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"Cut that out,"

"Lina, dammit cut it out!"

Kiba Inuzuka was currently sitting next to his God-sister Catalina Montoya. She came to visit every other summer. Lina's mother Chayim was his mom's best friend. Chayim and Tsume had known each other for 6 years before either of them started having kids and it was only natural that the Catholic Chayim asked Tsume to be the God- mother of her first daughter.

"Kiba," Lina whined impatiently.

"Grrrrr, WHAT Lina, what is it?"

"Well, you don't have to snap my head off… I was just wondering if you wanted to watch Jurassic Park with me?"

Lina and Kiba had been getting along like "oil and water" as of late; they just didn't mix. It's not that they didn't like each other, but after a couple of weeks seeing each other every day it was hard to not to get tired of each others presence.

"So that's why you decided to rawr at me?" an obviously irritated Kiba growled.

"Tranquilo amigo, you are so easily worked up; the rawring was a pun based around dinosaurs being in the movie, duh."

Lina's mother was of Cuban and African descent and her father was Puerto Rican and German. She was the most exotic looking person Kiba knew, but he'd never tell her that. Due to her ancestry and the fact that she lived in Miami, Florida, she spoke Spanish fluently. She was always throwing in a Spanish phrase here or there when she spoke to him. Her Japanese was fine, but she spoke with an obvious accent.

"Don't tell me to calm down," Kiba announced, "Now just pop the stupid movie in."

The next morning Kiba was greeted with strange smells coming from his kitchen. His mother Tsume was bound to be at work already since it was 10:30, and his sister hadn't returned from University for summer break yet. That meant only one person could be clunking around in the kitchen.

"Hey buddy," Kiba mumbled to his large white dog Akamaru while rubbing behind his ears.

"Kiba? Is that you? Stop sneaking around and ven aqui," Lina's slighty raspy voice called out.

"Okay we're going to have to kill the Spanish Lee,"
"I can't help it!" Lina whimpered, "Anyway, I said stop sneaking around and come hear."

When Kiba walked into the kitchen he saw Lina sitting on one of the stools at their island drinking coffee. She had dark curly hair that went to the middle of her back and brown eyes. He never could pick a color that described her skin very well. She always reminded him of a Ritz cracker though. Not to light and not to dark. She was also tall for a girl. At 17 years old she stood at 5 feet 7 and ½ inches.

"Kiba are you listening to me? Wake up burro! I am talking," Lina screamed. Waking Kiba out of his reverie.

"Huh? Oh yeah, run that by me again," Kiba said while he took a seat next to her. Lina let out a long sigh.

"I made café con leche and tostada," Lina spoke while holding up her coffee cup and piece of toast respectively, "If you want something else your going to have to make it yourself."
"I hate when you speak Spanish,"

"I hate when you stare at me for long periods of time," Lina countered.


"Yeah, yeah, yeah… pinche cabron,"

"What was that you STUPID COMMIE?"

Lina's cheeks then proceeded to turn several shades of red has her rage increased.

"Te odio…. I hate you," Lina hissed "I hope you liked hearing it in two different languages,"
Lina then stormed out of the kitchen and into the guest room where she was staying. When she slammed the door behind herself, Kiba was sure he heard a number of pictures fall off the wall.

"Dammit it all to hell," Kiba whispered "How the fuck am I going to make up for saying that?"
Kiba sat there for a fairly long time staring into the coffee Lina had made for him when and idea suddenly hit him.

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