Torture and Temptation


"What the hell do you think you are doing?"

Mr. Ishida's trembling voice reverberated deafeningly, spilling out gigantic amount of anger and rage to every corner of the room. He was supposed to be glad that despite he had taken a tiring late night overtime, he managed to postpone his previously scheduled business trip and came home earlier. He blamed himself for not calling Matt to tell him about this because he thought it was too late and he did not want to wake him up. But after having seen this horrible scene in front of him, he thanked himself for finding out what was happening. "Oh God.." He gasped devastatedly, rubbing his temples with one of his hand while he placed the other one on his hip. The sight of his son being fucked by a guy had totally driven him out of his mind. At first, he was unsure whether his son was helplessly assaulted or doing it intentionally on his own will. However, due to the lack of Matt's resistance, he concluded that it was most likely the latter. He shook his head trying to regain some of his composure. "No! It can't be happening." he mumbled desperately.

Tai and Matt were then caught in a sea of despair; Pulling himself out of his boyfriend, the brunette mentally struggled to find the best sensible reaction. Things like this surely did not happen everyday, therefore it was very normal if Tai found himself unprepared; Despite he felt sickening lump started to grow behind his throat, the brunette painstakingly forced his mouth to let out words. "Mr. Ishida it's not-"

"Shut up!" Tai's attempt to explain was soon cut off by a painful venom on the edge of Mr. Ishida's voice. Pointing his index finger towards Tai, he pasted a threatening look upon his face. "You- get out of my house!" Fury and disdain were visible in his voice.

"But-" Tai tried to resist, unsure of leaving the blonde alone with his dad's current state. He knew that Mr. Ishida would not physically hurt his son but people tended to be somebody else in this kind of circumstances, let alone the truth he had freshly learnt.

"Get the fuck out of my house!"

Hearing Mr. Ishida's harsh scream, Tai could feel his heart skipped a beat. "I can't!" He shouted in reflex. "I'm not leaving with your current shape, Mr. Ishida." He tried to emphasize, letting out a slight anger that had inevitably been formed in the gap between his fears.

"Tai, just leave," Matt whispered. His hand reached on the brunette's strained wrist. He did not want to be left alone facing this threatening situation by himself but he knew it was all merely his fault. If only he could control his passion and did not let the brunette fuck him in the first place, there would not be this predicament.

"But Matt-"

"Please, I'll be fine." The blonde insisted. He tried hard to look convincing despite he could feel tears started to gather in the corner of his eyes.

Knowing that confronting with the blonde would only lead them nowhere, Tai proceeded to leave the bed. Collecting his clothes on the floor, his mind wandered contemplating his resounding fears and worries. What was he supposed to do to prevent anything bad happened to the blonde? Should he really leave? What if Mr. Ishida could not contain his anger and did something terrible? What if he could not see the blonde anymore? His pounding head was near to blow.

Once he was fully clothed, he knew that he did not have any other choice but leaving; Swallowing the lump of worries in his throat, he paid the blonde a brief glance and headed to the door. He dragged his leg nervously while his head remained hung down.

He jumped in shock when he felt Mr. Ishida's hand grabbing the collar of his shirt. His eyes widened in horror as the blonde's dad tightened his grip and pulled him closer; Preparing his mental in case Mr. Ishida punched him in the face, he clenched his jaw shut and inhaled hesitantly.

"Don't you dare see my son again! Ever!" Mr. Ishida ordered. His narrowing eyes were enough to make the brunette winced. "And don't try to fuck around or you'll have to deal with me even further." His voice was rough and tinged with anger.

It was not as if the blonde's dad solely hated Tai. He had known the brunette for technically forever, fairly enough to trust him staying over whenever he left his son, but this freaking occurrence had certainly washed away all his respect and trust towards Tai. You know what they say, you spend your entire life building the castle but it could be burnt down in one night.

The brunette nodded his head in response despite he had to betray himself for doing so. He rushed to the door as soon as the blonde's dad pushed him off. He felt nothing but terribly guilty when he finally reached the door leaving the blonde to face the rest of the sickening night all alone.

A deadly silence was soon flooding the room. The blonde shifted uncomfortably pulling the bedsheet to cover his naked body. Clearly aware of what was about to happen next, he composed himself by staring at the floor.

"Tell me what's going on, Matt." Crossing his arms on his chest, Mr. Ishida investigated his son in calmer voice. He glared at the form on the bed expecting a response that did not seem to come. "Yamato Ishida, are you listening to me?" He raised his tone in order to gain the blonde's attention.

