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Che' Fucking Kitty Chapter 5

Sena stretched in his seat, pulling his arms high over his head. Class was really boring… hopefully it would pick up a bit soon…

He had lunch with Hiruma next, followed by PE, a slightly ridiculous sounding class in Sena's opinion. Why did humans need an hour of exercise from class? Didn't they get enough exercise otherwise? So silly…

Almost as silly as eating before exercise… oh well, at least they had a break after 'PE'.

Sena picked up his backpack, smiling when his Devilbats keychain whatchemacallem jingled. It was another seemingly useless thing, but Sena liked it. It sparkles in the light and made those nice soft jingling noises when moved, and, in Sena's opinion, was 'cute'. It was a term he'd heard throughout class, whispered between most of the females in class. He liked it, even though that nagging little human voice was being paranoid and wailing because it was quite possible that the females were talking about him.

Sena moved towards the door, but was hampered by the throng of mostly females that were crowding in front of him, all facing him. It was unusual behaviour to see, and he couldn't think of any explanation. Most animals, when crowding together, didn't focus all in one direction unless they were moving, or if something was holding their attention (such as the class…sort of) or alerting them (such as the scent of a predator…and Sena was most certainly not a predator). And yet here they were…

"Sena-kun, did you want to eat lunch with us?" one female asked.

Apparently she was the pack alpha, or the herd-leader of this group. Pack alpha didn't sound right though… though that could be because with Hiruma at the school, it was laughable that there would be anything but a beta there to challenge him.

The other females seemed to giggle as one when he smiled politely at them. Being polite seemed to be important in human society… unless you were the pack alpha, or the leader of the pride. Hiruma certainly didn't worry about being polite.

"I'm sorry ladies—" there seemed to be more giggling at this, "but I told Hiruma-san that I would eat lunch with him." The giggling seemed to cut itself off at Hiruma's name, and muttering slowly built up among the rest of the herd of females. Some of them clumped in tighter groups, and that's when Sena saw an opening. A path leading directly for the door!

Before they could do anything, Sena was out the door, down the hallway, jumping down the stairs, and outside.

The few people who he passed gasped for some odd reason, but he didn't stay here long enough to see why.

When he got to the clubhouse, Hiruma was already there.

"Che, what took you so long, shrimp?"

Sena smiled.


Sena headed for his next class, already changed into the shorts and t-shirt Hiruma gave him. These, like his uniform, seemed a bit tighter than what the other males wore. That didn't matter though, since Hiruma was the one who got it for him, and even helped him put it on, as he did that morning.

Lunch was a nice break from the oddity of school life, with Hiruma typing up something, Sena curled up by his side munching on one of the pastries that Kurita had brought into the clubhouse. Before class, as Kurita had headed off to his own class, Hiruma had held him back, aiming one of his guns at him.


Sena had; tugging off the blazer, unbuttoning the school top, and, after kicking off his shoes, dropping his trousers.

Unsure if Hiruma wanted him to take off the tiny red boxers he'd give him this morning, he hooked his thumbs into the waistband and looked to Hiruma in question.

Hiruma looked speculatively at them, before shaking his head and pulling a small stack of clothing from out of nowhere.

"No, not when you have dodge-ball today. C'mere…"

Hiruma pat him down, running his hands down his sides and around to his ass to grip there, one thumb running down his crack and put light pressure there. Sena shivered.

"No tail today yet..."

It wasn't a question, but Sena nodded anyway and stepped closer to press against his chest. One hand moved from gripping his ass to pet through his hair.

"No ears either then."

Sena shook his head again, nuzzling into Hiruma's palm. His ears may not be there, but the rubbing still felt good, and Sena felt a purr work its way up his throat. Hiruma still had magical fingers…

The hand on his ass squeezed slightly, before giving him a smack.

"You're going to be late, get on your clothes, fucking shrimp!"

Sena allowed Hiruma to pull his shirt over his head, and stepped into his shorts.

He didn't know why he did it, but he kept his legs straight when he was pulling them up, slowly, and looked at Hiruma from under his lashes.

Hiruma stared at him, and, slightly embarrassed, Sena pulled on the running shoes Hiruma provided, and turned to leave. His face felt reeeeealy warm right then, and he had the awful realization that he was probably blushing.

