Chapter 1: Preview

This is a story of a world much, much different than ours. This world is called Bimasakti. There, the five kingdoms lives at peace.

There are the sharp-eyed Arjuna kingdom. Their archers are the best sharpshooters in the entire Bimasakti.

The fierce Penebas kingdom. Their swordsmen are second to none. For that, they have the best swordsmiths that able to craft swords so sharp, that limbs will sever at mere sight.

The disciplined Tohmback kingdom. Their spearmen are trained since birth to defend their homeland. Once their heavily armored spearmen forms a defensive formation, not even the largest gargantuars could pass.

The mysterious Seyhirr Kingdom. Ruled by the wise, powerful mages. Their diciples could cast powerful spells and summon ghostly creatures to defend their soil.

Lastly, the pacifistic Sundathean. They have no army to defend their home. For that purpose, they use words and diplomacy.

Unfortunately, as years passes by, the wise, peaceful kings are soon replaced by the corrupt, power hungry tyrants. This caused instability in Bimasakti. The kingdoms -save for Sundathea- slowly become more and more corrupted, obsessed with ruling the entire world. They all prepared themselves for the inevitable war.

However, the wise king Djoko Hadono of Sundathea learned that mere words cannot stop those crazed tyrants, he understood that the best defence is an early, surprise attack. Since his kingdom have no military, he, with the helps of some farmers he trusted, builds a rag-tag army composed from voluntary peasants to nobles to launch the attack, armed with whatever tools that they could use to kill. From simple clubs to pitchforks to swords (only nobles have them). The plan was simple: attack a kingdom, take their technology and knowledge, learn to use them, ?, repeat.

That was the beginning of The Great War of Bimasakti .

Hello, V-Zhan here. This is my first vgcats fanfic. If you ask "Where are Aeris and Leo!", you'll see them(Well, maybe only Leo) in the next chapter (you'll see Aeris soon). And yep, this story loosely inspired by a flash game called Stick War. Sorry for bad English, and review this preview.

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