Torture and Temptation


"So, the left side of the equation defines the curvature of space-time,"

A quite attractive man who seemed to be in his early thirties scribbled down some sort of super-complex endless mathematical formula on the white board in front of the dead silent class. That kind of crap was truthfully a serious nightmare for Taichi who was currently sitting on the last desk of the row near the wall; half listening to the lesson half staring absently into the blue sky outside the window. He never in his whole life developed any sort of interest or curiosity whatsoever towards physics. He simply hated it.

But it always reminded him of his boyfriend, though.

Yamato had always loved sciency things like physics and chemistry; stating that those scientific and esoteric knowledges could take him closer to disclose the true secret of life; quite philosophical indeed. The blonde had also told Taichi about his great passion in becoming a chemical engineer, a rocket scientist or maybe even an astronaut someday; in an effort to utilize the entire part of his brain; right brain for being a musician and left brain for being a scientist.

He had always been inspired and hugely influenced by that british science channel TV broadcaster who happened to be both success singer-songwriter and outstanding mainstream cosmologist. But for some reason, the brunette found it somewhat strange that the blonde loathed biology. He never asked him why, though.

Taichi then glanced to the other side of the class to look at the object of his thought. He chuckled silently as he noticed that the blonde himself seemed to be not paying much attention.

It was unusual.

The brunette was drawn from his daydreaming routine by an annoying marker hitting his head. He looked up in startled gesture only to be greeted by an offended look on the physics teacher's broad face.

Taichi had always wondered why Mr. Cox's appearance was kind of dashing; the look that was more suitable for a Hollywood actor. Wasn't it supposed to be an old balding man with thick glasses to be a physics teacher?

"Would you care to tell us what the right side of the equation defines, Mr. Yagami?" The dark blonde-haired teacher demanded as he picked up his marker from the brunette's desk.


"Impressive!" Mr. Cox exclaimed in mocking tone. "I think you really have to reconsider using at least half of your brain to pay attention Mr. Yagami-know-it-all unless you're willing to be the object of my latest research about anti-gravity." The physics teacher then turned around and made his way back to the front of the class. "You know, that one when you'll be packed up in a giant plastic bag and then thrown down from ten thousand feet height of a flying airplane and see if the wind prevents you from falling,"

The whole class broke into various snicker and giggles breaking the previously lulling atmosphere. The brunette snorted in annoyance.

The physics teacher then scanned over the other end of the class before setting eyes on a particular blonde. "Mr. Ishida?"

The blonde who was staring blankly at his desk lost in his own thought flinched a little at the sudden calling of his name. He then looked up and cleared his throat. "If I'm not mistaken, it defines the distribution of matter and energy, Sir." Yamato answered indifferently in toneless voice.

Mr. Cox complimented the expressionless blonde with a captivated smile. "Excellent!"

The blonde then hung his head down as he noticed that the physic teacher had been staring at him for a little while too long for an impressed expression. There was also an unidentified flash on his narrowing eyes.

Taichi took notice of it as well and raised a hand. "Umm excuse me Mr. Cox but- what is it exactly a plastic bag has in common with gravity? I mean- did Albert Einstein also formulate their secret linkage?" He asked innocently but soon regretted it as the physics teacher gave him a cranky glare.

The whole class once again bursted into disbelief laughter; causing the brunette to scratch his head and placed a sheepish grin on his face in embarrassment.

Mr. Cox heaved a sigh and raised a hand pointing the class to be quiet. He was about to open his mouth to answer Taichi's retarded question when the bell rang.

It was their last period on Monday and the only class Taichi and Yamato shared.

The brunette's attention was caught by Yamato who was rushing towards the door as soon as the teacher dismissed them. He collected his stuff quickly then jogged over in an attempt to catch the blonde.

They had not talked since the blonde dumped Taichi off over the phone the previous day. The brunette had actually made some effort to contact him but only in vain.

"Matt, wait!" The brunette shouted as he made his way through the crowded corridor but only got nothing in response.

The blonde kept walking and speeding his pace; pushing aside some other students who were unlucky enough to be on his way.

