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Che' Fucking Kitty Chapter 3

Sena shifted on his seat, huddling closer to the warmth and relative comfort of the demonic—that was the best word his new mind could think of—blond human named Hiruma beside him.

The other humans on the train kept a fearfully respectful distance from the blond menace, though they didn't bother hiding their stares of the similarly dressed teen sitting so daringly close. It wasn't quite by choice—more like not at all by choice—but Sena's initial resistance to sitting so close to his tormentor was squashed by the demon's Look (yes with the capital letter) and the many staring humans… apparently it was a strange sight for a few reasons, which were supplied by what Sena was recognizing as his Human mind. Sena put them in order as he felt their most rational

One, Hiruma was apparently a demon to more than just him.

Two, Sena was sitting RIGHT NEXT to him, and was even dressed the same, though Sena now had on blue jeans to Hiruma's black ones. Hiruma had even made the passengers gawk when he'd placed his arm across Sena's shoulders, pulling him closer to sitting almost on his lap when they'd first sat down.

And finally Three; apparently it was unusual to see a boy walk around casually with cat ears and a tail. It wasn't Sena's fault that the other humans didn't have tails, or even that his tail was just that wonderful to begin with—or no, it was partially his fault (if you could call it that) since he'd spent some well spent time grooming his tail as he was growing up. It hardly ever needed to be seriously groomed, and Sena only ever did it for pleasure nowadays.

Currently he was grooming his tail with fingers he was quickly becoming used to, curled up around him on his lap, not for pleasure, but more from nervousness. Aside from grooming purposes, running his fingers through his own fur nearly felt as nice as Hiruma's fingers on his ears. A smallish human a few seats away was staring adamantly at his wonderful tail, a thoughtful look on its—her—face before declaring loudly something Sena wished she hadn't for some reason (must be that human part of him).

"Mommy, I want to be as pretty as that kitty some day!"

The mother quickly shushed her daughter, smiling as she explained that the pretty kitty wasn't a kitty and was a boy.

The sudden heat that crept into his face only increased as he felt and heard Hiruma chuckle beside him, the arm over his shoulder shifting for a moment to rub a hand between his ears for a wonderful moment before pulling him even closer. He only felt lucky that the day was almost over, the events since he'd taken a nap on that wall having taken up a good portion of the day—enough so that Sena could watch the sun set through the train's window.

Sena's ears, which had slowly pressed themselves down into his hair from embarrassment and from the uncomfortable situation twitched as they caught the low murmurs of the few people that hadn't escaped the train car yet.

"…What's with the tail...?"

"…So strange…"

"…But he's so cute…!"

"…no use he's with him…"

"…I'd bang that, if he weren't…"

"…smother with cheese and pickles…"


Though the last threw him off slightly, Sena was uncomfortably sure that the majority of the other occupants were whispering about him… He had a startling urge to at once hide behind Hiruma and to stand up and tell everyone to back off 'cause they were just jealous of his beautiful tail… then run off at first chance.

But seeing as how neither quite sounded like a great idea, if only for the fact that hiding behind Hiruma didn't sound like a comfortable place, even if he hadn't been sitting down, and running away from the car wouldn't work from the speeds the train was going, Sena resolved to just stay seated.

Looking out the window longingly, Sena wished he'd decided not to sleep on that wall. If he had just moved on from there instead of resting, he would've been happily padding across the warm roofs they were speeding past, maybe stopping by an alleyway next to a Chinese store or a sushi market for some leftovers. But no, he just had to have that nap, and now he was stuck in that uncomfortable position.

After Hiruma had… kissed him, he'd gotten him into the pair of jeans the genie Hiruma called Floating Ass made for him even as he changed himself into a dark pair of jeans and a turtleneck similar to the one Sena was even now wearing. Curious at first, Sena had moved forward and sniffed the shirt as Hiruma bent slightly to pick up a duffle bag. It didn't smell as much like him as the shirt Sena was wearing—he could tell that even with Hiruma's scent all around him, and he decided to himself that he liked the shirt that he was wearing more than the cleaner shirt Hiruma was wearing.

He didn't realize that he'd said it aloud until Hiruma turned around with an eyebrow raised.

"And why's that fucking shrimp?"

Embarrassed for some reason, he'd only shook his head frantically, his sleeve-covered hands moving up to cup over his mouth and nose, inhaling the pleasing and calming scent of Hiruma from the sweater. For some reason he found it an embarrassing idea to tell Hiruma that he liked the one he was wearing because it had more of Hiruma's scent on it than the other turtleneck did… something in his survival instincts paired up with the more human part of him to insist that survival later would depend on this at the moment.

Even now, Sena thought it was fairly ironic that the person who caused most of his anxiety also had a very calming and wonderful scent.

But then again, maybe all the calming properties of Hiruma were in his scent so he could get the full range of his stressing abilities.

It was something to think over…

Pleased with his explanation, Sena decided to close his eyes for a bit, leaning into the arm wrapped around his shoulders. When he'd first seen the train station and had gotten onto the car, he'd been fascinated, staring avidly around and thinking up questions quicker than his wished for mind could answer.

The compartments above the lines of seats were for luggage and such, the seats were made of red plastic and chrome, that strange thing the man was holding in his hand was a briefcase, probably filled with papers that he'd need for his job, a job was what adults did during the day to make money which they used to trade for items that they used in their day to day lives, no they wouldn't just fight over what they wanted, that woman is wearing a dress, no; only women wear dresses in public, humans wear clothes because they don't have fur, naked is not an option, just because…

The questions and answers had gone on and on for quite a while, though they'd slowed to a near stop as Sena got more and more sleepy.