Why that was an 'awful' realization, he'd think about later.

How embarrassing…

Hiruma grabbed his arm and pressed him into the wall, mouth latching to his own.

Shocked, Sena stared into Hiruma's eyes. But then Hiruma did that thing with his tongue, and oh…

Hiruma's tongue was everywhere, tasting, sliding, caressing area's of Sena's mouth that made his face feel much warmer, and then that warmth started to slide downwards, twisting up his insides and pooling—

Hiruma jerked away and shoved Sena out the door, in the direction of the gym. Dazed, Sena turned back to look at Hiruma in confusion. But that was feeling good…

Hiruma got out one of his guns and gave a warning shot

"Get to class, we'll finish that later!"

He brought it down and aimed at Sena, and Sena ran, hearing Hiruma yell one last thing over the gunshots.

"And don't go showing off those legs either!"

PE was a kind of interesting class.

Sena had gotten to the gym slightly out of breath to find that most of the class was still changing into their gym uniforms.


The gym teacher, a wirey man named Mr. Fleks, had told him to warm up while he had the chance.

Not having anything better to do, Sena had moved to the side of the gym and had started doing stretches that he'd seen on TV. He'd seen the people (mainly girls) do some amazing flips and odd contortions of their bodies. He'd been confused when they had gotten points for landing on their feet, but figured that they would have to get points from somewhere. If runners could get money for running, why not let people who do flips get money for doing something as simple as landing on their feet?

Sena saw, as he was doing a stretch he'd seen in another video (something called Yoga), something called downward facing dog, he saw some blue mats hanging on the sides of the Gym.

Perhaps he could get them down at the end of class and try some of those flippy things, as the flippers usually did their gymnast thing on them.

Something about how he'd phrased that in his mind didn't sound right but who cared?

A couple of girls from the class had joined him in his stretches, and seemed to be following along with him, giggling when he managed to stretch farther than them in just about all of the poses.

Girls really were silly…

Or perhaps only the ones who went to 'school'?


Mr. Fleks blew a whistle, and called for everyone to do four 'laps' around the gym.

Humans had funny words for things, things that had double meanings…

If Sena had taken the other meaning for laps, he might have done something remarkably different than running around the gym, something he'd read and seen diagrams of in one of Hiruma's books.

Sena didn't think that Hiruma would be happy if he gave four lap dances around the Gym.

As the group of thirty-two started jogging around the gym, many giving groans of unhappiness (?), Sena debated where he should stick.

Hiruma said not to show off his legs and he was assuming that, from him wearing the shorts, he didn't mean hide his legs.

Sena eventually decided to stay in the middle of the 'pack' that was now running around the gym.

He sped up past a good portion of the class, and slowed down when he had 11 other students running in front of him, and stayed there for the first lap.

They were panting slightly.

By the second lap, a couple of students from behind him had sped up to be closer behind him, and there were only 7 people in front of him.

Sena hadn't changed his pace, and figured that perhaps they were changing their paces so that they could get more of a workout.

Everyone was panting by the end of the second lap, and Sena slowed down to keep the 7 people in front of him.

By the end of the third lap, he'd given up on that, and hoped that he wasn't showing off by keeping 5 people in front of him. The rest of the class had dropped off a bit behind him, and a couple of people were power walking at the back of the pack, cheeks red and panting.

Perhaps they weren't holding up so well to recently having lunch and then having to exercise.

Sena was glad when the fourth lap was over; the fifth person was starting to slow down, and Sena would have likely passed him (while still staying the same, really slow pace) by the next lap.

To further not show off, Sena kept to the back of the group as Mr. Fleks described what they would be doing.

Dodge Ball.

Sena's mind gave him details, and he listened with half an ear to what the rules would be for this game.

Apparently the rules could change.

Someone tapped him on the shoulder, and he turned to look.

It was the Blond wit the Scar, with the One with Glasses and the Brown Haired one from before.

They, at least, seemed less tired from the mild jog than the rest of the class.

Sena could respect them more for that, even if they hadn't been close to the front of the pack for the run.

"Hello." Sena smiled. Once again, even if Hiruma wasn't polite to everyone (he didn't need to be), Sena would.

The three were looking menacing, and the Blond had a frown on his face. The brown haired one leaned forward and sniffed at him.