"Matt- Yamato wait up!" The brunette increased his shouting volume as well as his jogging pace. He faked a smirk as he noticed that some irritated teenagers gave him a weird look. An effort to try to talk to a certain blonde had turned out to be such a dramatic chase.

After a quite exhausting four minutes of chasing, Taichi finally found the blonde stooping and panting slightly in a deserted corner between the computer lab and music room. He strode closer to the blonde quietly and grabbed his right wrist.

"What the-" Yamato jerked and raised his gaze ready to kill but got no chance because the brunette dragged him down immediately through the already less hectic corridor.

"Shit- Taichi let go of me!" The blonde tried to fight but Taichi's grip was too tight. Yamato could see his knuckles turning white; so contrast to his tan skin and even more contrast to the sleeve of his dark denim jacket.

The brunette did not answer. He kept dragging the resisting blonde heading to the end of the corridor; a barely used janitor's bathroom.

They were inside within seconds. Taichi released his grip on the blonde and locked the door behind him.

"We need to talk, Matt. We need to-"

"It's over Taichi. It's fucking over, alright!" The blonde cut him off quickly as he absently rubbed his strained and reddened wrist. "I'm done and there's nothing more to talk about. Nothing! Now let me outta here." The blonde tried to reach for the door's knob but Taichi blocked him away with his body, giving him a tense glare in return.

"How come you give in so easily, Yama? We love each other we should fight together, stand together and make them understand and-"

"I'm not you Taichi, I'm not ready to deal with the whole society loathing me and never will be!" Yamato snapped. He then crossed his arms on his chest and turned around to avoid the brunette's shocked face.

"But you love me and I love you and that's all that matters, that's all you could want Matt, I know it- we know it and you have to get what you want- what you really want. You only live once!" Taichi explained sincerely; his voice was soft yet firm and a convincing look written all over his face.

The blonde fell silent for a while trying to absorb what Taichi had just said.

Was it? Was it what the blonde really wanted?


"Right, tell me more about your shocking discoveries, Tai. I know I only fucking live once and I'm truly unwilling to live it with every-fucking-one every-fucking-where judging me," Yamato yelled sarcastically giving a pressuring glare to the brunette's reflection on the mirror in front of him.

Taichi stepped closer to the blonde and place one of his hands on the blonde's slightly trembling shoulder trying to take him to his sense. He looked intently into the blonde's eyes through the mirror. Those sapphire eyes seemed to be radiating certain emotion that the brunette could not really interpret, vulnerable yet noxious. "You're not alone, Yama, we're gonna strive together." He whispered softly. "You have me. You know I'll always be there for you. You're my world and I'm the sun of your life which-"

"Then stay one hundred and fifty million fucking kilometers away from me!" The blonde jerked his shoulder harshly before turning to face Taichi. "Leave me alone, Tai. Live me the fuck-"

Taichi grabbed the blonde's upper arms, pushed him against the wall and kissed him. The brunette once heard what people said about stopping somebody by kissing them but he never expected about doing it himself.

And it turned out to be successfully working. The blonde settled for a little while although he did not return the kiss. The brunette lowered his hands to pulled Yamato's slender waist against his body as he licked the blonde's closed soft lips begging for permission to attach his tongue. He felt the blonde's racing heartbeat on his chest and his warm breath tickling on his face.

It was mind-blowing.
"Ummph," The blonde murmured incoherently. He had been longing for that poisonous kiss. He had been missing that warming sensation he always felt when the brunette held his body against his; that disruptive pleasant feeling he always got when the brunette rubbed his hands against his skin.

The blonde's mind was currently in debating condition of whether or not he had to return the kiss; open his mouth and let the brunette's tongue to claim every corner of it; let the brunette take him away to an earthly heaven and immersed their souls in its unbelievably intoxicating enjoyment.


Instead, the blonde pushed Taichi away abruptly and gave him a nice forceful blow on the face.

The brunette jerked slightly taken off guard but managed to grip the edge of the sink and prevent him from completely falling down on his back.

"I don't love you, Taichi. Not anymore," He hissed; proud that he had managed to make up his mind even though he could feel his stomach twisting. He did not know what he really felt anymore; he did not know what he believed in; he did not know what he wanted; he did not even know if he was still himself.