Nuzzling up to Hiruma's side, Sena peeked up at his face to make sure that he wasn't debating bringing out that… what was it called? Oh right, gun again. But no, Hiruma had his head slightly tilted back, eyes closed, with a large grin on his face. His other arm—the one not occupied by holding onto Sena—was laid across the back of the seat next to him, not even flexing towards the duffle bag on the seat which Sena was sure was holding a gun or two or five.

He'd managed to pull a gun out of nowhere, so Sena figured he'd pulled it from the bag. Earlier, when he'd had on his uniform, it looked to be bulky enough to hide something of the sort, but the tight pants and tight shirt didn't look as if they'd hide anything of the sor—


Sena had just been processing what another male passenger was saying—something about what he wanted to do to his ass, to Sena's confusion—through one cocked ear when a small (for him) gun appeared in Hiruma's hand, only to be shot just to the right of the man. Or his left…


It made an indent in the metal right next to the man's head, and he made a noise that Sena was sure wasn't an entirely male sound, and scurried to the farthest point of the train car.

Sena looked to the duffle bag, expecting it to have its zipper undone, or maybe even look a little more ruffled than it had before—

But no. it was exactly the same as it had looked before. The zipper wasn't undone; creases in the material were the same, and it looked to be the same size as it was before…

Almost as if nothing had been taken from it at all.

But that doesn't make any sense...

Puzzled, Sena looked up at Hiruma, his cheek pressed against his shoulder from the angle, watching as he twirled the gun around in his fingers laughing.


Hiruma could barely contain himself, what with his new running back cuddling up to him like this. Currently he was looking up at Hiruma with a fuckable expression of confusion on his face, brows slightly furrowed, one ear cocked and eyes half closed with what Hiruma could only assume was sleepiness. His slim body was arched up against his side, and Hiruma could see behind him that his tail was curling slightly from his cocked out ass. The jeans the floating dumbass had poof-ed into existence clung to the chibi's form, even as the back bunched slightly around the rip around the base of his tail (they'd had to do it to get his tail to fit, since he pants were too tight to just shove it down them) . Hiruma raised one eyebrow as answer, and cocked his gun, hearing the bullets click into place, laughing again when it caused the rest of the passengers to shift away from him even more. He ran his hand down the arch of the chibi's back, feeling him press more into his side and felt his cock twitch when his tail curled around his hand when he cupped his new running back's firm ass… oh yes, life was good. Even with assholes who don't know when to keep their mouth SHUT.

With what the last asshole said still fresh in his mind, Hiruma was more than tempted to practice his new calming method that he'd used on him earlier, if only to get the other people on the train to shut the fuck up.

Though, regardless of the doubtless effect it would have on the other passengers, Hiruma wanted to kiss the shrimp again in any case, feel that hot little tongue of his lap beck at his own, feel the strange coarseness of it (undoubtedly one of the more cat-like aspects that he'd probably keep) and taste the metallic flavour of his blood from that same muscle.

In fact, it was sounding like a better idea every second, and when you added the amusement factor from the rest of the train car, it just doubled it.

Looking down, and shifting slightly so that he'd be able to molest his running back some more, he was thwarted when he noticed that the shrimp was dozing, cuddled up to him and using his shoulder as a pillow. Usually he'd have just shoved the kid awake and been done with it, not bothering to even THINK the word "thwarted"… but something else occurred to him just then; If the shrimp napped right then, then that meant he would need less sleep later that night…


Hiruma nudged Sena awake when they got to the right stop, and though the passengers were happy to see the blond menace go, they couldn't help but soften towards the small cat-eared boy when he cutely yawned, rubbing sleep from his eye with his knuckle, and holding onto Hiruma's hand as they left.

Of course, some people didn't quite… soften at the sight, but after seeing how the last guy got shot at, they went home quietly, waiting till they got home to rant over the injustice of it all.

They walked down several streets; Hiruma's arm a warm weight around his shoulder even as he leaned into him. Watching their shadows shorten to walk beside them before lengthening to disappear ahead over and over again, Sena hoped that he'd have a chance to roam around this neighborhood soon to get his bearings. With how tired he was, eyes drooping and practically nodding off while walking; Sena wouldn't know how to get home.


That had a fairly nice ring to it…

They'd stopped walking, and Hiruma pulled keys from… somewhere (Honestly, where does he put all these things? It just didn't make any sense at all!), and unlocked the door in front of them. Sena only had time to look up and see an overhang from the house before he was yanked inside, the door slamming shut behind him.

Immediately, he was surrounded by the scent of Hiruma, mixed with gunpowder, a slight chemical smell that most building seemed to have, and other, more muted scents.

Inhaling deeply through his nose, Sena felt a pleased rumble sound in his chest, and felt the more human part of him get embarrassed when Hiruma chuckled, simply following Hiruma when he moved deeper into the house.

Sena frowned when Hiruma kicked off his shoes, looking down at his on dirty feet, noting the now slightly ratty looking bandage. He didn't really mind walking around without those things on his feet now that the long walk to the house was helping to toughen up these new pads of his, but even more information from his human parts told him that it wouldn't be good to trek dirt through the house. Confused, Sena just rubbed his feet on the mat in front of the door, and moved to follow Hiruma as he made his way around the house. He needed to clean himself sooner rather than later, but it could wait. There wasn't much else for him to do, so he made his way with him, his mind supplying him the names and uses for what he saw around the house much like it did on the train.

Even from Sena's limited knowledge of houses (gained from looking in the windows of other cats houses to see if they'd come out to play), he knew that Hiruma's house was fairly high quality. The ceilings were high, and the walls were pained a light colour, making the angled lights that he turned on throughout the house reflect and make the already large house seem larger. The kitchen was all shiny tiles with marble flooring, sleek dark wood cabinets and a dark granite center countertop, the steel (or chrome?) sinks standing out in stark contrast.