"What are you trying to pull?"

Sena felt one eyebrow work its way upwards in confusion.

"Um, nothing?" He inwardly winced at how his voice raised at the end. It was not a question, and he didn't need to be intimidated. Hiruma was the alpha in the school, not them.

It was odd how much he was now comforted by Hiruma's frightening personality, but figured that if you didn't like Hiruma, it was probably because he didn't like you. Sena would like to think that since he liked Hiruma, Hiruma liked him as well.

"We all know you can run faster than that, why didn't you?"

Ooh, THAT's what they're on about…

Mr. Fleks blew his whistle again, and called for two other classmates to stand in front of the group. 'Team captains' he guessed.

One immediately called his name, and Sena smiled at the three before heading over. He told them why he hadn't spinted as he headed over.

"Hiruma told me not to."

That should explain things…

The two 'Team captains' continued to call out names and motion to who they wanted on their team, and The Blond One (Juumonji, I think his name was…) ended up on the same team as him. The brown haired one (Kuroki) and the One with Glasses (Togano) ended up on the other team.

Mr. Fleks moved to the one side of the gym, and fiddled with some buttons, and a wall like an accordion unfolded from the midpoint of the gym.

It spread across the gym with a metallic whirring noise, and cut the rather large gym in two.

Sena couldn't quite decide if making the area they had to play in would make things easier for them, or harder.

Mr. Fleks set up seven red balls along the middle line, and everyone on either team was told to line up on their far wall with their backs against it.

The game was dodge ball elimination, which meant that those who were 'out' had no way to get back into the game once they got tagged.

If you caught the ball, the person who threw it was out. If someone caught a ball you had thrown, you were out. If you dropped the ball, you were out. If you got hit by the ball, you were out.

There were many ways to get 'out', but most seemed pretty easy to avoid. Either way, Sena decided that he didn't want to test out his throwing in a game like this, so if he caught a ball, he'd hand it off to someone else.

The whistle blew once again, and about 5 of the 10 other people on his team rushed for the balls at the centre. Sena stayed back, and moved to the side of a ball that had immediately been thrown by the other team. They hadn't been moving particularly fast, and Sena resigned himself with the knowledge that if they had been cats, they would have only been house cats, so speed wouldn't have been vital for them.

Either way, Hiruma had sai not to show off his legs, so Sena wouldn't.

Though, he thought, it would have been good way to NOT show off his legs if he had run for the bal and been slow.

But then he would have been tagged out, and Hiruma only said not to show off his legs, not avoid playing the game entirely.

Besides, it seemed like fun.

Sena didn't stay at the back of the gym like many of his classmates were doing, but stuck to the middle as he had done while running. Many of the balls were aimed at him, but he dodged them.

Left, right, right, duck, move right foot out of the way, move out of the way of someone on his team, left, left, left, right… it as endless.

It was fairly obvious that many of his classmates had played this game before, and it was equally obvious that the other team had better aim, or strategy, than his team had.

A girl screeched to his side, and Sena looked to see that she was cowering away from where a ball had hit the wall.

What the…

When he turned back, he saw a blur of fuzzy red heading towards him, a gigantic ball of softness, and Sena shot his hands out to grab it.

Hard, air filled plastic filled his palms, and Sena was disappointed.

It was just a ball.


One of the males from the other team who had been 'tagging' out many of his teammates (of which there were only 5 left) stormed to the side of the gym.

He'd apparently been the one to whip the ball.

Sena shrugged and handed the ball over to a student to his right.

It was Juumonji. He stared at Sena for a moment, eyes wide, before taking the ball and whipping it to the other side.

It bounced off the wall and hit a girl who'd been sticking close to the wall in her back.

She pouted at Juumonji (who appeared not to care), and Sena watched her storm off to the side of the gym.

Why was she so angry? Sena hadn't seen her pick up a ball once, and she had mainly hidden behind her teammates for the game. It wasn't like she was really playing…

Sena shook his head, and absently caught another ball heading his way.

He passed it to Juumonji, who was still next to him.

This game was staring to get a bit boring.

The game was different now.

Sena didn't bother moving around much, and grabbed any ball tat was heading even close o him.

Juumonji took each ball that he handed him, and more often than not took out someone on the other team.