"Fine!" The brunette responded sounding somewhat hurt as he wiped blood that trickled from his nose with the back of his hand. "I'll leave you alone for a while. I'll give you time to think and decide your actual decision. I believe in you Matt and I know you love me, you still do." He said in expectant tone. He had sworn to himself about taking every risk he could get to convince the blonde and preserve their love. If it meant to get his nose punched then so be it.

After taking care of his bleeding nose, he gave the blonde a final silent yet meaningful glance and proceeded to leave the room

Yamato opened his mouth to say something but closed it again. He did not know what to do. He had simply hurt a person who was only trying to care about him. He had once again made-

Who cared?

The blonde hung his head and clenched his fists trying to convince himself that it was what he had to do to prevent his life from living hell; the confronting father, the despising brother, the forsaking society. He concluded that all he had got to do was to learn to forget the brunette and all those things and memories about him. It had to be easy. It would be.

The blonde heaved a sigh then ran the water on the sink and splashed it to his face a little. Once he was feeling refreshed and composed, he straightened his outfits and proceeded to head home.

He was walking down the empty corridor heading to the main entrance of the school building when he heard someone shout his name. He turned around to see Mr. Cox's friendly smile.

What the hell?

The blonde bit his inner lips before deciding to approach the physics teacher.

"Mr. Ishida, would you mind giving a hand to take my experiment tools? I'm planning on changing my office furniture and that stuff needs to be put aside for a while," He said in pleading voice as he pointed to a mid-sized gyroscope and a small mechanic model of solar system on the doorway to his office.

The blonde blinked. "Sure," He approved simply then bent over to reach for the stuff. "Where do I take this?"

"Actually Mr. Ishida, let me take that stuff while you can take this," The physics teacher handed Yamato a stack of thick and rather dusty books covered by spider's web.

The blonde snorted before taking it carefully and balanced it on his grip. "Where to?" He asked rising an eyebrow slightly.

"Come with me," The dark blonde-haired teacher offered him a toothless looping smile and turned around starting to take his pace.

For a split second, the blonde noticed that unidentified flash on the physics teacher's hazel eyes; the same one that he saw earlier at the class. But he shrugged it off nevertheless; thinking that it might be just his tricky imagination. He then proceeded to take his step as well trailing the already ahead Mr. Cox.

"So Mr. Ishida, it seems to be a little late for you to still wander around the school, did you have practice, detention or anything?" The physic teacher asked casually trying to warm up the icy silence of their journey.

"Not really," Yamato answered flatly. The physics teacher had asked him quite a favor to waste his time by carrying some unimportant shit around the school, so the blonde had to make sure that he would not waste any more energy by having a pointless little talk.

He returned his focus to observe the field outside the window instead. It was deserted. The blonde wondered if there were no more infantile teenagers left to spend their day by molesting the green grass on the field; or maybe it was indeed already late. He shook his head to clear his tricking mind and continued walking.

They walked through the rest of their journey in rather awkward silence for quite a while until Mr. Cox stopped in front of a wooden door.

It was their destination; a storeroom next to the old locker area in the remote corner of the school building. The blonde did not know if that room was still used.

"Come on in," Mr. Cox invited after kicking the door open; revealing a somewhat gloomy inner side of the room.

A bizarre hesitation and an uneasy feeling struck through the blonde's body as he stepped to the doorway and examined the obscure atmosphere of the storeroom. For some unknown reason, he thought that something was just inappropriate.

Yamato was slightly taken aback from his little musing as the physics teacher grabbed the books he was holding all of a sudden.

"Okay Mr. Ishida you may leave now. Thank you very much for your genuine kindness," Mr. Cox offered him a grateful smile and dusted off the stack before placing it on the desk.

"My pleasure, Sir." The blonde replied as he dusted off his hands just as well. He then turned around and headed to the door.

It was only several steps and several seconds away from the storeroom when a crashing sound of a falling body caught the blonde's attention. He sighed and rolled his eyes in disbelief before jogging back to the source of the noise.

"Mr. Cox, are you alright?" He investigated as he examined the nearly pitch-black room. A broken chair, an old medical mattress and a desk with the stuff he took previously on its surface caught his sight but he failed to locate the physics teacher.

