Johnny C. walked silently through the forest, just around midnight, drinking a cherry brain-freezie. It was a cold night, the kind of night when you want to do nothing but sit by the fire, wrapped in a cozy blanket, drinking hot chocolate. Johnny could do none of these things, of course, so he took comfort in the tall trees, with rays of moonlight filtering through the leaves, shining through the thick fog that surrounded him. Johnny was a tall man, (emphasis on the tall.) he was thin, too. So thin, that in his younger days, the other children dubbed him 'Noodle boy'. He had greasy bluish-blackish hair that stuck out at all angles.

Never in his wildest dreams had he ever imagined he could love some one, let alone that someone could love him back. But I'm getting far off topic, now, back to the forest. He knew that many creatures lurked about at night, some that he'd rather not describe, and he knew that they made noise, but the last thing he expected to hear was the soft cry of an infant, cold and alone in the dark. Normally, he would've walked away, but somewhere in the cold, dark, depths of his blackened heart, something stirred, and he decided that he couldn't leave the poor child alone.

He pursued the noise, and followed it to a thicket of bushes, behind which he knew he would find the child. He parted the leaves, and beheld with his insomniac eyes, not a human baby, but the offspring of some other-worldly being! (For those of you who aren't bright, it means he found an alien baby.) He dared a step closer; the child seemed undisturbed by his presence so he got close enough to get a good look at it. He couldn't say he was all that impressed. The child was small, and frail. With pale green skin, and long antennae that came to a curl at the end, which oddly reminded him of a butterfly.

Then, Johnny did a very daring and risky thing. He stooped down, and took the child into his arms. Upon doing so, the child stopped crying, and gazed thoughtfully upward at Johnny. Only then could he see that the child had enormous, mesmerizing, deep blue eyes, and thick long eyelashes. He could also see that she had a small, though rather beautiful, blue sapphire around her neck. He held the sapphire inquisitively, and gave it a gentle rub to rid it of dirt. When he did this, a great change swept over the child. With a whoosh and a blinding flash of light, the child transformed into a human baby with rosy pink cheeks, and black, downy-soft hair.

Comfortable now, and thankful for the warmth of another body, she snuggled into Johnny's chest, and closed her eyes. As her breathing became deep, and even, Johnny wasn't entirely aware of it, but something changed inside of him that night. Something warm and rather fuzzy broke free from the chains of hatred binding it, the baby lifted a small hand to her face to suck on her thumb, and Johnny chuckled with delight. There was a loving, almost fatherly look in his eyes, and it was then, reader, that he learned to love.