Chapter one

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Hagal's Aett

Sowilo: letter: S

Meaning: sun

Associations: guidance, wholeness, awareness, hope, goals achieved, victory, honour

Appearance: lightning bolt

The house was largely silent. Just seconds before it had been filled with the sounds of frantic shouting and a sickly green light. Now though it was quiet, the only sound loud and echoing in the quiet of the house.

It was the sound of footsteps, fast and heavy, charging up the stairs. The door slammed open and shut as the woman burst into the room. It's a nursery; in one corner of the room there stands a cot. It is to this the woman runs, diving forward and scooping up the dark haired child in the cot. The woman spins in a circle, child in her arms only to freeze. Whatever she was expecting didn't happen.

The woman is crying now, tears running down her face as she places the child back in the cot, smoothing down his messy hair and kissing him on the forehead. The child is awake now, staring up at his mother with startling green eyes. The woman turns, facing the door just as it burst open. A man stood there. For a second the two look at each other, the man amused, the woman fearful.

It is the woman who speaks first, desperation in every word, "Not Harry, not Harry, please not Harry."

"Stand aside, you silly girl…stand aside now." The man's voice was high and cold, it held no pity.

"Not Harry, please no, take me, kill me instead…not Harry…have mercy."

The man it seemed had grown tired of this, there was a jerk to the stick he held in his hand and a shouted word and the woman fell to the floor in a flash of green light. Stepping over her cooling body the man moved until he stood directly over the crib, looking down at the child within. The boy was crying, reaching out its hands towards its mother and calling for her, too young to know that she could not hear.

The man raised his wand again, pointing it directly at the child, with another jerk and the repetition of his earlier words a green light once again appeared, shooting towards the child. The man's triumphant laughter lasted for only a second as the light hit the child, bouncing off him and heading back towards the man.

The man fell, a look of shock on a face that soon crumbles to dust, sagging and collapsing as a black mist rises from it, spiralling upwards and heading out into the cool night air. If you looked very carefully you could say that you had seen a face in the shadows, but only for a moment before they faded from sight.

Inside the house the baby cried, unheard. As the child sat there something strange started to happen. On the child's forehead a mark appeared, it glowed red for a moment before fading slightly, leaving behind a jagged red line.

A line that, when others finally arrived at the house to find the child, they would mistake for a simple scar.

A line in the shape of a lightning bolt.

Ronald Weasley was not amused.

He was in particular very annoyed about the fact that everyone found it quite so amusing and so was making it a point to not talk to them until they apologised. This was a cause that would be helped greatly if people would stop catching sight of his appearance and bursting into tears of laughter all over again.

The day had started out normally. For once Ron had been one of the first awake and so had climbed out of bed and started his usually morning mission to find the coffee. This normally wouldn't have been a problem, however as he had trudged along the landing he had failed to notice Crookshanks lying across the top of the stairs. He had tripped and gone flying down the stairs, landing with a loud crash and instantly waking everyone else in the house.

That, however, wasn't the main problem. The main problem was that the twins, along with the rest of the family had been given keys to the house and access to the floo. It appeared that at some time during the night the twins had taken advantage of that, setting up an elaborate prank across the stairs that was designed to be triggered the moment someone passed it.

During the war he, along with several others had developed something of a…sensitivity…towards magic. This was very useful to them but annoyed the hell out of the twins who kept trying to prank them.

Had Ron been walking down the stairs he would have disabled it however as he was to busy tumbling down and trying not to break his neck he hadn't noticed.

This led to the current situation.

Ron was sitting there, at the kitchen table, in a baby blue dress. His eyelids were weighed down by an unnecessary amount of blue eye shadow and his lips were bright red. Dark pink blush was painted in large circles on his cheeks, put on so heavily that it almost hid the scar on his left cheek.

He hadn't even gotten his coffee.

At the table sat Harry and Hermione, who had come running down in a panic hearing his disgusted yell and then both collapsed into a chair so that they could hold their sides and try to breathe.

Ginny was leaning on the doorframe, literally crying as she looked at him. Neville stood behind her, clutching her shoulders to keep her upright and doing the best out of all of them to pretend he didn't find the situation amusing. Despite this he was doing terribly. While he wasn't laughing outright he would manage to get himself under control before meeting someone's eye and letting the ear splitting grin creep back across his face.

Ron huffed in annoyance and folded his arms-trying to ignore how hard the tight dress made it- "Shove off" he muttered, trying to avoid eye contact, stretching past Harry's hysterical form to reach for the coffee machine. He had just lifted it when Ginny's gasp stopped him in his tracks. The coffee pot fell to the floor and shattered as his arm spasmed.

The scar on his face glowed an eerie red, showing beyond the make up as a weird M shaped line. Around the room the same thing was happening to the other people as one by one their own scars lit up.

The sideways hourglass on Ginny's right heel.

The crooked Z on Neville's right shoulder.

The R on the middle of Hermione's upper right arm.

The lightning bolt on Harry's forehead.