Matt flinched and tightened his grip onto the bedsheet. Hearing his dad shouting had only made his heart racing uncontrollably. He searched for the words inside his head but in his current state it seemed to be the hardest task to accomplish.

"Are you listening to me? Huh? Have your ears stopped functioning?" Mr. Ishida squeezed the blonde's bare shoulders with both of his hands, rocking him repeatedly.

"You know what's going on." The blonde finally answered hesitantly yet quite sarcastically.

"Yeah I know what's going on. I notice now that my son is a goddamned faggot!" The blonde's dad declared matter-of-factly, staring intently at those blue eyes of his son.

Matt winced when he felt warm liquid falling down his cheeks only to realize it was his depressing tears. "I don't give a fuck!" To his own surprise, he still managed to expel a response.

"Yeah you don't give a fuck, you just love to get fucked" The dad said mockingly as he took his hands off of his son then turned around and sighed. "What's wrong with you Matt? I never raised my son to be a homosexual or any other disgusting form of society disease like that. It's a shame, you know. It's disgrace!" He knew that he might have been less caring by frequently leaving his son alone due to his demanding job, but he really never expected things would turn out like this. "Oh God.."

Matt just remained silent. The blonde had always suspected that his dad was a homophobic and hearing those judgments flowing directly from his dad's mouth had only verified his suspicion. Knowing his dad's actual opinion regarding this issue had completely made Matt more pessimistic even to argue.

Turning back around to face the blonde, Mr. Ishida furrowed his brow preparing to state his demand. "Listen, fix things up and-"

"There's nothing to fix about!" The blonde abruptly cut off.

"You're sick Yamato! You're damaged," The blonde's dad yelled dramatically. Gripping his son's upper arms in order to make sure the blonde paid his full attention, Mr. Ishida proceeded to continue his previously interrupted demand. "Listen, fix all the shit up and stay away from him. If I still find you keeping in touch with him, I will get rid of him no matter what. Is that clear?"


"Don't gimme that bullshit Yamato. Now tell me that you're gonna do as I tell you!"

The blonde was desperately wanting that freaking moment to be over soon so he just nodded his head slightly. He then turned away and laid back down on his bed wishing he was somewhere else.

"Okay, I assume it as a yes," Mr. Ishida retorted simply, the fact that it was already after hours and the unbearable fatigue he was feeling had forced him to end the argument. "I'm tired now I need to rest." He loosened his tie as he moved his feet heading to the door. "You better sleep too,"

Soon after he heard the door shut, the blonde calmed himself down by taking several deep, relaxing breaths gradually. He felt slightly relieved knowing that he had just passed a critical point. However, he knew that the worst was yet to come.

Staring blankly at the ceiling, he tried to digest what had just happened. His dad had accidentally found out what he had been sharing with Tai, and then he was forced to end it all. It was really intricate for the blonde. He loved Tai and there was no way in hell he could leave the brunette, but he definitely did not want to confront with his dad either.

"Shit.." He cursed to himself miserably.

He and Tai had only been dating for about two months even though they had liked each other since practically the first day they met. The brunette had managed to obtain a remarkable achievement by convincing Matt to put aside his hesitation and pessimism until he decided to follow Tai's suggestion about building a serious relationship. But due to the blonde's pressure, they agreed to keep it secret since same-gender relationship was -like in most corners of the earth- still considered to be improper, abnormal and taboo. Besides, they doubted if their friends and family would understand.

After getting lost in thought for quite a while, Matt came to a conclusion that, indeed, he loved the brunette, but he did not know for sure if he loved him enough to take the risks. And what about his brother, TK? What if he had same contention with his dad and ended up hating him for being a gay? Matt really loved and cared about his little brother and he would not be able to stand it if he lost him.

And what about his other friends? What about his band mates? What about the world?

At moment like this, he really needed to follow his conscience. But to his more distress, it did not even seem to be co-operative. He mused his thought to sleep eventually.

The next morning came up somewhat too quickly. The blonde woke up with a throbbing head and aching body that somehow felt like a hangover. He could barely leave the bed. If it was not because of his dad asking him, he probably would end up not leaving the bed at all.

Speaking of which, Mr. Ishida had been acting weird that day. After awakening his son and telling him to take a quick shower, he cooked breakfast. It was unusual since cooking was always the blonde's job. Ever since the divorce of his parents, Matt had always been improving his cooking and housekeeping ability in order to cope with the fact that his father could not be relied on it.

Apart from that, Mr. Ishida had also asked the blonde not to go anywhere that day, stating that they needed to spend more time together sometime. Matt was not really surprised by all of his dad's oddities. He thought that it had to be his dad's first step on the mission of 'fixing' him. Just thinking about it was sufficient to kill his appetite.

