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I begin to walk out of room when I notice that no one is following me. Tim is looking at me like he didn't want to get up. "Tim, either I carry you or Wally does. No matter what happens we're leaving," Dick threatens Tim going into parent mode. I'm so glad that I don't have to do it that often. Batman raised Dick to be strict and it sometimes annoys Tim.

"I'm coming, don't have a cow," Tim concedes hoping off the bed trying not to move his arm. We make our way towards the zeta tubes only to see Clare yelling up towards a beam.

"I've had enough of you two. Alfred is going to kill us if we're late," Clare tells the people on the beam obviously pissed off. Then again, if anything were to get a bat in a tizzy, it would be Alfred's strict dinnertime. A familiar smirk appears on Clare's face, one that I've seen on Dick many times before. This smirk is one that means trouble for anyone that has messed with the wearer.

Clare curls her fingers into a fist and she slams it into the beam. I hear two muffled cries. Two bodies come falling down from the beam, but stop near the ground, they seem to be suspended from a cord coming from a grappling gun. I look at the two people to see that one of them is the Tim from this dimension and Bart. Tim is holding Bart's hand in a death grip to make sure he doesn't fall.

"What was that for?" Bart shouts at Clare as he drops to the ground out of this dimensions-wait Tim2's hand, there we go, a better name for him. Tim2 releases the grappling gun and drops to the floor with a lot my grace than Bart did.

"If Tim and I are late for dinner Alfred is going to give us the look. I hate it when he gives us the look," Clare growls to the Speedster and he backs up a little. Tim2 gives a sigh and pulls Bart aside and whispers something in his ear. I can tell that Clare is listening in because she groans in irritation.

"We'll go on ahead of you," Tim2 says as Bart pulls him out of the room at human speed. I see Clare roll her eyes and look over to Dick and see that he's doing the same thing! I feel like I'm missing out on something…

"What's with all the eye rolling?" I question the group and Dick breaks out laughing. I shoot him a glare and it doesn't even faze him.

"Let's just say that universe had to make up for the lack of Birdflash here," Clare explains and my eyes widen. OHHHHHH…how did I not see that. Dick continues laughing. At this point he nearly doubled over…

"Dick, shut up," I snap at him. Dick gives me a surprised look, obviously he didn't expect me to snap at him. He straightens up and wipes a tear from the corner of his eye.

"Sorry, Walls. Clare, aren't you going to take us to the Manor?" Dick apologizes with a smirk. He isn't really sorry…I'll get back at him for this.

"Right, just come to the zeta tubes. All I have to do is reset the computer. It might get confused and I don't want the Mountain's defense or the Batcave's defense to activate," Clare tells us as she starts walking backwards towards the zeta tubes.

We reach the transport room and Clare goes straight for the computer and starts typing at a speed that only a professional hacker can manage. It looks like Clare has managed to pick up a lot of her mother's skills, I wonder whose protégé she is. That would be an awkward conversation between parents. I know that she inherited some of her father's powers, but she might want to be Nightwing's protégé because she shares the same skill set. I'm going to have to ask Clare about that.

"Tim, do you mind helping me?" Clare asks him. I see Dick shove Tim forward and he glares at him, but goes over all the same. I can tell from here that Tim's face is flushed as he works with Clare, who is completely oblivious to his embarrassment.

Within five minutes we were through the zeta tubes and into the Batcave. The Batcave in this dimension is just like the one back home, it never changes. It has the same souvenirs, computers and training equipment…some things never change.

"Welcome to the Batcave. I called earlier to get clothes for you, since your still in uniform and those aren't allowed in the house," Tim2 greets from the shadows with clothes in his hands. I notice that Tim2 is in his civilian clothes, jeans and a red and black T-shirt.

"Thanks, we'll be up in a few minutes," Dick replies and Tim2 nods and heads to the exit of the Batcave.

About thirty minutes later we're finishing dinner. I've decided that Alfred's cooking is perfect in every dimension. Dick has been engaging in small talk with Bruce, Tim2 and occasionally Clare. They're mostly talking about the City of Gotham and the insane criminals in it. Bart and I on the other hand have been stuffing our faces and haven't said a word.

"So, Clare, who's your mentor?" I question her and she gives an amused smile.

"You sound like a reporter, that's all they ever seem to want to know. Whether I'm mentored by my mother or my father…well here's the answer, both of them. I don't think you guys have ever seen me in costume, but it's a blue superman shield. It's basically a mixture of both my parents' hero symbols," Clare explains with a sad smile. I guess she misses her parents.

"Master Bruce, Rachel is sending a message through to the Batcave," Alfred informs us in his crisp British accent. Clare literally flies out of her seat and speeds down the hallway to get to the computer.

"Mistress Clare, no flying in the hallways!" Alfred corrects half-heartedly as he waits for Bruce's reply.

"I'll be right down Alfred. Rachel will probably want to talk to you so you better come down. Tim, you need to get home to your father. Bart, you should be getting home as well," Bruce says and we all get up from the table.

Our Tim has a pained look on his face when he hears that Tim2 still has his family. Dick puts his hand on Tim's shoulder to tell him that he understands. I've never been able to relate to Tim or Dick's family issues, but I'm always there for them.

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