The light filled the kitchen, seen by no one. With the light had come flashes of images and colour, spinning past so rapidly that none of them could make out what they were, or what they meant. Ron thought he caught a glimpse of a Hammer, while all Neville saw was flames. Ginny made out tree's and clouds and was given the impression on flying but Hermione saw only the American flag. Harry saw only a colour, a light swirling blue that whispered with a voice similar to those from the veil.

Then it was over.

Ron blinked rapidly at the after images and shook his head, clumsily climbing to his feet. He hadn't even noticed that he had fallen to the floor.

"Everyone okay?" he rasped, voice faint from what had just happened. Slowly the others stared to pull themselves up. Hermione rubbing a bump from where she had hit her head on the way to the floor. "I'm good" she muttered, grimacing slightly-though it wasn't from pain. Hermione hated the visions with a passion. She hated anything that she could not explain.

"So…anyone know what the hell that was supposed to mean?" Ginny asked, pulling herself up with a scowl, glaring at the mark on her foot as if it had just declared pigeons the national bird.

"Germany." The new voice came from the door way. Luna stood there, she had been in the garden when the visions had come and a box filled with feathers hung, unnoticed, from her hand. Her eyes were, for one, steadily focused on reality. "We have to go to Germany." As if it knew what they were saying the crooked F in the hollow of her throat flashed once, as if in agreement.

It was then that Ron remembered just why he hadn't actually minded the teasing that much, why most of his anger had been faked.

The war had ended six months ago and things had seemed to be finally returning to normal.


They hadn't meant to become child soldiers. In the beginning they didn't even realise that that was what they were. In the beginning it was necessary. The stone was in danger. Ginny was in trouble. Sirius needed help. They considered themselves lucky, laughed at the fact that they had survived and moved on. It wasn't until the start of sixth year that it changed.

The ministry had been…impressed by their actions. They had been capable of breaking into the Ministry and holding off several full grown death eaters until help arrived. There were many adults who couldn't say as much and these were children.

It got certain people interested.

It got certain people thinking.

If they could do this much, on their own, without any formal training then what could they do with the training.

In most cases it wouldn't have even been considered. They were children; the youngest of them was only fourteen. It was immoral, disgusting, and despicable to train children to fight in a war when most the adults couldn't or wouldn't fight.

But it was also war and people were scared.

They were each approached individually by an unspeakable and then, the six of them, were trained to fight. They were trained how to identify certain things and get away with certain things. They were taught how to fight with a wand and without. They were taught how to see the enemy as an object that needed to be removed and to lie and cheat and kill.

Then, in the end, they were put onto the battlefield.

Each of them had their own speciality, each of them had something that they were best at and in the end it resulted in one thing, Voldemort's death.

So they left, went away to lick their wounds and recover. Return to being normal. To forget the instinct that had been forced into them that made them check for an exit before they entered a room. Forget the habit they had of checking everyone for weapons before letting down their guard. Forget the screams and tears of the people around them as the castle was attacked and, despite their training, they can't be everywhere, they can't save everyone.

And just when they were finally returning to normal, just when they could go a couple of nights in a row without someone getting a nightmare, just when they had relaxed enough to fall for one of Fred and George's jokes…another megalomaniac decides to take over the world.


Luna frowned down at the piece of wire in her hand, twisting it through a hoop that was attached to purple stone. Carved into the stone and then filled with silver was the rune Mannaz, a sideways hourglass with two lines descending from it. Luna grinned as she tied the end of the wire to a clasp, finishing the necklace.

A knock on the door disturbed her and she looked up as Hermione walked in, bag slung over her shoulder. The girl raised one eyebrow as she looked around the room. "Aren't you done yet?" she asked glancing at Luna's empty bag. "You do realise that we'll miss the plane if we leave much later right?"

"We won't miss the plane." Luna said with absolute certainty, "We'll be in the right place at the right time. I finished anyway." She flicked a wand at the bag and several clothes and items flew from their places around the room and folded themselves into the bag. A black mask with a crude white symbol painted on it followed at a much slower pace and laid itself on top of the bag. Onto all this Luna placed the necklace that she had been working on and zipped the bag shut.

"Ready!" She smiled up at Hermione.

The other girl sighed and gave a look of fond exasperation, "Shoes Luna."



Harry was the last one downstairs and the entire group had collected in the hall. As usual Ron and Hermione were arguing.

"I still don't see why we have to go the Muggle way. It would be far quicker to get a portkey or floo."

Hermione frowned, "I've told you, we want to appear as innocent as possible, and sneaking into a country doesn't exactly help that."

"Oh please, like they'll care about that. From what we've heard from Luna they'd be suspicious of us if we showed up with a handwritten letter from the queen."

"Yes but there's no point in making things worse."

"So I have to sit on some Muggle flying thing that could fall down at any minute to make people slightly less suspicious of us?"


"That's the stupidest thing I've ever heard and coming from you-"

Harry coughed and the two looked up to find they had an audience. Ron's ears went red and he rubbed the back of his neck awkwardly, next to him Ginny muttered the words "Sexual tension." Under her breath, only making it worse.

Harry looked up, grinning in amusement, "If you're quite done shall we go."

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