As everyone was walking into the blackbox, Chris came in, wearing a tuxedo.

"You all settled in? Great! Now I will show you around the mansion!" Chris got up and everyone followed him. About 2 minutes later, they were all cramped up in a tiny recording studio.

"Why so small, bro?" Jason said.

"This is where you will do all of your confessionals, and tell the camera things you'd like to share with your viewers. Would a couple people want to demonstrate?" Nathan raised his hand and went in.


Sami: I'm soo glad this isn't in a bathroom. That would suck!

Zakk: I'm so pissed off at that Shawn dude. Hate him so much..

"A place where anyone can have parties at is our club right next door." He followed everyone into an empty club-like room.

Brandon Dash went over to the Disc Jockey spot and looked at the equipment.

"Sweet equipment!" Chris came over and slapped his hand, pulling him back to the group.

"Stay." Brandon frowned. Next, he took them to a green room filled with snacks, a pool table, an Xbox, and a lot more.

"Dude... This is like, video game paradise." Shawn said, not noticing anything else that doesn't need power.

"I know, right!" Zakk replied to him, and they high-fived. Zakk and Shawn looked at each other, noticing what they did, and quickly pulled away from their high-five.

"And that concludes our to-" Two familiar teenage girls ran in, suitcases in hand, looking panicked.

"Aww man! It already started." The blonde one said. The teens recognized who they were and started cheering and screaming; It was Lindsay and Courtney from the Total Drama series! They were older now and looked a lot different. Courtney was hanging more loosely now and was wearing less preppy clothing, and Lindsay had more cover-up in her clothes than her usual get-up.

"Lindsay, you have the brain of a llama. I told you to ask for directions." Courtney scowled at her.

"I did!"

"You asked for directions to a SPA!"

"Ugh, same thing..."

"Okay, now that we've concluded our tour, you all have the freedom to do whatever you want." Everyone left, except for Neveah and Nathan, who took a very close look at each other.


"Neveah?" They both gasped and gave each other a hug.

"What're you doing here? I thought you were going to some-"

"Performing arts thing." They said at the same time.

"Mom must've never told us we were accepted to the same thing."



In the club, everyone was dancing, talking and just chilling. Brandon Dash was at the Disc Jockey station, doing an awesome job at DJing.

"Hey man, this is awesome spinning you do!" Charlie told him.

"Thanks, man!" Meanwhile, everyone else was dancing except for Annalisia, who was quietly sitting in a chair, drinking Coke. Mika walked over to her and sat next to her.

"Hey, how come you're not dancing?"

Annalisia shrugged. "Just not the dance type of person."

"OK then. Well, I'm gonna go back onto the dance floor, you gonna be all right?"

"Yeah, don't worry, I'll be fine." Mika left to go back to the dance floor.


"This new Call of Duty game has killer graphics!" Jason said to Harlee and Shawn, the two people he was playing against.

"Totally! And this isn't even out for another 2 months!"

"I love this place!" While Harlee, Shawn and Jason were intensely playing the Xbox, everyone was crowded around Ben and Scarletta, who were in the middle of a serious battle of ping pong.

"I'm gonna beat you!" Ben told her. Scarletta was too distracted by him, and she let the ball go past her.

"That's it, that's the game! Good job, Scarletta." He held out his hand, and she shook it.

Confession Cam

Chris: Will Bob seek his revenge on Zakk? Will Neveah and Nathan have a sibling rivalry live? Who's gonna fight Piper? All these questions and more on- *Courtney walks in*

Courtney: I wanna say it! *clears voice* All this on Total Drama *sings* Arts!