At that exact moment, the wooden door behind him shut abruptly; sending a loud bang noise to the silent room. It also blocked the light passage making the already dimmed room even darker.

The confused blonde jumped up in surprise when the soaking light from the ceiling lamp illuminated his surroundings without warning.

"Never been better," A crafty intonation of the unexpected voice forced Yamato to turn around abruptly to see two narrowing eyes and an evil smirk on the physics teacher's face. "Now, would you mind if I shove my dick up your nice little arsehole, Mr. Ishida?" He asked in playful tone still wearing his twisted smile as he pulled out a pair of handcuff from his back pocket.

"No! Leave me alone," The blonde took several steps backward nervously only to be smashed by the physics teacher's tall and quite muscular figure. He felt a sickening sensation on his neck when Mr. Cox began to kiss it.

The dark blonde-haired teacher then led his kiss upper to Yamato's ear; teasing every inch of the blonde's pale skin with his moist lips. "This room used to be the music room. It's soundproof so-"

"No! Ah-" Yamato twisted and turned on the suffocating embrace of his attacker trying to use all of his physical strength to break loose but his physic teacher was far way stronger.

The blonde whimpered and begged miserably when Mr. Cox pushed him down to the old mattress and handcuffed one of his hands to its rusty metal frame

"You're so beautiful, Mr. Ishida. Gorgeous," He exclaimed lustfully as he began to unbelt the blonde's ripped jeans. "And arousing,"

Yamato jerked his leg trying to kick the pervert teacher out but stopped as soon as he felt a cold metal linger on his neck.

"I'm not responsible for what happened to your throat if you choose to be disobedient, Mr. Ishida." The psychotic physic teacher whispered his warning; pressing a pocket knife on the blonde's neck gently.

It effectively forced the struggling blonde to lay still for several seconds before he jolted back as he saw a picture Mr. Cox was holding. "Shit! No!"

"Familiar? What an adorable little brother." The physic teacher faked a baby pout on his face. "I'm sure you're smart enough to know what it means. Oh, I beg your pardon, you are the smartest one here," He added as he licked the blonde's earlobe.

The blonde just stayed petrified when Mr. Cox stripped him off leaving only his upper dress. He turned his head away as the sick teacher grabbed his member and played with it.

"You got a pretty nice dick too, Mr. Ishida. How interesting," He said slyly and started to stroke the blonde's length.

Done with it, the physics teacher then spread the blonde's leg and lowered his examination grope until he reached the blonde's rectum. Yamato could not help but gasp in surprise as the physics teacher stuck a finger into his entrance.

It felt like de javu.

Mr. Cox chuckled. "Hmmm, you seem to be enjoying it already. But wait until you get a more proper object in it," He then rolled the sleeves of his white shirt and undid his cotton trousers. "Now Mr. Ishida, I want you to do me a little more favor," He yanked a lock of Yamato's golden hair and pulled the blonde's head closer to his hairy crotch. "Suck it!"

"No!" Yamato tried to resist but Mr. Cox tightened the grip on his hair, forcing him to swallow the semi-erected member of the sick teacher.

"Good boy," He said in heavy voice then continued to fuck the blonde's face.

The blonde coughed and choked several times as he felt a disgusting taste in his mouth down to his inner throat. He painfully struggled to pretend he was somewhere else doing something else when he heard his rapist begin to moan and whine in pleasure.

The sick teacher stopped him once his dick was fully erected and damped before pointing the blonde to lie back down on the mattress. "It maybe hurts at first but you're gonna love it nevertheless, Mr. Ishida." He said with a wicked wink.

The blonde gritted his teeth and gripped tightly onto the edge of the mattress as he felt the tip of Mr. Cox's thick dick made its way to his entrance. He shut his eyes and held his breath as the physic teacher began to pump in and out slowly.

"Oh my god, you're so tight," He said as he increased his thrusting pace.

Yamato tried hard to fight against himself not to let out a moan but failed. "Arrhhh," He then bit his lower lip and turned his head away to prevent himself from letting out any more enjoyment noises.

