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Chapter 2

Ooh, how wonderful that felt, fingers threading through his fur, stroking just right, right there, at the base of his ear. The neglected ear twitched slightly, and God's hand moved, granting its blessing to it and—oooh, it has a twin. Two hands, rubbing at his ears… shivering from the force of the purr that was escaping his chest, Sena moved his paw (moaning a little at the loss of the amazing scent coming from it—but it was okay, his other paw smelled just as good), grasping lightly at the wrist of one, rubbing his—was that a thumb? Whatever—thumb against the skin found there, feeling the strong bone beneath his fingers. Gulping in a large breath, Sena nuzzled into the soft fabric against his paws as well as into the now single hand rubbing at his ear.

Should have grabbed the other one too…

But since he hadn't there really wasn't any point crying over lost tuna, sooo…

Though Sena fought against it, he could feel consciousness breach his mind, nudging him into awareness. Happily enough the hand didn't leave, so Sena smiled as he opened his eyes, curling his tail in an appreciative way, and giving it a flick to show off its shine, showing how smooth the fur had been groomed. If God liked him enough, maybe he'd keep rubbing…

Blurry at first, the form of God came into focus, showing spiky blond fur, paler ears of proper proportion, if not a little tall, a wide tooth-baring grin… God looked remarkably like that… human…

Oh fuck…

Even momentarily distracted by that strange word that popped into his head—what does 'fuck' mean and why does it describe this situation and my feelings so well?—Sena felt the same freezing sensation as he had when that dog was after him, eyes going wide and muscles frozen.

The human's grin got a bit wider, and he got up, his arm slipping from Sena's slack grip, and got something. A black strap of something was revealed—a collar, Sena's mind identified—and the human came back, slipping the cool material around his neck, fiddling with it for a moment, and then letting go, leaving it there.

It was a strange weight, something that Sena knew other cats, the ones who lived in houses, had around their necks as a sign that they owned a house. It was an oddly comfortable weight…comforting in a way that made him wonder.

So I own a house now?

Well he'd always wondered how those cats got about to having a house, but any time he'd asked, they'd always say it was a secret and change the subject if they didn't just walk off.

The human made noise, and strangely enough Sena understood it in his frozen stupor.

"'Che, here fucking kitty, you're mine now, got it?"

I'm his? How does that work out? Is it the collar? Is that why none of the other cats would say how they got their houses? Because they had to be taken in or chosen by human?

Sena's mouth opened, but no noise came out, so he closed it. For some reason his throat wasn't working like it should. The human didn't seem to find this odd.

"What's your name fucking chibi?"

What's a chibi—ooh. His mind supplied that it meant a small or short person or animal, also a substitution for other more derogatory terms. Something in Sena got annoyed at that, but just a little. He was more confused at his own mind, suddenly understanding humans, filling his head with meanings for words and suchlike. And since when did he start thinking with things like 'suchlike' was that a word? Yes, his mind confirmed, it was.

How irritating. How confusing.

Sena blinked, suddenly remembering that he was asked a question, and attempted to use his voice again. Maybe something odd really happened and the human would miraculously be able to understand him. But what came out of his mouth was wrong.


What the hell was that? That's not me!

The human's grin widened another degree.

This was not going to be fun.

The human turned to the blue thing, pulling out that metal thing from before again.

"Fucking genie, since you've screwed up, I'm sure you won't have a problem getting him some boxers and some pants for now, now won't you?"

The sound the "Fucking Genie" made didn't sound like he'd be fine with getting whoever boxers and pants. Why do I know what boxers and pants are?

There was a poof like there was before, just before the dog accused me of trying to scent mark his human, threatening to bite off my tail if I didn't let go even though I wasn't even holding on, and there was suddenly a pair of pale blue pants—jeans—and a short pair of red and white boxers, little drawings of cartoonish bats all over them, in the humans hands. He looked them over for a moment.

"Nice" was all he said.

He turned to me with that grin still in place.

Why do I know what cartoonish means? And why's he coming over here with those? I'm a cat, I don't need those…

The human pounced on me, and I wondered why I didn't run when my muscled lost that frozen-ness they had before. Struggling, I noticed that I was much larger than I ever was before. I also had something black over my arms, and it didn't bother me like having something on my fur usually does. I had fingers that weren't mine and looking down, I saw a torso that wasn't mine, but had my head attached anyway. Something soft slid up my legs, and a hand tucked my tail through something, and then there was something—probably the boxers—covering my hips, the base of my tail, and my bum.

