Authors Note: Thank you all for reading this. This is my first fic and I hope that you like it. I would love to hear what you think about it and if it is well received, I will continue with Darren's adventures. Once again thank you all for reading and I hope that you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it.

Chapter 1:Beginnings

Our story takes place in a world of diversity. The world holds two continents, the eastern continent Barile, and the Western land of Durgle. Our story takes place on the continent of Barile, which is also split in two. In the north there is the coalition of kingdoms, collectively known as Tar'kal. To the south there is the empire, Arjak, despising any non-humans and being led from the capital of Jarkan.

At the edge of a small town, nestled deep in the empire.

A shadow approached the house of the newlywed couple carrying a package in its arms. It was the dead of night and the shadow stole up to the door set down its package and loudly knocked the door. It then quickly fled the scene, leaving a small bundle on the doorstep.

"What is that noise?" asked the woman as she was pulled out of her slumber. "What could it be in the middle of the night? Go and check at the door." The woman's new husband grunted and crawled out of their bed. He walked out into the living room of their small cottage and approached the front door. He opened the door and paused.

"Hun, can you come out here?" he called. The young woman got up and approached her husband, confusion at what it could be written on her face.

"What is i-" she froze in place. The young couple stood at the threshold of their home looking blank faced at the small bundle that lay on their step. For several minutes they stood frozen until the bundle started the mewl. Then, though the woman was very young, her motherly instincts kicked in.

She turned to her husband and with a very serious face said "Well come on, we can't just leave it out there to die now can we?"

His face that had been very serious until that moment softened and he gently kissed his wife and said "Okay, lets take it inside and figure out what needs to be done in the morning." She smiled, gave him a peck on the cheek and went to go back to bed. The man bent over and picked up the small bundle of cloth that contained a newborn baby. As he picked up his new child, something caught his eye. It was a piece of black cord around the neck of the babe and the baby was playing with the talon hanging from the end of it. The man, who had traveled much before his marriage instantly recognized it as that of a dragon. He was befuddled, but decided not to let it bother him.

He turned back and slowly strode out of the dark and back into the light of his small home and whispered "Welcome home son."

9 Years Later

"HEY, GET AWAY FROM HER!" At the sound of the voice, the group of young boys turned away from the 8 year old girl that they had been terrorizing. She took advantage of their distraction and bolted to the boy who had yelled.

"Brother!" She cried as the clung to him, shuddering. He held her comfortingly, whispering and stroking her short blonde hair. She looked up into his face with her beautiful sky blue eyes. Seeing those innocent eyes filled with fear made the boy flood with rage, but he was sure to keep a smile on his face so as not to scare the little girl that was his adopted sister.

He smiled and said "Run to the store and wait till I get there."

She clung to him even tighter and whispered "Darren no, I want to stay here with you."

Darren pulled her tight and said "Kati, ill be fine, just head home, ill be right behind you." He let her go and she reluctantly ran down the road in the direction of town. After she was out of sight, Darren turned back to the gang that had been bothering her. At the head stood Harold, a brute of a boy who was the son of the town head. The boy used that influence gather a gang of boys around him and torment those he looked down on.

"Now why did you have to ruin our fun?" he sneered. "Well, Shrimp? Why did you do it?" As he was speaking, he strode closer and closer to Darren, leaving the other 4 boys standing in a group, until he stood toe to toe with him. Standing next to each other, the physical differences were very clear. Harold had an easy six inches and 40 pounds of muscle on Darren.

"Well, I guess that you'll have to entertain us in the place of that little girl." He grinned at the gang and they laughed as they guessed what their leader had in mind. He turned back and continued "But don't fret, we'll have some fun with her lat-" He was cut off as a fist lashed out and connected with his nose. He collapsed in a heap and Darren stood over him fury blazing in his eyes. No one ever expected the small boy to show so much speed and wiry strength and he used that to his advantage.

"Don't ever threaten my family again you bastard." Darren delivered a kick right to the fallen boys groin, looked up and bolted from the scene. From the ground, the gang leader, with tears falling from his eyes managed to croak out a "Get him!" and the boys took off after Darren. He sprinted down the road, his feet thudded as he sprinted down the road and his heart pounded in his ears. He heard the thud of footsteps as the boys gained on him in the open stretch of road, their longer legs working in their favor. Sensing that they would catch him if he didn't do something Darren took a sharp left turn and sprinted into the woods. He ducked under branches and lept over roots, his small size working for him in this cramped area. He didn't slow down even when he heard the boys in pursuit get caught in the foliage while trying to follow in his path.