Hiruma went to the fridge (and by the definition Sena's mind supplied, it was going to be his favourite place) and pulled out what Sena's mind supplied was a take-out box, and a brown paper wrapped object.

Then the smell reached Sena's nose.



Hiruma turned around from what he was doing to see Sena picking the last bits of salmon from its bones, his tail mostly parallel with the floor with the end occasionally twitching.

Feeling his stare, Sena looked up from ruminating the lack of fish left, freezing when he realized that the fish wasn't necessarily for him per se…

But Hiruma just chuckled, a wide grin on his face as he told him something that Sena'd be hearing a lot more often, and soon associate with his doom.

"You'll repay me for that later…"

Sena flopped onto the bed, gazing around with tired eyes at his surroundings, listening to the little voice in the back of his head telling him everything about anything his eyes rested on.

Currently Sena was on the second floor of Hiruma's house, in Hiruma's room (told both by that little voice and by how his intoxicating scent was everywhere), curled up onto the deep red sheets on his bed, tail curling and uncurling at the pleasant heat that was blossoming underneath him. The room's size was like every other room in the house, large, with a high ceiling, with a large window of some kind facing outside. The window in this room was a balcony door, looking over an uncharacteristically large (for the area) back yard.

In the room itself, there wasn't much wall space, mainly due to the fact that there was a vast arsenal that would make any militia jealous displayed on various hooks and shelves. What could be seen of the walls was a pale grey, and all of the shelves and other cabinets and dressers and such were a rich dark wood, nearly black, complementing the dark sheets he was laying on. There was a desk next to the balcony door, with three screens set up on top, the two side screens turned inwards slightly.

His mind supplying him that they were computer screens; Sena felt a slight throb in his temples as yet more information flooded his head even after he closed his eyes.

After a few minutes, Sena frowned: there seemed to be a LOT of information on computers….

The soft shhhh sound from a door that his mind supplied must be an en suite bathroom stopped, and Sena stared from his position on the bed as Hiruma waltzed into the room, steam trailing after him from the bathroom. He gulped as heat washed over him when he realized that Hiruma had only a towel on.

Though the more human part of him was screaming at him to turn away (some silly reason about modesty or how it's not decent to see someone else naked or some other such nonsense), Sena ignored it. It seemed like a sill human prudishness that Hiruma apparently didn't have, judging by how having Sena stare at him seemed to make him smirk more, rather than make him embarrassed. Sena watched a bead of water travel downward, passing around a dusky nipple, and vaguely he wondered why human males had nipples at all… his mind couldn't come up with anything, but Sena found that he didn't mind much about the uselessness of them, seeing as how pretty they seemed to be—at least on Hiruma, that is.

During this thought process, Sena's hand unconsciously moved to his own nipples, stroking over them and pinching lightly through the t-shirt he'd changed into while Hiruma showered, purring at the feelings that it produced.

Hiruma smirked openly at the chibi, watching him pinch, flick and rub in an obvious way at his nipples, all the while watching him with bedroom eyes. His new running back was lounging across his dark sheets as if they were his own, half on his stomach and moving his legs restlessly.

His creamy skin was a stark contrast against his dark sheets, and when he shifted his legs, one to be bent towards Hiruma, and the other moving straight behind him, paired with how one of Hiruma's work-out t-shirts slipped off one shoulder to allow him to rub directly on one of his nipples, he looked like some pornographic poster-boy.

Add the spotted cat ears and curling tail, and you had some kind of otaku fantasy.

Add in the leather collar, the entirely Hiruma-oriented fashion statement, the array of machine guns displayed in the background, and the 'come-fuck-me-now' expression he wore while playing with his nipples and staring at Hiruma, and it made it Hiruma's very own porn show.

He chuckled lowly before heading back into his en-suite bathroom. He didn't think he'd be fucking the chibi that night, but he needed to grab another tube of lube from his cabinet for what he was planning on doing. If he recalled correctly, which he did most of the time, he only had a little left in his bedside table, and that wouldn't do if he planned on making the pipsqueak get off solely on having fingers shoved up his ass.

When Hiruma walked back into the room Sena was kneeling on the bed. With his hands clenched between his knees, and the way he was panting with his tongue hanging out slightly, it was like he was begging for someone to shove something down his throat… in fact, if the bed was just a little lower, he'd be at the perfect height too…

Well, maybe later then. For now he had plans…

The chibi's boxers were tight in the front, with a dark spot forming on one of the little devil bats patterned over them

Guess the shrimp got hard on devilbats.

(AN: Please note that in the case of many Homo sapiens of the male persuasion (haha, I'm pun-tastic!) have some difficulty thinking with both 'heads' at once, especially with more blood heading to one than the other. Please do not be offended if you are one of the persons in question, as I have no problem with those with the y chromosome in their system, and, in fact, enjoy them very much)

"Can we do that thing again? That— kissing?"

In the time it had taken Hiruma to go back to the washroom and back, Sena had figured out where he'd experienced similar sensations before. The tingly/fluttery warm feelings that rushed from petting his nipples down to pool warmly in the bottom of his belly was very close to the feeling that Hiruma had produced by rubbing and licking at his lips with his own, though the petting wasn't nearly as good.


Hiruma looked over his hopeful running back and wondered how he could get the most out of this situation, and his eyes landed on the overlarge t-shirt the chibi had changed into while he showered.

Instead of answering, he slid into his bed, tugging his towel off and throwing it into a corner. He stretched himself out, arms crossed behind his head to gaze at Sena with slightly narrowed eyes.

"Why are you wearing clothes?"

Sena frowned at the change in subject.

"Because you made me—"

"No, no, I mean why are you wearing clothes now? It's time for bed."

Sena blinked, confused.