I quickly tugged my tail out from the material, and felt the back of the boxers slide down a little so my tail could still stick out. It felt weird, but I was more freaked out about the fact that I apparently had enough leg—human leg—to be able to wear the boxers. My leg shot out, hitting into the humans chest with enough force to cause him to give a grunt, and I appreciated for a moment that my legs were long enough to shove him off me.

In the two seconds that it took him to recover and come over again, I shot off the couch, and darted to the door. The large human was still there, and as if by some instinct, he set himself up to catch me, arms going out and in front to grab hold of some part of me. But I wasn't about to let this strange human catch me so easily.

By his movements, he wasn't nearly as fast as the other human, and not even close to as fast as that dog. Darting around him, my mind supplied me with how to operate the thing called a door handle, what a wonder these thumbs are, and I sprinted from the place, quickly getting accustomed to the strange way that I only needed my hind legs to run, and quickly getting to the same speeds that I was used to in my other form, my RIGHT form. It seemed that I was getting all things quickly now, for most everything that I saw outside that used to have a single name now had another name. Like the building was also a school, Deimon High School, and the humans around were either students or other civilians, and it was just too much, so Sena sped up, jumping up onto the top of the wall and over, running down the thing called a sidewalk, that was next to the road. He could hear the dog chasing after him again, and isn't that just great…

It was just too much, and now his pads—the pads of his feet, human feet—were hurting from the pebbles on the sidewalk, in a way that he hadn't felt since he was a kitten and his pads were still pink and soft.

That was the problem with this body; it was pink and soft all over, and not even soft like my fur.

He felt his furless face, feeling the nose and mouth and the eyelids, and the little bits of fur called eyebrows, noting how he was missing his whiskers, how his nose was just different, and how his teeth, when he felt them, were just plain odd.

Down to his small neck, also furless, but covered by the material that was also covering his torso and arms—a cotton turtleneck, and a turtle is an animal, and no, I'm not actually wearing a turtles neck—and his arms were skinny, and his chest was odd and not even like those other humans in how small it was, and—oof!

So intent in his examination of his new body, Sena didn't notice until he was slamming into one of them that there were three humans—students—walking down the sidewalk towards him. In the half second he had of awareness of them, he noticed that the one he bumped into had short pale blond fur, the one to the right had darker blond fur spiking up in a way dissimilar from the human with the wonderful God hands and had weird things on his face—sunglasses—and the one on the left had brown fur, darker than Sena's own brown fur, in an oddly normal style, with the longest bit brushing his neck.

And then he was down, the air pushed from his lungs, stunned as the human beneath him surely was, and a lightly chemical musky smell invaded his nose—cologne—and he noticed that this human too had a larger chest than Sena did, and why did that matter so much? A groan and a gasp made the chest underneath hi move, and Sena pushed himself up a bit, arms on either side of his chest, and shook his head slightly. He glanced at the human's face, worried despite himself for the human stalling his escape, and noticed the scar on the side of his face, wondered where it came from, and then noticed the human looking at him too, and glancing up, and looking at his ears.

And then there were hands grabbing him from the material on his shoulders and shoving him off the scarred human. With a yelp, Sena landed painfully on his tail, and he quickly busied himself making sure there wasn't any permanent damage, smoothing out the rumpled fur.

Then he remembered.

He darted up, and attempted to run past them, but in his sudden panic, they grabbed him and pushed him back. They cracked their knuckles, and looked menacing in general as they looked him over, the shadows on their faces making them look nearly as formidable as that dog.


"I'm sorry I ran into you but there's a dog after me and there's no time 'cause I'm only a little faster than him and I suggest that you run 'cause he's really a not nice dog!" he finished, panting and glancing over his shoulder, noticing the small dust cloud in the distance, slowly getting larger, and flicking his tail in his nervousness.

To the Huh-huh brothers, they were at an impasse. On the one hand, this shrimp had slammed into one of them, hard enough for Jumonji to lose his breath, and then tried to run off before even apologizing.

On the other hand, he was an interesting shrimp, wearing only a pair of boxers and a black turtleneck, with large, twitching, spotted ears perched on his head and a spotted sleek tail curling and flicking and whipping out behind him. He had cat ears and a tail. Can't get much more interesting than that .(*1)

To Togano, flashes from various manga were going through his mind, all showing why and how the character has the ears, from scientific reasons to because they haven't lost their virginity, to some fanfictions that he'd read. A part of him wondered why the kid had the animal parts, but a larger part of him was squealing in otaku joy at meeting someone who could have come straight out of a manga, and berating himself for not bringing a camera. And is that a collar?

