His body turned cold, and his pulse had stopped beating. The dark red blood had splattered against the white-painted wall behind, with a river streaming down from his skull onto the carpet floor. Although dead, Pointman's eyes still remained open. The ghostly presence of Paxton looked into the eyes of his brother with a look of disappointment. It was clear why Paxton was disappointed. He wanted to be powerful and have his brother by his side. With his brother dead, there was only one person remaining from the Wade bloodline and that was John Wade. He was the third child that was born from Alma twenty-two years ago. He turned his attention back to Pointman deceased body, and placed his two fingers onto each eyelid of Pointman slowly closing them.

"We could have been so powerful brother." Paxton quietly whispered before his ghostly presence disappeared from existence.

3 Weeks Later

Location: Fairport

Interval 02: Dark Echo

Time: 11:30pm

Fairport once upon a time decades ago could have been described a large, beautiful and extremely popular city but how things have changed. After the explosion and years passed, Fairport turned into a decayed city described by many as a ghost town. The F.E.A.R organization was coming up to its twenty year war with Genevieve Aristide known to many as the bitch. After her year disappearance she re-emerged to rebuild the Armacham Technology Corporation, creating herself an even stronger empire than before. Aristide had advanced her technology to something unimaginable creating advanced Replica Soldiers which were stronger than before. It was up to the FEAR squad consisting of Lieutenant Keane, thirty-six years old and the leader of the F.E.A.R organization was known to his members as a ruthless mercenary who would do anything to protect his team. He had a scar above his right eye and a tattoo of a Celtic cross on his left shoulder. His accent was very dominant and of Irish descent hence the symbolism of the cross from his Irish heritage. Lieutenant Keane mission was to infiltrate ATC and either capture or eliminate Genevieve. Lieutenant Keane arrived to the UH-60 Blackhawk Helicopter which would directly land them into the centre of Fairport. His squad consisted of Sgt Echo also known as John Wade who was a twenty-one year old male and had been a part of the F.E.A.R organisation for around six months. It was unknown why he was known as Echo, it might have just been a name given to him by the rest of the squad. The other members of the squad included Michael Downs, a twenty-eight year old male weapons specialist who arrived to the FEAR organization four years ago. Damien Ryfire, a nineteen year old African-American male and the youngest on the squad who entered FEAR at eighteen when his parents were captured and taken to ATC. Kim Becket, the youngest sister to Michael Becket whom was apart of Dark Signal in the operation known as Project Origin. She joined FEAR; while her brother went on to join Delta Force. During the explosion of Auburn District and the Origin Facility she lost contact to her brother. She vowed that she would find the fate of her brother regardless of what measures it would take to find out the truth. Admittedly deep down although she refused to believe it she knew that after over two decades of his disappearance and not a single trace of him had been found, it would have been highly unlikely that he was still alive. But she refused to give up hope and wanted to find out the truth that happened to her older brother.

"Alright now listen up squad, our mission is to infiltrate the Armacham Technology Corporation and capture or eliminate Genevieve Aristide" Lieutenant Keane said showing a picture of Aristide and an image of the Armacham Corporation. "She has turned this city into the shit hole it is now, so the plan is that we land into the middle-centre of Fairport and than take the underground route which will lead us straight to Armacham".

Becket raised a slight smile on her face equipping together her G2A2 Assault Rifle. She looked on at the rest of the squad members and turned her attention to John who sat their quiet equipping together his assault rifle and his armour.

"You ok Echo?" asked Becket

John looked up towards Becket turning his attention towards her and nodded. Although he said he was fine in reality he wasn't. He was still trying to get over the death of his older brother who had committed suicide three weeks ago. When John was growing up, Pointman trained John into being a superior soldier and is one of the main reasons why he outclassed many other students to earn a place on the FEAR squad. John had felt guilt when he heard the death of his brother because he felt he did not do enough and that he could have done something to prevent his death. John turned his head to the side and saw Lieutenant Keane was signalling for the pilot to deploy them to Fairport.