"B-but, what about pajamas? I thought that…" Sena trailed off at Hiruma's expression, t-shirt clenched in his hands. Sena's mind had supplied that pajamas were night wear, and that it'd be embarrassing to go nude, but Hiruma was saying…

"You don't wear pajamas if you don't live with your parents… You don't live with parents, ergo you don't wear pajamas. The only time you wear them are when others are over, people who you don't live with. I am not your parent, which means—"

Sena was already pulling the shirt over his head hurriedly, back arched and nipples pebbled and red. He shuffled out of the small boxer shorts, groaning when his hard prick sprung free from its restraint and hurriedly sliding under the blankets Hiruma pulled back for him, cuddling close, even when Hiruma's fingers immediately moved to rub at his bum, kneading the flesh there and producing small moans from the pipsqueak.

Sena scooted up so that he could hesitantly rub lips with Hiruma, lapping at them when Hiruma didn't pull away or scold him. Sena decided that he liked Hiruma's taste about as much as he liked his smell, and when Hiruma opened his mouth to allow Sena his own clumsy explorations, he also decided to ask where that minty taste is from(*1). His mind had supplied numerous possibilities, and Sena wanted to try all of them out. Mint was delicious, and he had to get some of his own or else he'd be sniffing at Hiruma's breath every chance.

Sena paused momentarily, wondering why that would be a bad thing, before continuing.

Must be that human-ish part of him that he was starting to see as a bit of a prude.

Prude? No, no, his human mental voice said. Not Prudish, but this is how humans generally act. You can't be sniffing at Hiruma's breath during the day in public!


While Sena had paused, Hiruma had taken over, showing him what he liked and what felt good. Sena decided that he liked suckling on Hiruma's tongue almost as much as having Hiruma suck on his, and he liked how Hiruma would occasionally nip at his lower lip. It was wonderful, and he listened hard for any noises that Hiruma let slip. It didn't seem as if it would be fair is Hiruma did things that made him feel good without Sena somehow reciprocating.

In fact, Sena was so engrossed with listening to the noises that Hiruma was letting through that he entirely missed the slight pop the cap made when he opened the tube of lube, smearing his fingers with the last of the bottle. Hmm, Hiruma thought. There was more in this than I thought… may not need that other bottle…

Hiruma pushed one of his fingers against the ring of muscle at Sena's backside, rubbing at it and dipping the tip in teasingly until the opening was winking and the chibi was groaning against him, his tail wrapping around his arm loosely. When he finally pushed his index finger inside, feeling the muscle clench and contract around the digit, he'd moved his mouth down the side of his neck, nibbling and making sure he'd have more than just a few hickeys.

"Ahn, feels weird…mnh"

His tail had moved to be pointed almost directly upwards when he'd pushed past the first ring of muscle, and it made an exclamation mark when he pushed his middle finger inside as well, scissoring and stretching, searching for his little bundle of nerves. Sena panted in his ear at the feeling, his warm breath sending tingles straight to his groin.

"Ouchie! That's not nice, Hi-ruuuumaaa…" He almost laughed aloud at that.

For one, who the hell said ouchie? And for another, he couldn't remember any instance in which anyone had described his actions as nice, and anyone who met him learned quickly enough not to bother about complaining about the niceness of his actions.

Sena had started grinding his hips down against Hiruma's in an attempt to get rid of at least one of the building pressures in his lower parts, and found that the thing between his leg—his penis—was good for more than just peeing. Curious about this, he reached between them and stroked the—what was it?—ah yes, his erection, and gasped at the feeling, moving his hips down so he could grind more efficiently with Hiruma. The fingers that were inside of him were joined by yet another one and the pressure inside of him built up even more. The fingers burned his insides slightly, and there was a pinching, stinging pain just below his tail, but the fingers brushed against something that made that all go away.


Whatever it was, Hiruma apparently decided to rub furiously at it, and Sena couldn't find any reason to complain. On the contrary, Hiruma seemed to find him moaning and nuzzling into his ear a good thing. Of course, he could also like how he was fisting their erections together, matching his tempo with Hiruma's fingers.

Hiruma couldn't believe that the shrimp had the balls to grab his dick like he did, let alone fist both erections together, but he wasn't complaining. It just made things easier…

Sena was moaning like a wanton whore, mewling and panting hot breath into his ear as he grew closer and closer to completion. Hiruma didn't know if the chibi realized that he was nibbling at his piercings or that he gave occasional licks along the rim, that his suckling at his ear lobe went straight to his dick—ooh, what a great idea for later…—but it was driving him insane with want.

Sena knew that he was close—but to what, he didn't know. The tightly coiled…something was reaching its limit, and Sena felt like it would be good. Oh so good, if the inside melting feelings radiating from everywhere that Hiruma touched—especially their erections—was any indicator. He could feel a pulse underneath his moving fingers, and there wasn't nearly enough air, no matter how hard he tried to take it in. Lightheadedness was setting in, and blood was pounding in his ears, drowning out the string of nonsensical noises that seemed to be spilling from his mouth without his permission.

He could feel whatever it was climbing higher and higher, and along with it his breath getting shorter and shorter.

Hiruma was so close himself; he wanted to see the little kitty's expression when he came though. He flipped their positions, pressing the chibi's back to the sheets, and rammed four fingers to the knuckle, curling his fingers to find his prostate and—


Lights blasted in front of Sena's eyes as pleasure shot through his system, making his toes curl, and his hand to grip sporadically at their erections, his other hand digging nails down Hiruma's shoulder.

Hiruma found his own release, watching the wide eyed, glassy stare that overtook Sena's face, some of his come splattering his cheeks. He chuckled at the mess their combined cum made, smeared over his chest and part of his neck deliciously as he lay lax.

Well damn, the fucking kitty was knocked out…

Hiruma lay down next to him with a slight sigh, figuring they could do more….interesting things later, and since he'd have o clean his sheets later any way, he'd clean them up in the morning instead.