"You don't like it?" Lowering the newspaper he was reading, Mr. Ishida asked his son who was sitting opposite him staring blankly at his breakfast, looking a bit bewildered.

"No it's just-"

Matt was cut off by a buzzing sound of ringing phone. He was about to leave the kitchen chair to pick up the phone when he saw his dad glanced at him pointedly telling him not to. The blonde blinked and returned his focus back to his breakfast.

Putting down the newspaper on the table next to his coffee mug, Mr. Ishida sighed slightly then proceeded to reach for the phone on the wooden desk near the kitchen door.


"Hey dad. Is Matt there?" The boy on the other end of the phone spoke excitedly. Mr. Ishida could tell that the boy had to be wearing some sort of big smile on his face.

"Oh hey TK! Yes he is. You wanna talk to him?"

"Only if you let me,"

"Yes sure, wait a second." Mr. Ishida's voice was covered by an unintentional light laughter. For a 14 years old boy, TK was kind of affable and enchant. He also seemed to possess this special ability to light up people's mood. However, his brother tended to be immune of this.

Mr. Ishida then turned around to his other son who was still playing with his food. "Matt, it's TK."

The blonde reluctantly stood up to reach for the phone from his dad, absently brushing his hair as he did so. "Hi Teeks," He said barely audible.

"Hi Matt, you sound boring. What's wrong?"


"Oh." TK muttered under his breath. He could have sworn that something was wrong with Matt but he decided to drop it at least for the time being because he knew his brother would not just tell him. "I'm coming over. I just want to make sure if you're home."

Matt was not very sure if he wanted his brother to be around at this moment, especially with his currently imbalance state. However, he had not seen TK for quite a while and he thought it might be suspicious if he refused. "Yeah, sure."

"Ok then. I'll be there in a few," TK hung up leaving his brother with an annoying dial tone. Putting the phone back on its cradle, Matt sighed then got his attention back to his barely touched breakfast to finish it.

"What is it?" Mr. Ishida asked the blonde without looking him in the eye because he was still busy with his newspaper, reading an article about the historical significance of toilet paper.

"Teek's gonna come over," Matt replied monotonously after swallowing the first slice of his cheese omelette. He then put off his eating utensils and stared at the table blankly. His dad took notice of it and turned to face him.

"What's wrong?" The blonde's dad questioned his son rather indifferently. From the look on the blonde's face, Mr. Ishida could actually tell what his son was thinking about. "Don't worry. I'm not gonna tell TK about last night-" He paused then folded down the newspaper that he had finally finished dealing with. "-or anybody else in that matter, as long as you keep your promise."

"Whatever," The blonde did his best trying to sound as flatly as he could as he stood up abruptly making his way to his room.

"Matt, come on," Leaping off from his chair, Mr. Ishida yelled loudly in order to stop his son but only got nothing in response. He sat back down on his chair and leaned against it, letting out a long, heavy sigh of frustration. It apparently would take considerable amount of effort to deal with this issue.

It was kind of boring for the blonde to spend the weekend just sitting around on the bed staring at the wall all alone. He usually spent it mostly with Tai, playing video games, watching movies, or just kicking around. Tai. What about him? It was not as if the blonde had merely forgotten about his boyfriend and last night occurrence, he just -perhaps- was still in shock state that he could not even come to think straight about it.

The blonde hesitantly reached for his cellphone on the bedside table and turned it on. He narrowed his eyes when he saw what was written on its display. Unusual amount of New Texts and Voice mails. He escaped a small sighed from his mouth and proceeded to scroll down on each of them.

The first text was from Luke, his band mate who also doubled as the band's manager, telling that there would not be band practice this weekend. Yes, Matt was a lead singer of a band. It was not quite a band actually. It was more like a stupid troupe of hardly skilled high school students and dropped-out collegian who happened to have similar passion in being a rockstar. The blonde was of course an exception. He had always thought that music was the best field to wreak his unexpressed feelings, beyond the fact that he had considerable skill in singing. He was also mastered in playing several sorts of instruments, especially guitar and piano.

The next one was spam text from Izzy, a teenage prodigy and super genius friend of his, telling about the discovery of new computer malware that had been declared as the most dangerous digital threat to date and how to get rid of it. The following was from Zach, his another band mate, telling about how broken-but-grateful-at-the-same-time he was by his girlfriend's wise decision in dumping him. The blonde could not help but letting out a small smile -despite his chaotic condition- realizing how silly his friends could be sometimes.