Kuroki was wondering if this was some cosplay weirdo, and where he got the ears and tail, even a collar. For all of how dorky cosplayers were, the kid looked good, and the ears and tails were cool for being able to move and all of that. Glancing at his friends, he sighed. Toga was being a manga nerd, and Jumonji was blushing.

Jumonji was torn. He was angry at the kid—you would be too if you were in his position. He could feel a bruise forming already. But at the same time… holy hell was the kid cute. And that collar didn't help, just making him look like he wanted to be owned. When he'd looked up after being knocked down, ready to tell the weight on his chest to go fuck himself, and when he saw… well, his thoughts jumbled and he'd nearly blurted an edited message. He wondered what the kids reaction would have been had he blurted out "I'll fuck you myself" at him. Before he could stop it, that scene played out in his mind. Probably some blushing, some sputtering as he tried scrambling off of him, but Jumonji would have locked his arms around him, rolling them over until the slight boy was beneath him, and claiming his mouth. There would be a slight struggle, Jumonji was sure, with some weak attempts to get him off, but then he'd start kissing back, his pretty little ears flopped backwards, a different kind of flush rising in his cheeks as he opened up before his questing tongue, shyly licking at his lips and making a little noise at the back of his throat and—ahem.

Well, it was just a good thing that Kuroki and Togano pulled the kid off of him. (*2) You see how he was torn, between beating the shit out of him and fucking the hell out of him.

And what was that behind the kid anyway, some kind of dog?

To Sena, he wondered if his heart was going to thunder out of his chest before the three humans would let him go, or if they were going to wait until the demon dog was upon them before deciding to let go. Well neither option sounded good, so, repeating apologies over and over, he shoved them to either side of the path, sprinting off down the sidewalk.

Shortly after, Cerberus ran past, a deep growl in his chest.

He would bring the trespasser to Hiruma, yes, but he would not be happy about the feline staying, no.

Hiruma typed away at his laptop, setting up the brat to get into Deimon. It was lucky that he'd gotten the fucking chibi when he did, otherwise he'd have had to blackmail the principal into letting in a new student after the new semester started. It was also a good thing that the fucking genie included everything on the list.

If he hadn't… well.

On the list, among other things, Hiruma had included the genie to include a past for the kid, just to prevent problems later should any false information he put up be found false. It would be troublesome to have to explain where exactly he'd gotten Sena, when to the online world he didn't exist. Now he had a birth certificate, and fake parents who died in a car accident a while back, leaving him in Hiruma's care.

Oh how convenient it was. And now dear, dear Kobayakawa Sena was entering high school, having passed some nondescript middle school with grades in the higher level of average, hoping to get into Deimon. How tragic his past, how brave he is to get past it, what luck he has for Hiruma to take care of him, and oh how easy could it be for Hiruma to hack into the schools database and replace some dumbass kid who'd probably end up joining the ping-pong club with Sena.

Ch, as if that would ever work to his favour…

That done, Hiruma placed an order for his uniform; approximating his size and ordering a few larger sizes should the chibi grow. He also went online and placed a few knowledgeable bets on the online black market. He had plenty of money, and just as many blackmail materials, but he'd be buying food for two now, and he'd have to go out and buy some clothed for the shrimp. He could always make the chibi work for money to buy such things, but that would mean sharing. He'd work alright, just for him. Only him, should he decide otherwise at some later—much later—date.

He'd definitely have to make some kind of decision soon, to get the chibi to stop freaking out. Definitely had to calm him down somehow.

But then again, he was a cat who got turned into a human, and he only really started struggling when I was making him do a very un-cat-like thing like wear boxers… good thing I got them on though, or else he'd be running around town showing off all of my goods, rather than just his legs.

But, regardless of his circumstances, if he kicks me in the chest like that again, I'm setting Cerberus on him before and after practice for a month.

Speaking of…

The door was opened, and Cerberus came, dragging Hiruma's running back by his ankle. Sena was panting, allowing his arms to drag and only giving a half-hearted struggle to free his leg. Hiruma spied a small bit of blood trickling down his ankle, and wondered if Cerberuses apparent possessiveness towards him would lead the canine to deliberately damage his ankle, but discarded the thought; Cerberus wouldn't do that… well, he would, but not to anyone useful to Hiruma, unless specifically told to do so.

Cerberus dropped his foot once he was in the room entirely, and Hiruma threw him a treat, watching as he trotted from the room, crunching on it.

Ignoring the groan, Hiruma picked up the shrimp, one arm under his legs, and his other arm supporting his shoulders. He grinned as Sena's head lolled, his head resting on his shoulder, and it widened when the drowsy and still panting running back nuzzles there, sniffing.