Sena curled up next to him with a boneless grace that he'd only ever seen in cats, and Hiruma let his eyes drift close, smug with all that had happened that day.

Blackmail material, the opportunity to shoot at some people, a new running back, and a hand job from said running back…

Fuck, he was good.

Sena woke up a little while later, his internal alarm clock (at least that's what his mind said it was) informing him that it was a good time to stop his nap. Hiruma wasn't awake yet, and Sena lay back beside him to wait, resting his head on his muscular shoulder.

After a few more minutes of waiting, Sena sat up once again to look over the larger male, confused.

Ooh…. His mind supplied that it was normal for humans to sleep rather than have naps, and that meant that it would probably be a few hours until he woke up again.

Even as Sena balked at the thought of having to wait for hours to play with Hiruma again, his mind continued to tell him that some humans were late risers, and that meant that they could even continue to sleep until noon and beyond if let be.

Sena looked over what was exposed of Hiruma from the blankets, and wondered if he would be forced to wait so long to play.

Well, either way he'd have to wait more than just a few hours until he woke up, so he might as well do something useful.

Or at least not boring.

Sena slipped from underneath the covers, trying not to let in too much air under the blankets. It wasn't really cold out, but as much as Sena wanted Hiruma to be awake already, if Humans really did need all that uninterrupted sleep, he didn't want to be the one who woke Hiruma up.

He slipped out the door, keeping the door open a crack. If Hiruma DID end up waking up, Sena figured this was enough of a hint as to where he was.

As soon as he was out the door, Sena relaxed. And then tensed.

When he was focusing on not waking up Hiruma, he hadn't noticed the sticky mess that had covered most of his front.

Dragging his finger through the mess, he sniffed it, and lapped it off of his finger.

It… was actually pretty good. It was kind of… musky, he guessed that would be the word for it.

Musky, slightly salty, slightly sweet-ish, and… well then. That thing that was coiling up when Hiruma had his fingers up his bum was apparently this stuff getting ready to shoot out of him.

He'd focus on finding out what the purpose of this stuff was later, but first he had to get cleaned.

He couldn't quite reach his own neck with his tongue like he would have usually been able to, but he'd already resigned himself to the fact that he had a fairly non-cat oriented body now, s he used his fingers to wipe up the mess, licking it off afterwards.

When he started licking at what parts of his chest he could reach, he felt the world suddenly tip upwards a bit, and a feeling like his stomach was being raised made him jerk.

His mind said that that was the feeling of being off-balance, and that as a cat, he probably hadn't felt it since he was a kitten.

Sena could vaguely recall that sort of a feeling, and decided that it just wasn't a nice feeling, so he sat down to continue cleaning himself, so that if the world tipped again he would have less of a fall. His mind apparently tried to correct him, but with the task of cleaning himself so firmly set in his mind, he didn't hear it at all. He could just get just below his nipples with his tongue, and he was happy to see that he could still lick his stomach clean of the clear-white fluid, and had even managed to get below his belly-button, though he had to strain his tongue to do that.

The carpet was comfortable against his skin, if a little odd feeling, as he pushed himself up to continue to his exploring, and he vaguely wondered if one of the reasons that Mixie, a plump tabby in one of the southern regions, was crazy over sleeping on paper was because carpet was such a very odd texture, and would no doubt catch the tips of claws if you weren't careful.

As Sena moved to check out the various rooms, he didn't notice the various cameras set up in the corners, dimmed lights blinking as they recorded, and moving to follow his movements.

It was the Saturday before school officially started, the previous day the opening ceremony—not that Sena would know what happened since he'd been locked in Hiruma's house for the day.

"Fucking Chibi, I'll be busy the entire time, so I won't be able to keep you out of trouble—" something that Sena immediately denied, not that he was listened to "—so your goal today is to read anything you find interesting here. I'll be checking what you've read afterwards, don't put down a book you've picked up till you're done reading it, and if everything isn't put back into place, there'll be some severe… punishments… kekekekeke…."

And he'd done as he asked (didn't bother asking how Hiruma'd know about if he'd read every book he'd picked up or not), with limited begging and some half-hearted grumbles, reading close to all the books on Football that he had, some books on ammunition, and various textbooks.

Oh, and three books that were colourfully displayed on his shelf next to his bed… they'd looked well used, and he was interested in knowing more about Hiruma's likes and… well, while Hiruma DID have a couple of books filled with various plays…. This was a decidedly different kind of play.

And while it made Sena bothered to read it and look at the pictures in the three thick volumes, with the threat of punishments in his mind he read them. He was only thankful that when Hiruma got home (what a nice sounding word), he only laughed for a while when he reached them in his book survey.

Though later that night was a little different… hmm—no! Bad thoughts! Not appropriate for now!

Sena finished reading as many books as he could before taking a nap on a windowsill, basking in the afternoon's rays as he allowed a smile to creep over his face at what had happened last night—or would it be this morning? Probably…

That morning Sena had woken up to something poking him in the rear, one strong arm keeping him tight against a hard body. Sena had smiled at waking up to a cuddling session, something that only happened on the few occasions that he'd fallen asleep with an old tabby named Mammy, and then wrapped his arms around Hiruma, nuzzling into his chest. It was starting to get light outside when Sena noticed a peculiar scent. It was one that he'd smelled the previous night, and perhaps it was because it had obviously been there before he'd woken up that he didn't notice it immediately, his nose having gotten used to it. It was entirely Hiruma oriented, with some undertone that made Sena want to purr till his chest burst from the force of it.

Sena squirmed downwards, since that's where the scent seemed to be coming from, and once his head was under the covers, he followed a thin trailing of dark hair down, nuzzling his nose into the muscle.