Eventually, the sounds of pursuit disappeared and Darren slowed to a walk and tried to get his bearings. He slowly strode through the forest and eventually came upon a small pond. He glanced at himself in the reflection and grimaced when he saw his red-brown hair in disarray and his face covered in small scratches he had obtained in his escape. Darren sighed and set to fixing his hair. After setting himself aright, he glanced around the glade. It was very green and on the other side of the pond, Darren saw a small hamlet nestled between the trees. Curiosity took over and he crept closer, but when he saw a figure move toward him in his peripheral vision, his instinct took over and he fled as quickly as he could in the direction that he hoped was towards home.

After running for several minutes, Darren broke the treeline and saw the small village where he lived. Smiling, he slowed to a walk and slowly approached the small shop on the edge of town run by his family. As he approached the store, the front door flew open and in the doorway stood a beautiful, blonde woman in her late 20's.

"Darren!" she cried out and she flew over and slammed into him, catching him in a vice-grip. Tears leaked out of her clear blue eyes as she inspected the his body. Darren felt another, smaller force slam into him with a cry of "Brother!" Darren smiled as his mother and sister looked him over. His mother got a serious look on her face and stared straight into his eyes.

"Darren, what happened, Kati wouldn't tell us anything other than that you were in trouble."

"It's nothing, I handled it." Darren responded and his mother relented. All together, they strode into the small shop and Darren looked around at the familiar surroundings. There were goods hung everywhere, everything ranging from weapons and armor to rope and food. Darren looked over to the counter just in time to spot the tall handsome blonde man that was his father walk through the doorway, shining a dagger.

His father looked at him with a straight face and said "You took care of it?" Darren nodded and his father nodded back before saying "Okay hero now go get cleaned up before you help, I don't want you scaring the customers away." Darren grinned when he looked down at his disheveled appearance. He then went in the back, changed his clothes and cleaned his injuries.

The day passed uneventfully until there was a pounding at the door as Darren and his father were getting ready to close up shop. Darren watched out of the corner of his eye as his father opened the door to the big musclehead that was the mayor of the town, red in the face and anger written in his expression.

"Jim! Your little runt hurt my son!" he raged. "I hope that you've punished him for it!"

Darren's father looked back calmly and said "It was my understanding that he was tormenting his little sister and I don't think that protecting you family should be punished. Now kindly get out of my store." Darren's father closed the door.

From outside the door, the mayor could be hear yelling "How dare you? Well don't blame me if my boy does something about that brat of yours!" Darren and his father finished cleaning up the store and got ready to go home.

"I have a few errands to take care of in town before I head home." His father said "Just hurry home, and stay on the road." Darren nodded and turned and started to jog down the road away from town toward the small cottage that he and his family lived in. As he ran down the road, he glanced into the woods from side to side to make sure that there weren't any dangers, animal or otherwise. He slowed as he saw something in the middle of the road in the distance. As he got closer, he realized it was a person and as he got even closer he realized that it was Harold. Darren stopped close enough that he could see that Harold was bruised and had a broken nose, but not so close that he couldn't escape if he had to.

Harold called out "C'mon shrimp! Not ready for round two?" Darren stood in place and waited for the brute of a boy to make his move. What Darren didn't see was that while he was distracted with Harold, boys were sneaking through the darkness and surrounding him, but he didn't notice that until they lept from their hiding places and encircled him. Harold let out a smirk as Darren hastily measured his surroundings. He counted about 10 children, about half the children in the village, and almost all of the boys. They slowly closed in, cutting off any hope of escape. Darren hastily looked around hoping for an escape route, but as he turned back to the front, a fist connected with his jaw. His vision swam in front of his eyes and his breath was knocked out of his lungs when a knee connected with his center. Darren collapsed to the ground as the boys crowded around for a chance to land a hit on him, whether it be a punch or a kick. All Darren could do was curl up as small as possible and try to outlast the barrage.

Harold let out a bark to back up and all the boys took a few steps back. He walked over and picked Darren up to his feet. Feeling the breath flow back into his lungs, Darren thought that maybe it was over and he would be able to go home. His hope was short lived when a fist drove into his solar plexus. Darren doubled over in pain and Harold leaned over to whisper "You know brat, we're going to kill you." Fear flooded Darren's senses and he started to shiver. Harold continued "And then, we're going to go and take care of your little sister." Fear was replaced with anger and Darren continued to shiver, but for a different reason.

"You bastard." Darren whispered

"What was that shrimp?" Harold replied driving Darren's face into his knee.

Darren stumbled back and screamed "I told you to stay away from my family!" As Harold strode toward him with a fist raised, Darren looked around at the boys surrounding him and something snapped inside of him. There was a flash of light followed by an explosion. Darren found himself on the ground, his vision fading in and out. He slowly stood up and looked around. The boys were all looking at him with a look of horror on their faces. They all looked at somewhere else and Darren followed their gazes to the boy on the ground. His skin was slightly charred and he was smoking. Darren nearly jumped with the realization that it was Harold, and he was the one who caused it.

