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Wally's POV

I'm currently running laps around Central City as the Flash. My work as a super hero is never done. Right now it's about four in the afternoon and I can't wait for the day to be over. I have a date with Dick later tonight. I've been looking forward to this night for weeks and for a speedster that makes it ten times longer of a wait.

Suddenly my phone goes off. I pull it out running near the speed of sound and hope I can get decent cell service while doing this. "Wally, we have a problem," I hear Dick say from the other end. I swear if he's cancelling on me for work again, I might just kill him.

"Dick, if you're ditching me for work tonight, I swear," I threaten lightly over the phone and I hear him sigh. That's never a good sign. Am I missing something here?

"Wally, it's Tim, the cave's been infiltrated. I'm trying to get in now. I figured that you might want to come and help," Dick replies before hanging up and I sprint to the nearest zeta tube. No one messes with my birds! I get into the tube and hear it saying my name and manage to get into the cave. I see Dick getting into the cave through the front door. I peer around the cave to see it destroyed. There are burn marks, skid marks and a few blasts from a laser.

A loud shriek echoes through the cave. Dick and I look at each other horrified, that's Tim. "It came from the training room," Dick comments and I pick him and run towards the training room to where our little bird is being hurt. Right before we enter the training room I put Dick down and we walk in. We are greeted with the familiar sight of the villain, Warp. He's standing near the dimensional gate, it's been turned on and he has a sadistic smile on his face.

"Where's Robin?" Dick questions dangerously as he pulls out an explosive disk.

"I wouldn't try and blow this up. Your little bird is tumbling through this glorious invention to another dimension. Now, if you'll excuse me, I'll be making my escape," Warp explains and I pounce with Dick right behind me. Warps eyes go wide as my fist connects with his face. He staggers backwards and falls through the portal.

"Flash, it's starting to close. We have to go in and get Robin back," Dick orders and we jump into it without a second thought. We have to get out son back. I can tell that I black out part way through the jump because I wake up on the ground with Dick in my arms, out cold. The next thing that runs through my head is 'Tim' I look around frantically for Tim and find him on the ground not far from me.

"Walls, where are we?" Dick mumbles from beside me as he gets up and moves to check on Tim. I quickly follow him. It seems that Tim has a broken arm and possibly a concussion. It seems to me by the décor that we're in the young justice cave, except this on is actually in one piece.

"Tim, Bart, get back here right now and face me like the men you claim you are!" a young female voice yells. By the volume of her voice she doesn't seem to be too far away.

She comes into view a few seconds later with a red face and her bright blue eyes flashing with anger. She turns her head towards us and her eyes widen with surprise. Well, it looks like we've landed in Clare's dimension. This is a first, we've never managed to get ourselves here. They've always come to us.

"What are you guys doing here?" Clare asks surprised and then sees Tim, "we need to get him to the med bay. I'll get this thing sorted out." Clare runs out of the room and calls for someone to bring a stretcher. A few seconds later a rush of wind, a speedster and a second Robin greet us.

"Clare told us that you needed help?" The speedster questions and I point to Tim who's lying on the ground out cold. He nods and puts him on a stretcher. They rush Tim off to the med bay and Dick and I follow close behind.

Before we get to the med bay Clare comes into the hall and motions for us to follow her into the com room.

"Sorry, I know you want to see Tim, but Batman wants to talk to you," Clare apologizes as she walks into the com room. I turn around and give Dick a pained look. Dick shrugs and motions that we should enter the room.

"Walls, I know your upset, but we have to go in and talk to him. Then you can be as overprotective as you want over Tim. I feel the same way, no worries," Dick tells me trying to compromise. What can we say? We've grown really attached to the kid, even if he isn't legally our responsibility. Dick and I have practically raised him from when he was five. He still lives with us in our apartment when Bruce isn't holding him captive with Robin duties.

"Is something going on out here?" Clare questions sticking her head out of the doorway. Dick shakes his head no and drags me into the room behind him.

When we enter the room to see Bruce standing in the center, the rest of the room is surrounded by computer consoles. "Clare, thank you for bringing them to me," Bruce says ruffling the girl's hair fondly.

"Grandpa, stop it," Clare hisses at Bruce while fixing her hair. Then it hits me, in this dimension Bruce Wayne is in fact a grandfather…I've never thought of Bruce Wayne as a grandfather. It's kind of hard to wrap my mind around.

"There is some good news and bad news with you coming to this dimension. I'll give you the bad new first. We disassembled the dimensional gate after Bart and our Tim threw Clare into the portal as a prank. On top of that Rachel and Wally are both off world at the moment. The good news is that Wally isn't on the field and is will be helping you build it by hand in the Batcave," Bruce explains to us and I really don't see how any of that is good news…

"He also forgot to mention that you're staying with us at the manor. I'll be able to keep Tim company and out of trouble," Clare says while glaring at Bruce who completely forgot to mention the fact we'd be staying with him.

"Yes, well that's all I have to say. Alfred expects to see you at five sharp for dinner," Bruce tells us and then exits the room with a swish of his cape.

"You two can go and see Tim in the med bay. I have a few calls to make," Clare says with a smile. Dick and I exchange looks and then both go sprinting off to see Tim.

When we arrive at the med bay to see Batgirl patching up Tim's arm with care. She turns to look at us and nearly drops the bandages. "Wow, Rachel wasn't lying when she said that there was a male version of her from another dimension...and here I thought she was kidding," Batgirl admits with a slight smirk gracing her lips.

"No comment about there being a version of Wally West that's The Flash," I say to her while taking a heroic pose.

"Shut up, Wally. Is Tim going to be okay?" Dick asks Batgirl with concern lacing his voice. To most people he'd sound emotionless just like his mentor, but I know him too well. His hands are behind his back and he's moving them around trying to calm down because he can't stop moving. If he hadn't been trained by Batman for years he might be pacing back and forth across the room.

"He should be fine. His arm is fractured, and he doesn't have a concussion, so there isn't anything seriously wrong with him. He should wake up soon. I can't stay and chat though, I have a mission to prepare for, take care," Batgirl says as she runs out of the room not bothering to wait for a reply.

A soft groaning noise can be heard from the side of the room and my head snaps towards it. "What's going on?" Tim questions as he tries to move his bad arm and winces in pain.

"You were fighting Warp…CRAP, Dick, we forgot about Warp! Well, anyway we heard you scream and then followed the sound and found you gone! Then we jumped through the portal. We landed in Clare's dimension…she was worried about you," I reply jabbing him in the ribs lightly. A blush covers his face and he avoids my gaze completely. I hear Dick let out a chuckle from right next to me as he pulls us both into a hug.

"I'm glad you're alright, Timmy. We were really worried about you. Just try not to move your arm too much…oh and you can't be Robin till I say your arm is completely healed," Dick tells Tim sternly. There're those parenting skills coming in.

Tim looks like he's about to object, but Clare comes into the room and he shuts up right away. "It's four thirty. I figured we should get ready to leave for Gotham. Oh, welcome to my dimension Tim," Clare says with a wink and she motions for us to follow her out of the room and into the hallway.

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