At that exact moment, the blonde felt like he had lost his common sense and his underlying intelligence that he did not know how to feel anymore. His mind loathed what he was feeling and wanted it to stop immediately but his body loved it and kept begging for more. He was finally taken off guard and started to moan louder as Mr. Cox fucked him faster and harder.

"I told you you'll love it," The physics teacher said panting as he kept pumping his manhood and caressing the blonde's bare stomach.

It seemed like forever and a little bit longer to the blonde until he felt the physics teacher's hand grip his tight with eager pressure.

"God, I'm gonna come," He announced in half screaming voice. "Aaaah- huh aaah shit,"

An uncomfortable yet dangerously irresistible warm sensation overwhelmed the blonde's stomach when Mr. Cox released his load deep inside him.

It felt like de javu.

Yamato shut his eyes and shook his head trying to murder his betraying mind but seemed to be failed as he found the physics teacher's sweat-soaked body fall on top of him.

"Thank you Mr. Ishida. That was very nice." He whispered between short breaths as he licked and bit the blonde's neck playfully.

Once he was fully dressed, Mr. Cox unleashed the blonde's abused wrist from his handcuff, kissed him goodbye on the forehead and proceeded to leave the room. "We'll meet again soon, Mr. Ishida." He winked and smirked like a maniac before closing the door behind him.

The broken and sore blonde stiffened in his laying position giving an empty stare to the ceiling. He could see his vision starting to blur as the tears of misery began to well on the corner of his eyes but he refused to let it fall.

He asked himself what he had done wrong that he had to be punished with all of this severe torture.

He never got to think even for a nanosecond if things could be more and more crueler. He never expected reality could give him more and more unbearable ordeals. He did not know how to face his inferno. He had no clue of how to feel. He was even unsure of how to live anymore.



TK was lying on his comfy bed kneading the edge of his bulky blanket purposelessly. Doing such thing in the daylight was undoubtedly making him rather sweaty but he did not care. He was still trying to consolidate his disbelief and his logic to get the hang of what Taichi had informed him. His faith was still blocking him to believe that his brother was a gay and was intimately involved with his best friend. Even more disappointing, his brother did not bother to tell him about it.

He groaned to himself and rolled to his side letting the daylight radiance from the window sweep his face. Just then, the door cracked open.

"TK honey, are feeling better?" Mrs. Nancy strode carefully avoiding some dirty laundry and school textbooks on her way to reach the bed. She did not remember when the last time her son's room was as messy as a battleship like that. She did not even recall if there was such time anyway.

"I told you I wasn't sick, Mom." The blue-eyed blonde pulled his blanket to his chin as his mother rubbed his forehead with the back of her soft hand. TK skipped school that day without giving any valid excuse to his mom. Skipping school was not his habit so his mom happened to be wondering if her son was ill. She allowed him to stay home nevertheless. "Why are you here anyway? Aren't you supposed to be at work?"

Mrs. Nancy took a seat on the edge of the bed and gave away a smile. "I stopped by to grab an article and some other stuff." She said evidently. Mrs. Nancy was a senior journalist in a quite influential newsletter publisher. Despite her hectic schedule, she always tried to take as much time as she needed to take care of her son properly. "Honey, you don't seem to be yourself lately. What's the matter?"

The blonde twisted and rolled to his other side avoiding his mom's gaze. "Nothing," He blurted simply.

Mrs. Nancy could not help but roll her eyes and sighed. "Then why are you skipping school and getting yourself wrapped with a blanket all day?"

"Mom, I don't wanna talk about it, alright?" TK snapped before pulling his officially-had-become-favorite blanket over his head.

"And you never yelled at me before," Mrs. Nancy bit her inner lips eying his covered son. She had been spending the last fourteen years of her life looking after the blonde and she had never found him acting so aloof until then. Anything was no longer normal since he came home with a beaten face. She had tried to dig up information but the blonde insisted to keep his mouth shut.

"Sorry," The blonde murmured under his hiding.

Mrs. Nancy pulled the blanket down gracefully yet firmly. "Listen honey, if you need-"

"No Mom just leave me alone!" The blonde cut off whatever his mom was trying to convey.