It just wasn't fair… It seemed as if he would have to deal with having a body that was half the size of most of the humans his age. He didn't have anything on the other humans… most cats were the same size or so, and yes, he'd lived the whole of his life being one of the smallest in his litter, but he'd always been the fastest, and he'd been the first to start seriously hunting of his brothers and sisters. He remembered his mum being so proud when he brought in that rat the first time, and being proud that though he was a little smaller than usual he'd been able to do something even his largest brother hadn't.

But in the human world, it seemed as if the only ones who were his size were females, or significantly younger males, with a few other exceptions, and Sena was not happy with it.

The trail of hair led down to a curlier patch of hair at the base of Hiruma's penis, the size of which, Sena saw with some resentment, was significantly larger than his own. Why that should matter was beypnd him, but the matter was sidetracked when Sena realized that the lovely smell was coming from the swollen organ, and that nuzzling it made it swell even more.

He was worried for a moment that he was hurting Hiruma, and that he was majorly harming him in some way that would mean that he wouldn't ever want to play or kiss him ever again, but his mind reassured him that he was doing nothing of the sort, and Hiruma would probably like it in fact.

The limited light that was let in through the sheets and from the opening of the small cavern he was making under the sheets showed a wet spot at the blunt tip, and Sena explored it like he did with most things; he sniffed, and then licked it when he didn't smell anything that could have been harmful.

Hiruma let out a small groan and his penis twitched slightly, startling Sena, but more of the fluid escaped. It tasted pretty good, like the stuff that was on his chest the other night but more musky than sweet.

Sena licked up and down the hard yet soft skin covering Hiruma's dick, deciding as the word popped into his mind that it was an odd word (dick), and he debated which word he lied the best when referring to… well, dicks, penises, erections…

Hiruma's hand came down to twine in Sena's hair, though he didn't sound as if he was waking up, and he enjoyed the fingers carding and tugging slightly on his hair. He didn't seem as if he was trying to pull him up and away from his penis, erection, dick, so he enjoyed it.

Sena gave a kiss to the tip, giggling at the thought, and pressed his tongue into the slit where the liquid was coming out, moaning slightly when it caused Hiruma's hand to tighten pleasantly in his hair.

He slid his mouth down over the head and down the shaft, bobbing his head and continuing downward, taking the increasingly consistent tugs and pulls from Hiruma's hand as cues as to what to do, until the head bumped the back of his throat, making him back up at the unexpected feeling.

A string of saliva was left attaching his lips and the head of Hiruma's penis, and Sena absently licked it away, wiping the back of his hand against his mouth as he wondered what to do. Pondering this, he let his hand stroke over the flesh, moving the other down to rub and knead at his balls, tugging slightly at them to give his hands something to do.

He always thought better if his hands weren't left idle.

Sena decide that he'd just try taking his penis (he decided he liked that word best) into his mouth as far as he could, and ran his tongue along the raised vein at the bottom of the organ, purring when Hiruma's fingers rubbed the back of one of his ears.

Hiruma apparently like that a lot, judging by the noise.

He worked his way down as far as he could, and felt the tips of Hiruma's…. pubes as his mind called them, brush his nose, and he liked the smell of them, pushing forward even more to nuzzle them and opening and relaxing his throat to allow deeper purrs to escape at the wonderful smell that was there.

The blanket was suddenly ripped off of him, and Sena raised his eyes to look at Hiruma's wide and slightly glazed eyes, bobbing his head absently.

Would he make him stop? He seemed to like it, but what if he wouldn't play with him anymore since he did this without his permission? Hiruma seemed the sort to not be okay with something simply because he hadn't given the ok for it…

Sena swallowed at the thought of not getting to kiss Hiruma again because he didn't have the patience to wait…

Hiruma woke to a wonderful feeling of someone's mouth on him, the tip of his dick touching the back of the person's throat as they nuzzled into his crotch, inhaling deeply.

Hiruma's one hand was sunk into the person's soft hair, and he used his other hand to rip the blanket hiding the person from his view, though he had a feeling he knew who it was.

Wide amber-brown eyes looked up at him as the fucking chibi's head bobbed, and he could read the apprehension in them, but then holy fuck the chibi swallowed and ungh!

Hiruma didn't wonder how he managed to deep-throat him on what he was sure was his first try at giving head, instead he let his orgasm roll over him, letting the kids rough tongue and the vibrations of him purring—purring of all things… holy fuck he better be able to do that later—bring him to completion, and he decided that since the chibi obviously expected some sort of punishment, it would be the perfect opportunity to blackmail him into doing something like this as much as he wanted later.

As he looked down after he came, he saw the fucking kitty swallow his cum, absently licking up some that had dribbled down his chin as he crawled up to his side to look worriedly at him.

He debated even commenting on it, and decided not to, only giving him a look as he cuddled up to his side that said he's owe him one later. Really, he wouldn't mind getting a wake-up call like this every day, but if he could get more out of this situation…

It was about time he start a list of ways to blackmail the chibi… after being a cat for however long he's lived (note to self: find out his age), he didn't have any embarrassing material to use as blackmail. For the moment, he didn't think that he could have even been able to use his usual embarrassment tactics, seeing as how the chibi had just swallowed his cum down like water, and only looked embarrassed that he'd been caught doing something that Hiruma might have berated him about.

Ah, if only all of his slaves were so worried for what he'd consider 'okay'…

But then, that would ruin all the fun.

Hiruma told him in the morning that for his stunt, he'd promise to practice whenever Hiruma dictated. Sena was just so happy that his punishment was something that he'd be happy to do, he missed the manipulative gleam in Hiruma's eye.

When they got to the field, Kurita was already there, claiming that having a new member before school even stared was just too exciting for him to sleep, so he got there extremely early to practice. It was before the first day of school, and there was still more than two hours until the first bell rang. Sena privately thought that it was a waste of time, having the school start so late in the day, but then, he wasn't used to going the entire day without a nap, and was sure that he wasn't going to be used to it…

Sena was looking around at the field, not really having a chance to earlier. It was fairly dusty, and his mind supplied that there should be grass instead of the dusty terrain, but he figured it would work just as well.

