.

AN: I hope you personally all enjoyed it. I know that the death of Pointman obviously was something risky seeing as he is the main protagonist of the video games but I thought it was the best decision in terms of moving forward with my story. I hope you look forward into seeing more, because I have a lot more ideas I would like to explore. Kind regards.