His newly formed small smile evaporated gradually as he noticed that the rest of the texts were all from Tai. So were the voice mails. He felt slightly guilty knowing that he had left the brunette feeling worried about him the whole night. However, he was still unsure whether or not he was ready to deal with his boyfriend, surely with every sort of its consequences. Came to think about it and he found his head pounding again.

He was about to continue digging out the remaining unread and unheard messages when he heard knocks on the door.

"Matt, can I come in?"

It was TK.

A thought of staying silent and pretending asleep flashed through Matt's mind for an instant moment but he knew better than that. Then again, he had let TK coming over in the first place. It would be a fool of him if he acted strange then and attracted unwanted suspicion from his brother. No to mention being coward for running from situation. Oh well, all he had to do was to act as normally, that was for sure. Matt shoved his cellphone to his jeans pocket and cleared his throat. "Come on in."

The door swung open slowly, revealing a proportionally tall and fairly well built figure of average 14 years old boy wearing a white tee shirt covered by a fully unbuttoned grey short-sleeved plaid shirt. It looked good on him, especially when it combined with that not-too-tight dark blue jeans. His blonde hair hung loosely without the presence of his used-to-be-inseparable hat. He had a cheerful grin on his face and his ocean blue eyes were simmering with enthusiastic sparkles. What a typical TK, always appeared to be overjoyed as if he had just won a lottery. But somehow it matched him. Without those, he and his brother would extremely look alike. They were carbon-copy anyway.

He closed the door with his foot and extended his arms preparing to bear-hug the taller blonde which by then had stood up by his bed smiling genuinely for the first time that day.

"Ahhh brother," The shorter blonde murmured between reflex light laughter as his brother wrapped his arms around him and patted his back gently. They remained like that for awhile. It was sort of a sacred brotherly ritual for them to hug each other when they met, usually after quite a long time not seeing.

"Ummm Matt, I would like to keep breathing," TK exclaimed jokingly from his brother's unintentionally-had-become-too-tight embrace.

They could not help themselves but bursting into heavy laughter. It was always nice to have good time together. For a moment, the older blonde felt so relax and content as if he had nothing to worry about, just enjoying the presence of his brother and his infectious cheerfulness. On the other hand, the younger blonde also found himself feel relieved that despite his brother had sounded slightly uneasy over the phone, there was no any trace indicating that something was wrong. Or at least he thought so.

After having a little chit-chat and updates-exchange about their school, Matt's band, TK's basketball team, progress of their lives in general and some sort of crap like that, they conveniently spent the next few hours in a fun and exciting atmosphere, watching some old DVDs and playing their recent favorite video games that they were still to finish.

"So how's Tai?" TK asked excitedly eyes focused to the medium-sized screen, hands gripped on the controller. He was trying to co-operate with his brother in a certain mission of zombie-extermination game. "Did you guys have fun last night? He's sleeping over, right?"

The older blonde froze in his cross-legged position next to his brother in a small corner of his not-too-tidy room. His stomach twisted and his breathing hardened. His hardly formed good time had officially come to an end and left him with a mood-wrecking feeling. He should have known that this question would be brought up eventually. But still, he found himself unprepared. Normally, it was not a big deal. It was common for TK to ask about his brother's best friend. But for the time being, it appeared to be an extreme difficulty.

In order to avoid further difficulties, he knew for sure that keeping his indifference mask was an uncompromising obligation. In fact, it had always been a part of his daily routine. It could not be that hard. "He's fine," He said casually. "And yep, we had a good time last night. He didn't sleep over, though." His speech flowed gracefully, just like a weather forecaster announcing today's temperature. He mentally gave himself a reward for this.

"Oh? But Kari told me he did." TK exclaimed somewhat distraught. "I phoned her last night asking about school assignment and -you know- we were kind of distracted and ended up talking about nothing in particular and lost track of time." He smiled and shifted slightly to stabilize his position, eyes still focused to the screen. "She hung up at about eleven. She would have told me if Tai came home." The smile vanished and an unidentified tone covered his last sentence.

Just when he thought it could not get worse, reality had proven him wrong by deciding to hit him harder. That little piece of unexpected information from TK effectively magnified his already overwhelming ordeal. He had come further to this conflicting emotion on whether he had to be worried about the fact that the brunette did not come home last night and something bad could have happened or had to be exasperated -because on the other hand- this fact had also led to a very visible suspicion he was desperately dealing with. It was not as if the blonde was trying to be self-absorbed or anything, it was just-

"Watch my back Teeks I'm gonna place this grenade on their nest. And beware of those crawling nurses!" Matt commanded demandingly in attempt to distract his brother and prevent him from committing further interrogation.