Location: Fairport

Time: 12:10pm

The helicopter landed on the mid-street of the deserted Fairport. There were no Replica Soldiers in sight and the place was so quiet that it was almost haunting and exactly like how people described, a ghost town. Lieutenant Keane was the first to depart from the helicopter, with the squad following just behind him. Just down the road there would be a sewer which would create a underground passage which would lead them to Armacham. John stayed at the back of the squad keeping his guard and looking out for any enemy interference. While walking down the road he kept feeling a cold presence feeling like someone was watching or following him.

"Death awaits you" the whisper said in John's ear. Upon hearing the whisper he quickly turned around to the end of the road in the distance witnessing a young girl wearing a red dress with a disturbing mask-like face and long black hair. He closed his eyes and counted to three seconds before opening them again to see that the young girl had disappeared. He was unsure what just happened but thought that due to his lack of the sleep for the past few weeks, his eyes were playing tricks on him.

"Is everything ok Echo?" Ryfire asked John who was aiming his gun towards the direction of the empty road.

"Yeah, just thought I saw something" he replied quietly unsure on what he had just witnessed.

The FEAR squad proceeded down the longsome and lonely road with the chilling sensation that not everything was what it seemed. The town seemed to empty, and there was no sighting of any paranormal activity by any of the squad except for John who decided to remain quiet about the strange young girl he just saw.

"It's too quiet" stated Downs who felt uncomfortable with the quietness of the city.

"Just keep moving" ordered Lieutenant Keane.

The squad came to the end of the road which seemed to be a dead-end. Some of the buildings which were heavily damaged were blocking the road in which they wished to continue. Lieutenant Keane ordered the team to take a back-route way round into one of the near-by houses. The squad entered the house carefully looking for any Replica Soldiers or paranormal entities which may be near-by.

"What a shithole" Ryfire said chucking to himself upon entering the house.

John could hear the whisper again "You deserve to die" which kept repeating in John's ear.

"Can anyone else hear that?" asked John

"Hear what?" replied Becket.

"These whispers, I keep hearing them!"

"It's probably just your nerves kicking in Echo, pay no attention to it" replied Lieutenant Keane.

John proceeded to ignore it but he knew that it wasn't his nerves. He wondered whether he was going insane as he was hearing and seeing things that no one else could. It seemed the deeper he was venturing into Fairport, the worse the whispers and hallucinations were getting. As he was walking down the hallway of the house, he seemed to have entered a different phase with his squad disappearing as the long hallway become a path down to a lone-some park which was covered mostly by mist and a green bushy tree which was next to the swing. For a moment John panicked and was unsure of what was happening, but he still proceeded to walk towards the park seeing the same young-girl sitting on the swing. As he approached closer to the girl, he could hear crying and screaming surrounding him. The screaming brought John out of the hallucination phase to find he was standing in the hallway with the squad members looking at him.

"Are you ok Echo, you don't seem right" asked Lieutenant Keane.

"Didn't any of you experience that?" replied John with a confused look on his face.

"Experience what?" Downs asked interrupting Lieutenant Keane.

"I felt like I was somewhere else. There was a park and a young girl in a red dress who was sitting on one of the swings. I went to approach her and as I got closer I began to hear crying, and that's when I heard a scream and I don't know what happened after that"

"It's probably just a hallucination or something" Ryfire said

John nodded. "It could have been but it felt so real like I was actually there".

"You good enough to continue Echo?" asked Lieutenant Keane.

John nodded and proceeded to make his way towards the sewer with the FEAR squad. He had no idea what was happening to him and why but he knew that whatever was happening it was for a reason leaving him wanting to find answers as he proceeded to Armacham.

AN: This was mainly just a chapter to help you know who the characters are but I will be building on better character development as the story continues. There many unanswered questions which may leave you confused but please know I will try my best to answer them in future chapters. Future chapters will be much more longer which means it may take a while for me to make each one. I want to make sure I create a story which leaves you anticipating more and so far hope you are enjoying it.