"Alright alright, I gotta go back to work anyway." The blonde's mom drew her hands up abruptly as if her son radiating some kind of nuclear heat. She assumed that it might be not a good time to deal with him. "Take care honey," She rose to her feet and headed to the door. "Just call me if you need anything," She informed as an afterthought before shutting the door behind her.

After making sure his mom had gone, TK rolled to his back and started to stare at the ceiling. He felt slightly guilty for making his mom worried but he did not want to tell her what was going on either. He wondered how his mom would react if he told her the truth.

"Hey dude,"

The blonde nearly jumped up from his bed when an unexpected figure suddenly popped out from nowhere. "How did you get in?" He asked with threatened look as if a serial killer had found his hideout.

"Hey relax, your mom knows I'm a perfect human being so she let me in," Davis explained stifling a snicker. "I can't believe you skipped school. You're a lucky ass, though. Mr. Cox didn't show up so no basketball practice today. Geez, that fashionable substitute coach's really getting on my nerves lately. I wish Mr. Bean come back soon before I'm starting to develop any interest towards physics or fashion." The mahogany-haired teen then made himself mild by sitting on the wooden chair facing the oblivious blonde. "What's the matter anyway? Your bruise's not starting to turn into tetanus, is it?"

The blonde sighed and set his eyes on a particular spot on the ceiling. "You're right Davis my-"

"Oh shit, you gotta see a doctor immediately!"

"No you asshole, just let me finish!" TK snapped irritatedly scratching his head in disbelief. "You're right, my brother's a poof and he's having fuck with Tai." He revealed in calm yet rather sulky voice with a scowling face.

"What? I told you!" Davis hit his own palm with his own fist in triumphant like he always did every time he scored a point on a soccer or basketball match. Yep, he played both quite well. His miraculously extraordinary skill in sports was seemingly a prudent compensation to his academic dysfunction. "Well done, they're cuter that way, anyway. Time to let the world know!"

"Bullshit!" The blonde gave the excited Davis a cautious glare.

The mahogany-haired boy raised both of his hands in defensive gesture. "What do you mean, dude? You have anything against it?" He interrogated.

"Yes, I have every right to go against it,"


TK sighed some more and removed the blanket as he shifted to lean against the headboard. "Listen Davis, what would you do if you found out your sister was a lesbian and fucked around with her best friend who happened to know you just as well and they didn't even let you know?"

"I don't care. It doesn't mean nothing to me." The brown-eyed teen answered somewhat indifferently with a poker face. He then reached for an inviting object next to the computer on the desk and played with it. He found it quite amusing that the LED monitor was guarded by two spherical objects; a globe and a basketball. "So?"

The blonde snorted before turning away to the window. "Yeah, I always know you never give a shit to your sister. Or to everybody else in general,"

"Oh come on dude, don't be so dramatic!"

"I won't be acting dramatic if my brother's not giving me a drama," The blonde spun a little to set his feet on the floor. It was not a -wake up on the wrong side of the bed- effect but he noticed that the wooden floor was colder somehow. "It must be Taichi." He gripped the edge of the bed and placed an inspection look on his face. "Yeah, that bastard has swayed my brother. That's it. I have to ask Luke to get rid of him." He concluded with narrowed eyes.

Davis who was busy tossing up the ball to the air stopped his consoling activity at the mention of that particular name. "Luke? You mean that thorny-headed criminal with tattoos all over his skin?" As a goofy, the mahogany-haired boy always came to assumption that every college dropped-out with rebellious punk appearance just like Luke was a criminal; especially with the fact that the drummer guy was kicked out from the university with allegadly accusation of Marijuana smuggling. He was unsure whether it was true or not but it still made him kind of paranoid. Davis also never really had a good grip of why Yamato even had a heart to join his silly band.

"He maybe criminal but I believe he's got a better sense," TK replied in defensive tone.

Davis' extent forehead furrowed visibly. "Dude, he doesn't even know nothing but using his index fingers as drum sticks and- what do you mean by -get rid of Taichi- anyway?" He inquired quizzically.