Hiruma shoved a timer into his hands, and barked at Kurita that they'd be testing out his speed after all that practicing. Somehow two pylons had been set up at the 40 yard point, and Hiruma shot what looked to be a bazooka into the air to start him off.

When Kurita reached the marker, Sena clicked the timer off and saw that it said 6.5 seconds.

He didn't think it was that bad, but Hiruma's foot being forcefully placed on Kurita's back proved that it was bad, very bad.

When Hiruma ran, he got a better time, apparently his best; 5.2 seconds.

It didn't seem as if either of them was particularly speedy, but Sena decided not to mention it, just on the off chance—or not so off chance, his mind put in—that either of them took it badly.

Hiruma wanted to see what his speed was at the moment, and though Sena thought that this was not really needed, he decided to humour him.

That slightly irritating human part of him was gawking at his presumption to 'humour' Hiruma, and was screaming at its metaphorical lungs that he'd live to regret it, but Sena semi-ignored it. He had an inkling that he'd regret it later, but that later would be much, much later, he was sure.

So he got into position, not bothering to get into a better crouch to run, and ran the 40 yards, finishing with a decent time, he thought, though Hiruma apparently thought not.

"4.6 seconds? Don't fuck with me Chibi!" Hiruma seethed, eyes glowing with a demonic light. Sena didn't think this was fair at all… he managed to get a lot smaller time than either of them did, and by no small margin, though it may seem so in seconds. Why did he have to be so much faster than them, and not even just during a game?

Hiruma muttered to himself for a moment before he stilled, a cloud conveniently covering the sun for that moment so that when he turned around, he had an ominous shadow around him, a strange gleam in his eye promising that the retaliation his human conscience was warning him of was likely to come sooner than he expected.

Hiruma strolled up to him and patted him on the back as he led him back to the beginning of the 40 yard dash marker.

"Maybe you just need the proper… motivation to run like I know you can…"

Sena felt something slide into the back of his jersey, and had a whiff of something that warned him of something… terrible…

Well, actually it smelled pretty good, making Sena think of roast beef and tuna, but a lead weight still rested in his stomach from the smell.

Something about it was trying to click in Sena's mind, and it was just dawning on him—

—oh no—


The evil dog—the one who Sena had just been thinking of trying to make peace with—came running from behind the school building, and this time Sena's muscles didn't lock.

Nope, survival instinct came plowing through his nervous system, making him run away as fast as possible.

Running past Kurita and haring Hiruma "Kekeke" in what he could only assume was victory, Sena changed his rout, aiming for the little shed that posed as their locker room, diving inside and closing the door.

Frantically trying to get out of the death jersey, Sena banged into a cabinet, and a helmet fell on top of his head just as he managed to get the red sweater of doom off.

A disorienting sudden vision of green distracted him for a moment, even as the door banged open to let in the small dog with big teeth, and Sena leapt over the small hurdling form as it dove for him and the biscuit on the floor in front of him.

Darting back out the door, Sena heard a crunch as Cerberus ate the doggie treat and a growl.

That growl crushed any hope that he might be done with him, and Sena urged his burning legs on, running past Hiruma, past Kurita (again), and making him jump up over the wall, listening for how close the evil dog was to catching him.

Landing on all fours on the sidewalk, Sena quickly took off, just getting past the gate as Cerberus barged through it, snarling.

Omigodomigodomigod He's still following meee!

More barks sounded behind him, and a peek backwards told Sena that more dogs had joined the fray. Listening to what they were saying made his gut churn and his pace quicken even more.

'So 'citing! Issa CAT but not!'

'Wanna play w'it an' make it yowl!'

'Cat. Cat. Cat. Cat.'

'I Am Going To Eat You.'

Sena gulped at the last, recognizing it as Cerberus's 'voice' by how he managed to make almost everything he says sound like it was meant to have a capital letter, something even his currently frazzled human part of his brain told him wasn't exactly normal.

But then again, what, in the past two days, was normal?


Sena was slowly tiring, calf and thigh muscles burning slightly telling him that in a while—not anytime soon mind you, but in a while—he'd have to stop or risk doing some major damage. He'd already been running for a while at full tilt, dodging around people and over obstacles, managing to lose a good portion of the crowd of dogs following him, panting out what they wanted to do with him—the sadistic canines wondered what his tail tasted like when it had popped into existence two blocks ago (and oh did his ears hurt from being squished), their conversation continuing even after his tail poofed back to nonexistence.

His following, which had thankfully quieted down with the long run, was lead by the ever intense Cerberus, telling Sena about various ways to eat him, starting in different areas of his body for different responses, sending chills down Sena's back.

There was an impressive looking gate ahead of him, wrought iron bars swirled across the closed doors, and Sena quickly jumped up to catch the edge of the wall just before it, his fingers catching the edge as he propelled himself over the top. As he landed he momentarily cheered when he realized that he'd managed to do that jump that he'd seen the gymnasts on TV do, hands between his legs and legs to his sides in a split as he vaulted over the stone wall—but that internal cheer ended when he heard the whining groan of the metal gates.

Looking around, Sena saw that he was in a large field—or rather more like he was on a grassy bit right next to what he could only assume was a better quality football field, a large gothic church-like building beside it.

Sena didn't know what church's normally looked like but he decided that it was certainly a pretty building, regardless of whether or not he believed in some weird creation story or not…

Why would it matter who or what made living things? The fact of the matter was that it was a great thing, and all living things should be grateful, yes, but why would someone think that they had to worship that thing… Sena doubted that whatever it is that brought life to be, some religion or evolution or anything really, did it to be worshipped. (*2)

There was a crowd of people by some runners lines by the field, and—

The steadily growing sounds from the metal gates suddenly stopped as they banged open, a victorious bark sounding from Cerberus only to be echoed by several other dogs.

