"Hi! I'm Chris McClean, and welcome to Total Drama Arts! Today I'm introducing the next 20 losers to appear on Total Drama Arts. Our first contestant is a pothead! Give it up for Shawn!" A boy with butt-length brown hair walked in wearing a Slayer t-shirt, ripped jeans and black converse. He sighed and looked down.

"Headbangers aren't potheads, Chris.."

"I know. I just like messing with you." He rolled his eyes at Chris as he stepped onto a yellow mat.

"Ok.. Next we have..." He stared at his card with an odd look. "Annalessa? Yeah, lets go with that." A girl with wavy black hair, with purple dyed bangs with a dragon necklace, black short shorts and a purple tank top walked in, and she had some scars on her face.

"Its pronounced Anna-lee-seeya." She said slowly and clearly.

"Yeah... Okay. Whats with all the scars?" Annalisia froze.

"Um.. my cat." She quickly walked away from Chris, stepping onto a blue mat.

"Next we have Jason!" A boy with dark brown poofy volumized hair, a black Billabong shirt, dark blue straight leg jeans and black high top converse walked in.

"Sup, man." Chris greeted Jason with a high-five as he walked over to the yellow mat.

"Hey, Chris."

"Next is-" A girl with brown hair pulled back to a ponytail and having many papers in her hand immediately stopped Chris.

"Emily the Intern, reporting for duty Chris!" Her papers suddenly fell out of her hands, and Chris ignored her as she sat there on the floor, re-organizing her papers.

"Next we have Kelvin!" A boy with an Iron Maiden shirt, piercing red hair, jeans, and black army boots walked in. Kelvin looked over at Annalisia, and again at the camera.

"Hey, ladies." He winked at Annalisia as he came over to the blue mat and and giggled. Annalisia turned away from him, too nervous to say anything.

"Next we have Scarletta!" A one-eyed girl covered in tattoos and wearing a grey sundress with black leggings and gray sneakers. Chris gave her a frightened look, but she just didn't look at him. She expects people to be afraid of her, but she doesn't care anymore. She's used to the rejection.

"...Next up we have Harlee!" A girl with a blue and white plaid button-down shirt, skinny jeans and ratty blue converse walked in.

"Hey, whats up, Chris?"

"Hi, Harlee." She smiled and waved to him as she walked over to the yellow mat.

"Next we have Piper!" A snobby looking girl with a loose pink halter, short skirt and pink wedges entered the room in disgust.

"Ugh.. I hate this place." She walked over to the blue mat and rolled her eyes at the girls on her team.

"Anyways.. Next we have Sami!" A girl with glasses, and purple clothes and pastel-colored high-tops came out, looking very ecstatic to be here.

"Oh my god, you have GOT to be kidding me." Piper said in disgust, rolling her eyes and crossing her arms.

"This is sooo exciting! Thank you so much for choosing me to be he-" Chris rolled his eyes at her and just pushed her to the blue mat.

"Anyways.. Here's Brandon!" A boy with spiky, jet black hair, wearing a long-sleeved shirt and shorts walked in lazily.

"Hey, Chris McClean, how are you? Let's play some football, let's go!" He bounced in place and was saying the sentence so fast he was talking with a slur.


"What the fuck, I'm tired." He walked to the yellow mat, like nothing just happened. Chris gave the camera a weirded out look.

"You know, whenever theres an awkward moment, a gay baby is born.. About 100 of them were born in like, 10 minutes. You guys are weird. Here's Lissie!" A girl with wavy black hair, wearing a pink tunic, skinny jeans and a pair of black knee-high boots came down to the stage.

"Hi! Wow, this is awesome!" She walked over to the yellow mat.

"Next we have Bob!" A boy with black, spiky hair, wearing a black short-sleeve tshirt, jeans and a black army boots walked in.

"Hey Chris.. What's up?" He shook his hand, and Chris got shocked.

"What was that for?" Bob started laughing.

"No big deal dude.. Its just a prank." He shrugged, rolled his eyes at Chris and went to the blue mat.

"Here's the other Brandon!" A boy walked in with a backwards hat on his head, faded jeans, work boots and a pair of expensive headphones around his neck

"Chris McClean! What is up, mah brother? Nice shirt, bro." He knuckle-touched him.

"Thanks, man." Brandon walked up to the blue mat.

"Up next is Charlie!" A boy with black trousers with a dark green t-shirt walked into the room.

"Hey, Chris." He walked over to the blue mat.