The blonde rose to his feet and made a small path to the window; crossing his arms on his chest as he did so. "It's obvious,"

The brown-eyed boy ended his business with the unlucky ball and put it on his armpit before rising to his feet as well. "You don't plan to beat him up, do you?" He had no clue of what it actually was but he felt like he was caught naked in public when the blonde was nothing but plastering a subtle smirk on his face. "Oh come on, I don't think it's such a good move, I mean- what about Kari?"

"Well, fuck Kari, alright!" The blue-eyed blonde paid Davis a brief threatening glare before turning back to the window and inspected the outside world. "My brother is priority,"

The mahogany-haired boy was not quite sure why but the way the blonde behaved at the time being was making him rather uneasy and apprehensive like when he lost his mother in supermarket. "TK what's gotten to you? I don't remember having a hoggish maniac as a best friend." He complained with concerns on his voice. He then put the basketball back on its original place. "Matt must be very dejected." He whispered without really expecting to be heard.

As sincere and frank as it might sound, the brown-eyed boy's last remark had apparently stabbed into the very deep core of the blonde's currently susceptible nerves. Without warning, the flaring blonde pounced on the inattentive Davis and bumped him down to the floor by grabbing his collar. TK fell on top of the helpless Davis. The mahogany-haired boy winced when he felt a tickling pain on his back as an outcome of sudden merging of his body and the wooden floor in abrupt but it meant nothing to him compared to the flashing wrath on the blonde's ocean blue eyes only a couple of inches away from his brown ones.

The furious blonde was about to blow a fist but he was distracted by an exquisite countenance he was facing so dangerously closely. He narrowed his eyes as he examined the intricate and mesmerizing beauty. He had never noticed previously if those brown pupils were very captivating. He had never known until then if those parted red lips was so tantalizing; so kissable. He was formerly unaware if the brown-eyed boy's breath was so warm and soothing. He had never realized before then if the closeness of attached position they were sharing was very calming, comforting and- arousing.

The blonde's heart began to bombard his ribcage as he started to imagine what it would be if he closed the gap between their faces; how it would feel to claim those tempting lips. What it would be like to-


The blonde tried hard to refrain from obeying those temptations. He constrained his treacherous thought that he was not supposed to think that way; he was not supposed to be intrigued by those improper things. It was wrong; it was impossible. He shook his head to clear his incoherent and devious mind before slowly releasing his grip on Davis' collar and detached himself; giving the molested teen an absolute freedom. "Leave me alone," He ordered as he turned around. His voice was fragile as a result of suppressing his indignation and confusion.

The distraught Davis shifted faintly to prop his body with his elbows before rising to his feet. "TK I-"

"Leave me the fuck alone!"

The mahogany-haired boy jolted slightly taken aback by the deafening shout the blonde rewarded him. He doubtfully began to take a few steps backwards as he noticed that the blonde kept clenching his fists. "O- Okay, just- If you need somebody to talk to, and- you know- just call me." Davis knew his stammered words were sounding stupid but his knotted intestines forced him to ignore it.

That was the first time he caught the blonde in such state; raging like he was going to kill in a moment and then transformed drastically looking so vulnerable a second later. The mahogany-haired boy could also have sworn that for a split second the blonde looked like he was going to kiss him. And to his more distress, he felt like his heart fell to his stomach when the blonde actually wasn't. He had no idea of what he was thinking but he shoved it up to the back of his mind to deal with it later. "Alright I- I'm leaving," And with that, Davis spun nervously on his feet and left the room.

Silence reigned. Vague noises of lawn mower from somewhere outside and rustling melody of afternoon wind poking twigs were the only audible sounds.

The imbalance blonde let out a dramatic sigh as soon as he noticed he was alone. He groaned silently and sank himself to the bed when a disrupting thought came back to haunt his mind. Despite his denial, the blonde began to yearn for the intimate feeling he had just experienced with his best friend. Unfortunately, he did not have confidence to tell what feeling it was or to admit that he liked it.


Mr. Ishida heaved an exhausted sigh as he buried his face to the steering wheel. He tried to relax for a while after turning off the engine of his old Volkswagen Passat Sedan which he had just pulled over at the driveway of his house.

Another insane day at work.

