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Artemis chugged down another shot of the strong liquor she had asked for. Well it was only strong to mortals. It was comparable to drinking water for her. Today had not been such a great day for the goddess. She had been told by her father that she had to get married. She had one centruy to pick a husband or else he would choose for her. So she was doing what mortals called drowning their sorrows. She wasn't just stressed and confused on her fathers demands, but that the only man she'd consider suitable was already taken. He was sitting across the crowded bar. He looked so sad to her. She decided if she was going to get married she might as well have at least one moment with him. So she walked towards Percy who was looking down. His story on why he was here was because he was thinking about what Grover had said about Annabeth and some other camper. Percy sighed as he took his shot of whiskey. Then he noticed a woman coming from across the bar with her own drink in hand. She was beautiful with her long auburn hair and hazel eyes. She wore jean shorts and a loosely fitting camo shirt. For some reason Percy felt extremely attracted to her, wether it was the alcohol or natural attraction he'll probably never know. He turned back towards the shelves of alcoholic beverages as she sat down next to him.

The next moments were a blur for Percy as woke up to the sound of foot steps. He realised he was naked and he also saw the beautiful back of the girl he remembered at the bar last night, she turned her head around to face him. Her eyes radating a saddness that seemed to be hopelessness, and love.

" Lady Artemis?" Percy asked confused and scared at the same time.

" Yes Perseus." she replied.

" But..."

" Why? I don't know if its lust or love, but I'd like to thank you for what has transpired. Even if I did fall in love with you, you'd never choose me. You love her, not me. " she said before leaving him there, to wonder about what had happened.

Artemis wondered to herself why she even did what she did, even though she didn't regret it. She really didn't. All she knew now was she never felt so alive as she did when he held her, when he kissed her. I guess thats what they mean when the wrong feels right, she thought to herself. She felt like laughing as she closed her eyes. As she sat down on a kitchen chair.

" I guess our lives aren't that diffrent from mortals." the high pitched voice of Aphrodite rung through her ears.

" The moment everything we know falls down on top us, we act without restraint. Without thought, without logic. Or in your case more like consequences. One demand and you act like someone I don't know." the calm voice of her sister Athena also rang through her ears.

" Love does funny things when its threaten Athena dear. Its comparable to cornering an animal."

"So you saying this is what happens, she goes around sleeping with who could be my son in law?"

" Oh come on you don't like him at all, can't you be happy for her?"

" This is a cruel fate for her, how can I be happy?"

" She's going to have a little niece for you." artemis's eyes shot open.

" WHAT?" both Artemis and Athena said. Artemis looked at Aphrodite in disbelief. Aphrodite merely straitened her white, knee high, skirt.

" Don't you feel it? The life growing in your womb." Aphrodite replied." Don't tell me the goddess of child birth can't feel when a child is starting its first phase of life?"

" Your first time without protection, dare Zeus what were you thinking sister." Athena scolded as she vanished.

" But that can't be... It doesn't matter, father demands change from me and he shall."

" Oh Artie. Come back to us, well not like the complete old you. The you that loves Percy."

" That's not me." Artemis snarled at the love goddess.

" Thats what you say, but look deep down. Then look me in the face and say you don't love the son of Posiedon." Aphrodite said with a gooffy smile knowing she's right.

" I don't... I DON'T LO-" Artemis got to before she stopped and gave a look of defeat. " Leave me Aphrodite."

" As you wish." Aphrodite said all bubbly. Artemis sat there alone for a few short minutes as Athena appeared.

" Sister, do you really love him?" Athena asked softly.

" Yes... I love him with my entire being. My body aches for his touch." Artemis replied.

" I will never say this before Aphrodite's presence but, he is right for you. Why don't you tell him?"

" Because I will never be the one that he loves."

" My daugher does not deserve him. A man of his loyality, his strength and honor shouldn't be cheated on."

" It means nothing to me, nor my heart. He loves her and nothing in this universe shall ever change that."

" Not even the little one you bare in your womb?"

" Yes."
" You refuse to see the fact that hearts may change."

" Whats to say his heart may not change for her if he is with me? Excuse me sister why are you so intent of me being with Percy."

" I just want my sister to be happy. Father is also being unfair with you making you marry."

" It would just be a matter of time. After all you are married to your rival." Athena bliushed and looked at her ring.

" That has nothing to do with this."

" It does, Hestia probably would be the last and only maidne goddess as she is father's sister."

" My dear sister why don't you try to fuel this love you have for him. Instead of stomping it out."

" Enough, just understand he and I can never be."

" You may have gotten father to swear on the river of Styx that he will not bother you so long as you marry within the century long time frame, but you have turned it more into finding a father for your child." Athena said as she finally took her leave.

Artemis's palace a three months later

Artemis held her infant daughter in her arms. Craddling her head with her right arm. Artemis wondered why her child giggled when she heard her father's name. It came up every once in a while when Aphrodite or Athena came over to talk. Her daughter looked excatly like her, besides the smile and hair color. To think her child was merely only a month old, yet she looked as if she was a year old. Artemis walked to her bedroom. The walls were painted with animals dancing around as they would in nature. Her daugher's crib lay to the right side of her bed. Artemis sighed as she set her sleeping infant into her crib. Artemis wondered what Percy would do when he found out. The last she heard of him was that he and Annabeth were still together and going strong.

Five months later Camp Half blood

" God damn, Diana slow down." said a girl with golden hair. The girl called Diana stopped suddendly in front of the posiedon cabin. She felt drawn to it for some appearent reason.

" By the way Ashe, isn't there only one son of Posiedon?" Diana asked the other girl who stopped a few feet away from her.

" Why yes, no if you'd stop running off I'd like to show you more of the camp." the girl named Ashe replied. Diana looked at the cabin for a few moments more before she followed Ashe. By the time the tour ended Ashe and Diana had taken seats on the steps of the patio, in the back of the big house.

" So who's your godly parent?" Ashe asked.

" Tell me your's first. And swear on the styx river you won't tell anyone who mines is." Diana replied.

" okay I swear on the styx river not to tell anyone who your godly parent. My father is Apollo."

" Cool, guess we're cousins."

" Huh?"

" My mother is Artemis."

" Your shitting me."

" I'm not shitting you."

" Wow..."

" Yep."

" So who's your father, I mean he's gotta be one hella of a guy to score with your mom."

" Your sounding like a guy."

" I'm a tom boy by nature." Ashe said giving Diana a innocent look.

" Well to be honest I don't know who my dad is."

" That sucks. I guess I now know why you didn't want Alex to be your guide."

" Hehe and I know you like him. Besides I've been around camp before."

" Really, guess your here when only the all year campers are here. Why does everyone think I like Alex even you a newly added camper."

" Yep, seen the Roman campers here too. Its the way you guys act around each other."

" Ah the exchange campers. I've always wanted to got see camp Junpiter. What you mean we act around each other."

The conversation went on for hours, they parted as the sun began to set. Tomorrow Diana was going to start what she was here for, to find her father.

A/n: I didn't feel sad or moved when writting this. Then again I don't feel that much when writting most my stories. Diana is more godly then mortal so her aging is much faster which doesnt mean she has a smaller life span. I don't wanna get techical. XD but thats my explaination.