My legs were moving before I even thought of running, and I was darting towards the crowd of people.

Shoot, what if he decides to injure them as well? Ack!

There was a patch of mud in front of him, and he slipped, sliding on his side as his leg was scraped with mud.

Sena scrabbled at the ground he was sliding on, watching through a green haze as he slid closer and closer to the crowd on the orange cement (which he now realized was a track around the field), before finally managing to get his feet under him just before he reached the cement.

It caused a bit of a commotion as the people crowded made startled noises, and just as Sena was getting ready to sprint he heard someone yell "Go!"

Taking off, he found himself running next to another male, one much larger than himself, and he almost managed to keep pace before he continued on past him and then past a large, older looking male, hearing a click and a beep before he got past.

Why are all the guys around here so much bigger than me? It's not fair…

Even with the sounds of barking and excited growls from behind him, Sena surged forward, heartbeat sounding in his ears as he headed for the far wall, pulling the same stunt as before—this time though, without a gate right next to it.

Shin Seijuro, linebacker/fullback for the Oujou White Knights, crouched in runner's position, focusing on the finish line even as there was a crash from the front gates of the school.

He was focused and calm in a way that he could only connect with when he was competing, and this test of his 40 yard dash (*3) only differed with his competing in American Football in that this was only checking if he'd gotten faster. Shin was certain that his time was still in the consistency of 4.2 seconds, but he knew he could get faster.

From the corner of his eye Shin saw a small male of a slim build slide on the freshly watered grass towards him, a red designed football helmet with a green eye shield on his head. He observed that he was moving his legs in a fairly energy wasting attempt to get his feet under him, and he noted that the male should wear shoes—like cleats—with a grip to them.

A classmate shouted "Go!" and he was off, ignoring the slim male, focus on the finish line.

But he couldn't ignore the slim male for long as his figure in the corner of his eye didn't disappear as more distance was put between them. Instead, it stayed right next to him, and after a moment, the figure sprinted –believe it or not—ahead of Shin, continuing on past the Oujou coach and leapfrogging over the wall and disappearing.

Dogs—who were apparently chasing him for some reason—rushed forward, laying their paws on the wall as they loudly complained that their fun was over.

The dogs soon left after that to wherever they came from, one particularly vicious looking dog pissing on the wall where the small runner last was as a last doggy-cuss, or maybe as a marker for The One That Got Away, and stalked away. The field was steeped in silence, creating a potent brew of tension. (*4)

The coach was thinking over this new development. The kid had on a helmet with a green visor, the helmet itself in Deimon's Devil Bats colours, and he'd just out-run the fastest High-schooler on his team—hell the fastest high-schooler in Japan! This needed more thought…

Of the team…

Sakuraba was shocked, camera lack in his grip. His rival—his inspiration, goal, friend, and teammate—had just been beaten in the 40 yard dash! What was he if there was someone better than Shin?

Takami was surprised, though the look of lost confusion on his receivers face was not the source. It seemed as if Shin now had a speed rival… he needed to overview on how to fix this…

Otawara laughed. He didn't really understand what the silence was for, and he hadn't been paying attention so he missed what happened, so he laughed.

And there were other reactions from the other team-mates, but it was mostly general shock.

Sakuraba checked his pictures for the last images, clicking through them until he got to the last few shots, stopping at an image of the short runner nearly his (the runners) entire not so considerable body length ahead of Shin, passing the white marker the coach had set up. It may not have been that large a distance—the guy would hardly come up to Sakuraba's collar!—but with runners—particularly in football—it was far enough.

Far enough that even with Shin's considerable reach, he'd probably not be able to tackle him.

A tap on his shoulder jerked him from his thoughts—it was Coach, Shin by his side.

"Did you get a picture of him?"

In answer Sakuraba zoomed the picture in on the runner and gave the camera to Coach.

Glancing at Sakuraba's anxious expression, then to the picture, he simply gave the camera back to him, closing his fingers around it tightly when Shin reached to take the camera.

"Get a larger picture printed out, and save the data on it…"

As Kurita looked worriedly at the dusty trail leading out of the field in Sena and Cerberuses wake, Hiruma cackled wildly, shoving the timer in Kurita's face.

Kurita, despite his worry for his new little friend and teammate, felt excitement bubble up as the likelihood of them reaching the Christmas Bowl raised higher and higher.

Hiruma wrote down on the fucking chibi's stats sheet;


4.6 seconds (without trying)

_ (normal run) (*5)

4.0 seconds (chased by Cerberus) (with death threat)


Okay, lemon in there… such an odd name for that eh? Whatever. How was it? Comments, suggestions, and criticizes would be appreciated, since my experience in writing that stuff begins and ends in this chapter. With suggestions and the like I'll try adding in more :P

(*1) – mint— Cats really like mint. Seriously, I'm not just making this up

(*2) – The religion bit—I'm agnostic (look it up in the dictionary). Deal with it, and if you take some offense to what was written, then please don't go reviewing it at me or PM(S)ing me to complain about my lack of "Insert-religion-here"-ism. I put it in 'cause it's what I think that a cat would think about how it came to be. And those of you who think that maybe cats would think of some weird animal god or cat god or whatever, good for you, realize that they're animals, and move on. (P.S Sorry if this seems like a rant but I'm seriously tired of people telling me about religion and why theirs is Right and Blah blah BlahblahBlah. Good you have beliefs, so do I, and I won't argue with you about yours if you leave mine alone too, and trying to 'convince'/convert me will make me a Satanist or whatever evil religion your religion has)

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