Kurita stood to the side, rubbing his hands nervously, worrying needlessly over the shrimp and eyeing the small wound on his ankle like it would need amputating. 'Che…

He set the shrimp on the couch once again, pulling an old leash of Cerberus's, and wrapped one end around a strap on the wall, clipping the other end to Sena's collar, the metal making a 'click' that made the shrimps ears twitch. Wonder when those are going to disappear…. They'd better not pop into existence during a game…

He left bandaging the shrimp to Kurita, the damn worrying fatty, and took the jeans Gene had made along with the boxers and folded them, setting on the armrest next to the chibi's head. He'd get them on the chibi later, after they've discussed a few things…

Kurita talked as he cleaned and bandaged the wound, and Hiruma could see that it was calming the chibi down.

"Don't worry Sena-kun, there's nothing to be afraid of. You'll get used to this soon enough, and then we can play football together! Wouldn't that be great? We can go to the Christmas bowl!"

"W-what's the Christmas bowl?"

"It's a—" Kurita's watch beeped. "Oh no! I'm really sorry Sena-kun, but I'll explain it to you tomorrow. I'll see you at practice tomorrow Hiruma (*3)"

He finished wrapping up his ankle, and gave it a soft pat, waved to Hiruma, and squeezed out the door, closing it with a small click. Gene, silent since he made the boxers and pants, stuttered out an excuse to leave and did some fazing thing back into the old trophy.

There was silence as the cat boy and Hiruma stared at each other, one's eyes filled with worry and curiosity, and the other pair just looking at the other speculatively.

"S-so, um… what's that blue thing and why am I not me?"

Slightly surprised that the shrimp was the one to break the silence, Hiruma just raied an eyebrow.

"W-well, I mean, I am sill ME, but I'm not me, and I'm not a cat, and my mind is knowing things it shouldn't be knowing without me noticing, and I'm talking like a human, and understanding humans when they talk, and why should I care if the other male humans chests are bigger than mine, and I'm really just so confused, and it all started when I saw you and the big human and the blue thing, and I was just so confused because you smelled so good and that blue thing didn't have a smell at all and it was floating and I don't know what floats other than a cloud and it doesn't look like a cloud at all so you can see where my confusion comes into play, and then there was a growl and that scary dog came out and then there was that poof and you just wouldn't let me go, even when the dog started to threaten my tail and why didn't you let me go—" the shrimp stopped, panting from his long ramble.

Though he was saying most of it quickly, Hiruma caught every word.

Chuckling slightly, Hiruma debated on what point to bring up from the rant. He had many to choose from… maybe the fact that he thinks Hiruma smells so good, or maybe the whole not understanding he was turned human, or maybe even starting off on what the blue floating fatso is… well, why not.

"The floating ass that you saw was a genie, and I'm guessing from what you said earlier that I don't have to explain what a genie is. I made a wish that you'd be human so you could be my running back."

"But I didn't see a floating ass… I saw a floating blue thing…"

Hiruma rolled his eyes. He'd have to learn not to take things so seriously…

"The floating blue thing is the floating ass I was talking about. As for why your mind is knowing things you aren't aware of, that was part of my wish. I gave the fucker a list, and so far he included everything, including giving you a past."

"But I already have a—"

"A past that'll prove that you've been human all your life, fucking chibi, so deal with it. You're just going to have to get used to being human, 'cause you're not turning back. You're going to be staying with me from now on, and you'll be going to Deimon High School as a first year. Deal with it."

Sena's mouth worked, but no sound came out. His skin was ashen, and a small poof covered him momentarily and his ears and tail were gone. He gasped from the cloud, and then frantically felt for his ears and tail, a look of anguish crossing his face when he felt where his tail should be and found it wasn't there. There was a moment, and then the kid lunged at Hiruma, and he was sure that the kid would have tried to do more than he did before if the leash hadn't snapped taut and yanked him back.

"You took away my tail you—you—" and then Hiruma was informed through a lengthy few minutes exactly where he came from. This didn't bother him, and he was slightly amused that along with math and English and the name for things, the kid also apparently got the vocabulary of a sailor.

Once the kid ran out of breath, and was just sitting there on the floor panting angrily, Hiruma got up, set his laptop to the site, and straddled the pipsqueak, earning a startled sound. Pinning his wrists above his head, Hiruma waited out the resultant struggling, grinning at the sight of the struggling boy. When the thrashing subsided, Hiruma asked "are you done now?" before swooping down and kissing him. Sena froze. Hiruma let up, removing himself from their lip lock.

"Why'd you do that?"

'Che, what a stupid question.

"Because I want to."

There was another poof, and Sena's ears and tail reappeared, Sena making a squeaking noise as his tail was squished by his back, and struggled until Hiruma let him shift it to between his legs.