No matter how perfectly cloaked it was and no matter how hard his big brother trying to act naturally preoccupied, TK could still sense that something was amiss. He was not retarded after all. Indeed, that notoriously invincible emotion barriers of the older blonde had never ceased on deceiving most people. But TK -along with Tai- were privileged exceptions.

The younger blonde ignored the game they were playing and turned to face his brother, concern visible on his face. "Matt, what actually happened last night? Is anything wrong?"

"TK left-left- go left and grab those roses! They won't appear again until- at least after we reach the next check point."

"Matt!" The younger blonde snapped sounding slightly annoyed.

Matt sighed softly as he hit the pause button on the controller and tossed it slightly to the floor. "Nothing TK. Nothing's wrong," He said convincingly. He even managed to plaster a reassuring smile although mentally he cursed himself for causing his brother to worry about him. It was supposed to be the other way around, to sustain his brother's happiness and comfort in any circumstances. Letting him down or making him worried had to be the last thing he ever wanted to do. "Hey, you hungry? Come on, I've just learnt this new method of serving ramen in hardcore way," The older blonde straightened up as he raised to his feet, pointedly inviting his brother to do so. The smile on his face had grown into a playful grin.

"Matt, I know something's wrong, why won't you tell me?" TK asked sounding rather sincere. He hung his head on his sitting position as if he was disappointed that his brother did not trust him enough.

"TK just drop it already, will you?" The older blonde retorted rather impatiently. "I'm fine, Tai's fine and that's it. Everything's cool," He added as he made his way to the balcony door hoping that the afternoon breeze would ease the heating ambience. He could not blame that perceptive nature of his little brother even though it could really be so overwhelming sometime.

"Let's see Tai then," TK suggested immediately as he raised to his feet. There was this certain pressure on his tone that sounded more like ordering than inviting. "It's been a while since the last time we chilled around. Come on, skatepark sounds tantalizing," Clapping his hands in excitement, he approached his brother who seemed to be utterly panicky by his suggestion.

"I- I don't think it's such a good idea," Matt stammered nervously.

"And why not?" TK who by then had stood beside the older blonde asked in rising tone. His brother's insecurities had already gotten his nerve apparently. "You never refuse to hang with Tai before and all of a sudden you guys were suspiciously stopping your sleeping over session and you tell me he went home last night when in reality he did not and god-knows-where he went and then you start to cover things up and you keep telling me that nothing's-"


In a blink of an eye the younger blonde was sprawled helplessly on the carpet-covered wooden floor. Blood trickled idly from the corner of his lips as he tried to raise his body to sitting position using his elbows. He winced when he felt shooting pain on his left cheek, both inner and outer.

Matt did not know what had gotten to him. He had no clue of what had consumed his sanity nor he knew if he had not gone nuts. The only thing he was sure about was that he had punched his little brother for even-god-doesn't-know-what reason. Maybe he was freaked out by his brother prudent interrogation? Or maybe he had unnoticedly gone selfish in a desperate effort to cover his issues? All he knew for certain was that he was absolutely being a complete idiotic moron. "Oh shit oh shit, TK," He said in somewhat panic tone as he bent down to reach for his brother. "I'm sorry I didn't-"

"What is it boys?" Their dad showed up unexpectedly in the room and in a very appropriate moment. Wearing only a towel on his hip, he put a confused look on his face. TK's rather shouting voice which was followed by the sound of something falls had attracted the man who happened to be at the hall on his way from the bathroom. "Jesus TK, are you okay? What happened?" He asked in surprise when he saw the blood then bent down as well and wrapped his arm around the back of the half-lying younger blonde. He then turned to face his older son who was holding TK's arm. "Matt, what did you do to your brother?" He asked bluntly with accusing look on his face.


"No dad, it's my fault." TK covered up his brother's hard time immediately. He did not want his father to suspect anything.

"Oh boy," Mr. Ishida said. He could sense the uneasiness between his sons but he decided to drop it anyway. He could tell that it had to do with that current issue he was dealing with. "Come on, we gotta ice your bruise. Then I'll drive you home," He supported the wounded blonde and walked him out of the room.

Matt saw his brother glance at him briefly with that concern look on his face as they walked out the door. He then bit his lip and hung his head unsure of what he had to do. How could he be acting like such a jerk when all his little brother did was only trying to help him?

"We're gonna talk, Matt." Mr. Ishida said as he closed the door behind him.

That was it. Shit had gotten more and more real now. As if that problem involving his boyfriend and his father was not enough, then his brother had also noticed that something big was up. He knew that it would soon lead to an endless cycle of complicated dilemma. And to his fear, he had no clue whatsoever of how he was going to deal with it. He sighed then threw himself to his bed miserably trying to block those tears that had gathered from falling.


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