"Next we have Mika!" A girl with black silky hair, black short shorts, and a black tank top with red stripes walked into the room.

"Hi!" She waved to the camera and walked to the blue mat.

"Next we have Nathan!" A guy with a blue and grey flannel shirt, grey jeans and Nike's walked in, and all the girls stared.

"You're so cute!" Emily screamed out. Next to Chris, she said,

"Oh, but not as cute as Chris." Chris took a step away from Emily, and Nathan stepped onto the yellow mat. He awkwardly laughed.

"Next we have Ben!" A slouched boy with a blue and yellow shirt, navy blue vans, and his hands in the pockets of his long jeans walked in and went directly to the yellow mat, without saying a word to Chris.

"...Here's Dana!" A girl with chocolate brown shoulder length hair walked in wearing a lilac sleeve top, denim jeans and black boots walked in.

"Hey, Chris! How's it goin?" She smiled at him

"Good." She walked over to the blue mat.

"Ok, here's Rebecca!" A girl with short ginger hair entered wearing a dark green tank top, a beige skirt and beige sandles walked in.

"Hi, Chris!" She cheerfully went onto the yellow mat.

"Ok, we have all of our 19 contestants!"

"19?" Emily asked.

"But isn't there supposed to be 20?" Chris groaned, because he wanted to avoid this next contestant.

A girl with curled, dark-brown hair ran onto the stage wearing a yellow polo shirt, blue skinny jeans, converse and she was holding a keyboard. "Wait for me! I'm here, I'm he-" She suddenly tripped, having her keyboard case open.

"My keyboard!"

Brandon O'Connel walked up to her and held out his hand.

"Need a hand?" She grabbed his hand and slowly got up.

Noticing her scraped knee, he asked her, "Are you OK?"

"Yeah.. I'm fine. Stuff like this happens all the time." They walked back to the yellow mat.

"Aw, great. Now I gotta clean the blood off the stage. Ok. Anyway, back to what I was saying. Now that we have our twenty contestants," He shot a look at Neveah. "we can move on. Everyone on the yellow mat will be known as the Terrific Tenors. And everyone on the blue mat is known as the Screaming Sopranos." Piper scoffed.

"Who came up with the names, original?" Everyone started laughing, and Chris just ignored her.

"OK, let's go see a tour of the mansion!"

"Mansion? Awesome!" Rebecca clapped.

"Welcome to your home!" He opened the doors to the mansion, revealing the foyer. The teens looked in amazement. Roaming around the mansions they saw a big chandelier and a spiral staircase, which Chris went up, and the teens followed.

"There are 4 big rooms for everyone!"

"Thats what he said!" Bob screamed out, which everyone laughed about.

"Watch it, big mouth. Anyways, the pink door is for the Terrific Tenor girls, the blue door is for Terrific Tenor guys, the purple door is for Screaming Soprano girls, and the black door is for Screaming Soprano dudes."

"Yes! Purple is my favorite color!" Sami smiled.

"Everyone can go inside to unpack, and then meet me at the blackbox in 30 minutes."


The girls were anxiously putting away their clothes and belongings away in special places with their names in it, all except for Piper.

"This isn't enough for my stuff!"

"Well, then make it fit." Mika told her.

Everyone could tell that Piper was annoyed with these people, and everyone was annoyed with her as well. Piper knew she was gonna win, no problem. She was born with an amazing acting and singing talent. It just came to her, and she can't change the way she is.


All the girls in the Terrific Tenors were all unpacked, and just waiting in their room, just getting to know each other.

"OK, its your turn to introduce yourself." Becky told Scarletta

"I'm Scarletta, and I love tattoo's."

The Terrific Tenor girls were all easily going to get along, they all knew it. It was Becky's idea to gather in a circle and tell each other their names. It was cheesy, but they all agreed its the best way to get to know each other, and they should at least try to get along. They've all know each other for 10 minutes, and they were acting like they were the sisterhood of the traveling pants girls.


The boys, unlike the girls, were taking their sweet time with unpacking, except for Shawn and Zakk.

"Come on, dudes, hurry up!" Shawn told everyone. Shawn was very competitive when it came to getting their first. He knew it wasn't really a competition to get their first, but he just wanted to get there first.

"Man, why are you so excited about this? Chill the frick down, bro." Brandon O'Connel told the two boys. Brandon was being totally relaxed, and just kicked back while he was slowly unpacking with the rest of the boys.

"Well, I don't want to.."