"There, and your ears and tail aren't gone permanently. They just won't be there for most of the time."

Sena got angry again.

"If you hadn't wished I was human in the first place, then they'd be there all the time, why'd you do this!"

Hiruma kissed him again, and once again removed himself when Sena calmed down.

"Ah, but if I hadn't wished you human then we wouldn't have met, and you wouldn't have a permanent home, and I wouldn't have my running back. The good outweigh the bad, so you'll just have to deal with it."

Sena's eyes were filling with angry tears, spilling over and down his cheeks and temple as he struggled

"Well what if I don't want to deal with it? That's all you've been saying! 'Deal with it, deal with it', well why don't you just—mph"

Tiered of his ranting and the dumbass crying, Hiruma decided that since it worked to shut him up before, kissing would work again. But he continued crying, sobs shaking his body and tears being squeezed out of his clenched eyes, even with the chaste press of Hiruma's lips against his. This would take a little bit more then…

Hiruma licked and nibbled at his lower lip, feeling the smooth skin and giving harder nibbles, soothing those over with long strokes of his tongue. Startled, Sena gasped, and Hiruma lapped the new space offered. Tilting his head slightly, Hiruma made his way into the shrimp's mouth, feeling the point of his canines and moving past to tickle the roof of his mouth. When Sena tried pushing his tongue out with his own, Hiruma coiled his around Sena's, encouraging it into his own mouth.

Sena was in shock. The human that larger human called Hiruma had his tongue in his mouth. When he did it the first time, Sena's mind told him it was called a kiss—a form of affection between family members and lovers and occasionally between friends. Family members are blood kin, friends are obvious, and lovers are mates. Then he was gone, and his ears and tail came back and Hiruma said something and Sena started getting angry again. Then he got kissed again. It was just so confusing, what he was saying earlier and with the stress of thinking that his tail would be gone forever—and he said that it WOULD be gone, for most of the time at least—and he wouldn't ever get to be a cat ever again. Sena felt a wetness on his cheeks and sliding into the hair at his temple in an uncomfortable way as he started to struggle. Tears. Great.

And then Hiruma was kissing him again, but Sena wouldn't calm down from that again. But then he started kicking and biting, and why was he doing something like that? A fluttering feeling was working its way up from the bottom of Sena's stomach, and he gasped. No translation for the feeling came up. AH!

His tongue was in his mouth! French kiss. Euw! Why would he do that! That's disgusting!

The unwelcome muscle moved around, rubbing the roof of his mouth and leaving an itchy, tingly sensation there that wasn't entirely unpleasant, but Sena tried pushing out the muscle with his own. It just slithered around his tongue, making that tingly feeling travel from his mouth to the fluttering place at the bottom of his stomach, making it warm and feel like it's under pressure and a whimper of— something—slipped from his throat. Hiruma gave an answering groan. The tongue gave little licks and the mouth sucked lightly, and Sena found his own tongue in the others mouth. More curious than disgusted now, Sena allowed his tongue to explore Hiruma's, feeling the inside of his cheeks, around his tongue, around his teeth—ow!

Pulling his tongue back from the wound dealing canine, Sena tried to turn his head. Hiruma's hands held him in place, on hand cradling his jaw and one clenching the fur—hair—at the back of his head. Hiruma suckled softly at his wounded tongue, and Sena flicked at Hiruma's tongue. From their lip lock, Sena could feel Hiruma's grin, and he was at once informed by his burning lungs of a distinct need for air.

He wrenched his head to the side, and this time Hiruma let him. Hiruma contented himself to kissing down Sena's neck, suckling on his racing pulse as the soon-to-be running back caught his breath.

Once he'd left a satisfactory mark, he sat back grinning.

"Done feeling sorry for yourself?"

Sena nodded with a flush staying high in his cheekbones.

"Gonna move on?"

Sena nodded again, eyes drooping. Hiruma's grin widened.

"Good. Now let's get going."


Holy hell that was one long scene… wasn't that good either

Oh well…

(*1)- He had cat ears and a tail. Can't get much more interesting than that.—yes, I know that plenty of you probably thought of something that could make him more interesting but this is my fic, and they're about to go into grade 9. I was a dumb fuck then, and I haven't met a niner since that ISN'T also a dumb fuck.

(*2)- Well, it was just a good thing that Kuroki and Togano pulled the kid off of him.—all I could think after writing that one line was whether or not to add "before they had to pull him off of the kid" :D

(*3) – What is the add on to Hiruma's name that Kurita uses? Is it –kun or –san or nothing at all?