Being a broadcasting supervisor as well as programs editor and producer in a quite well-known TV station got him overwhelmed sometimes. Not to mention a bunch of unreliable staff and co-workers who was always bugging him with their immature irresponsibility. It frequently made him temporarily nuts. That day was fairly better, though. After arguing with his boss about whether or not they permitted to broadcast a human trafficking campaign during kids program, he managed to come home earlier.

He hopped off the car to be greeted by a relaxing dusk wind caressing his face; the unfamiliar smell of it made him shiver slightly. He smiled briefly to the old woman next door who was watering her shapeless wild lilies. A woman in her twilight doing such thing in twilight simply amazed him. He then grabbed his suitcase and shut the car's door before making his way to enter the house.

An overcast and rather eerie scenery welcomed him as he took his path through the hall. He made a mental note to reconsider hiring a housekeeper. A pretty big house with only him and his son as its inhabitants deserved to be taken care of more appropriately. With that, somebody would at least turn on the lights when the night came.

"Matt?" He summoned as he loosened his tie and stretched a little. He was not really expecting for a response but he was answered by a cracking sound. A thick mixed aroma of alcohol and smoke made him snort as he got closer to the source of the noise. As he walked, he mentally invoked that his son was not committing anything stupid.

But he was wrong. His heart nearly stopped and his nerves was wrecked by rushing adrenalin as he set eyes on a motionless form of his son lying face down on the floor. Dull light from the silent TV overexposed a mess of shattered glass around his body.

"Jesus Matt," He knelt down and made a place by shifting the couch and the table a little. "What the-" A lack of response from the lying blonde made his stomach turning. He grabbed Yamato and placed him on his lap before tapping his cheek gently. "Matt, are you alright?"

The blonde twisted and his eyelids cracked open revealing two bloodshot pupils. "Tai?" A weak smile spread on his face but then vanished as he realized he was mistaken. "Oh, hi dad," He greeted in drunken gesture.

"What were you thinking?"

"Dad I- Tai-" The blonde trailed off. He coughed several times and his face looked like he was being murdered. His whole body was feverish.

"Matt?" Mr. Ishida shook Yamato's slender figure. He began to worry when he noticed that the blonde did not seem to be breathing properly as if oxygen poisoned him. Just then, an unexpected object caught his sight. Mr. Ishida's eyes widened when they set on an empty bottle of a royal size blue label Johnnie Walker lay idly under the table. He wondered how his son broke his dead-locked liquor cabinet. As difficult as it seemed, the blonde's dad refused to believe that his son had finished it up in one take. He was beyond sure that the blonde's body would not have enough tolerance to sustain such excessive amount of strong whiskey.

Mr. Ishida's eyes went even wider as he noticed an empty container of sleeping pills not far from the empty bottle; what a lethal combination. "Oh god, no."

"Dad-" The drunken blonde began to whine. He looked like he was going to say something but he did not have enough strength. He kept opening and shutting his mouth as if something prickly was trapped inside his throat.

"Hang on son. Please, stay with me." Mr. Ishida gripped his son's hand tightly as the blonde threw up a mouthful of foamy white liquid. "Oh shit," Coming home early to find his son dying had thoroughly destroyed his fortress of sanity.

"Dad I- it hurts," Yamato's voice was weak and it came out as a painful whisper. A stream of silent tears began to flow from the corner of his eyes and his shortness of breath forced his father to grip his hand tighter. "Tell Tai I- I-" He did not managed to let out whatever he was trying to say. His eyes rolled like crazy before shutting up completely and his trembling body went stiff in a second.

"No, Matt please don't," Mr. Ishida's voice cracked as a hoarse noise since his throat went dry. He kept shaking the body he was holding but it did not respond. His heart sank like a stone in a whirlpool as he realized that it might be it. The world around him seemed to stand still. The passage of time seemed to be frozen. "God- no!" He began to reflect his thought as he held tighter his unmoving son and stroked his sweat-soaked blonde hair. Had he done it wrong? Had he been too demanding and pressuring his son about his issues? Had he gone insensitive and failed in upbringing his son? Had he accidentally and indirectly taken away the life of his son?


The first and the only being that crossed Mr. Ishida's deadly devastated mind was Taichi. That sick son of a bitch had corrupted his son and he had to pay for it.


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