He caught, he handed it was thrown, and repeat.

Perhaps he should move around a bit more.

One of the guys on the other team shouted something at Sena, but he didn't hear. The game wa getting really dull, and he wasn't really paying attention.

Juumonji heard though, and he whipped the ball at the guy particularly hard.

Sena wondered what he'd said.

The ball missed, and hit the ground, the wall, and bounced high into the metal rafters that criss-crossed the ceiling.

And got stuck.

Juumonji flushed when the other male laughed, and Sena handed him another ball.

One glance at Togano and Kuroki showed that they were glaring at the other male, and looked to be cracking their knuckles.

The next throw, Juumonji took him out.

There were two more people left on the other team, one less than on Sena's team (one girl was hiding behind Sena and Juumoni… Sena sighed), and Juumonji took the two balls that Sena handed him and threw.

He hit one, and missed the other.

The next ball hit him.

The game was over.

Mr. Fleks frowned at the dodge ball stuck in the rafter, and told everyone to get changed, class was over, and pressed buttons to have the dividing wall in the gym fold back.

He gave a pointed look to Juuonji and reminded the all that it was just a game, and that they shouldn't go overboard.

Juumonji flushed, and Sena looked at the stuck ball.

He then looked at the basketball net on the wall, and the metal that stretched up the wall from where it was holding it.

"Could you come over here for a moment?"

Sena grabbed Juumonji's hand and pulled him over to the net. Kuroki and Togano followed uncertainly, Juumonji shrugged and let him pull him over.

Juumonji was the second tallest in the class, but looked much more likely to be stable than the other boy.

Sena smiled at him, and put his hands on his shoulders. "Bend down a bit please."

Juumonji blushed and looked over to his two friends.

Kuroki laughed and Togano shrugged.

Why not?

He bent his knees slightly.

Sena put one of his feet on his knee, and used that to push himself upwards, and shot off of his shoulder towards the basketball net.

"Hey! What the hell was that for?"

Sena looked down, and smiled at him.

"I'm getting the ball."

Mr. Fleks had noticed where he was, and celled for him to get down, it was dangerous.

Sena was already pulling himself up the metal on the wall, and was reaching for the nearest ceiling beam to pull himself up. The sneakers had plastic on the soles that helped him up the flat, slippery wall, and Sena thought that even though they weren't as comfortable as bare feet, they had their perks.

Sena rockd hiself backwards slightly, and swung himself towards the ceiling beam, hooking his fingers to clutch at the metal as his fellow classmates gasped below.

Humans made a lot of unnecessary noise.

Hm. Well, Hiruma didn't, a least.

Sena let himself hang for a moment before pulling himself up, looking down at the gym.

As he swung himself upwards, he saw a flash of blond, and smiled.

Hiruma stared up at him, a rifle slung over his shoulder. Frm this distance, Sea thought maybe he had a neutral expression on his face. Not angry then.

Sena took that as a go ahead, and started walking along the beams to the other end of the gym.

It would have been closer if he had started from the other side, but the basketball net there was folded up the wall. His jumping off of Juumonji's shoulder shouldn't have hurt, but Sena would have had to put more force into it if he had to jump for that kind of height.

He looked down.

It was really nice to be this high up again. Even though he knew that he was mostly safe from the other students, and could outrun them even if they did pose a threat, being at this height made him feel safe.

Sena glanced at Hiruma.

Then again, having Hiruma there made him feel safe as well.

He looked directly down and saw that the students and Mr. Fleks had crowded around in a circle beneath him, but were starting to inch away to the side.

Hiruma was walking towards them.

Sena climbed over another beam, and made his way over to the stuck ball.

He pried it from where it was wedged, and tossed it out of the way from the students, and looked for his way down.

Hiruma was almost directly beneath him.

"Oi, Chibi, get the fuck down here already."

Sena smiled brightly down at him, and nodded. "Okay!"

He heard murmurs from the other students whispering between themselves about how he was going to get down, how he knew Hiruma, why he wasn't scared of him…Sena smiled at the thought of still being scared of Hiruma. He wasn't even aiming his gun at him, why should he be scared? He was his Running Back, Hiruma wouldn't hurt him.

Sena thought one last time that Humans sure were odd at times.

Then he jumped.


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