One of the boys stepped back stuttering "W-What are you?" Darren took a step toward him, but he turned and sprinted down the road screaming "Stay away from me you freak!" The rest of the boys quickly followed suit and ran as fast as they could from the body of their leader and the boy next to it. Darren turned back to the Harold and saw the small rise and fall of his chest and let out a small sigh of relief, but then the smell of burnt flesh hit him and he felt his bile rise until he vomited. After he finished emptying his stomach, Darren walked a ways down the road until the body was out and sight and sat down to think. What is wrong with me? Why could I do that? The questions kept flooding through Darren's brain and he had no answers to these questions other than that he no longer had any right to live with his family. He didn't know when this power would flash up again and he didn't want to hurt his family. Darren knew that he had to leave, but he also knew that he needed supplies. Where am I going to go? What should I do? Darren steeled himself and stole down the road before his father found him on his way back home. After jogging for a few minutes, Darren arrived at home. As he approached his house, he saw that the lights were off and he knew that this was his only chance. So as not to let the hinges squeak, Darren climbed in through the window of the small cottage and crept into his room. He quickly packed as many materials as possible into his small day pack and grabbed his lucky walking staff before he moved into the kitchen. Guilt flashed through him as he thought about the fact that he was stealing from his own family. Because he was distracted, he wasn't paying attention and knocked over a mug and it fell to the floor with a lout thud. Darren froze. He waited for several moments until he was sure that he hadn't woken anyone. When he was sure that he was till alone, he continued packing away food that he could store for a long amount of time. Just as he finished packing and was getting ready to leave, a small light in the corner of the room caught his eye. He turned the face the little blonde girl who was carrying a candle and rubbing her eyes.

"Big Brother? Where are you going?" she asked looking up at him. Darren stared down at his little sister thinking that when she grew up she was going to be very beautiful. He walked over to her, gave her a kiss on the cheek and a hug and said "Kati, I'm going to be gone for a while okay? Be good." Kati looked back up and him with tears in her eyes. They stood for several moments looking at each other before she finally nodded and he turned to leave.

As Darren closed the door he could hear a soft weeping and his sister whisper "Come back soon Big brother." Tears filled Darren's eyes as he ran away from his home for the last 9 years as quickly as possible. After a few minutes he slowed to a walk and found a large tree with a gap in the trunk. Darren sat his pack down and settled himself down for the rest of the night. He lay there for a long time, thinking about what his family would do when they realized that he wasn't there. Eventually, his exhaustion overtook him and a fell to sleep. He awoke the next morning feeling strangely refreshed. He got up and put on his pack. Then he set off for the day. He walked through the forest for hours, just letting the beauty of nature fill his senses. After a few hours of walking, the surroundings started to look familiar. Then when Darren glanced up, he realized that he was back in the glade that he had wandered into the day before. He walked up to the pond, dropped to his knees and started to drink. He was interrupted when something grabbed the scruff of his neck and picked him up off the ground. Darren tried to turn to see what had picked him up, but he couldn't get the leverage.

Just when Darren gave up trying to see what had him, he heard "Well now, what do we have here?" Darren looked off to his left to see an old man standing beside the pond. The man made and hand sign and Darren was dropped to the ground. He looked back and say a large man made of clay. Darren's eyes widened with realization. This man was a wizard! Darren sat and thought for a moment about his situation. Then he was struck with a thought. Darren ran over to the man and dropped to his knees in front of the man.

"Mister, please make me your apprentice!" The man stood and looked down at Darren with a perplexed look on his face. They stayed that way for several minutes until Darren couldn't take it anymore and said "Please sir! I don't have anywhere else to go!"

The man looked at him and finally said "Why not?" and turned and walked away. Darren sat there for several moments before the man called back "Well come on lad, I don't have all day!" With a feeling of elation, Darren lept to his feat and chased after the man who was now his master. Darren followed him in silence as he approached the small building that he had seen the day before, the clay man following closely behind him. As he entered the house, Darren was struck by how clean and tidy it was. Darren had expected a cluttered mess that he commonly associated with magicians. He glanced around the small 3 room building to see the main room with a kitchen and fireplace. Through the back, he could see the room that obviously belonged to the wizard. Darren turned to the man that had accepted him as an apprentice. He sat in a chair and Darren stood in front of him for what seemed like minutes before the man said "Well go on, put you things in the back room and come back here." Darren hastily followed his orders. After dropping his things in the small, clean room that was only a bed and a chest, Darren returned to the man. As he stood in front of him he was surprised to see that the man was not as old as he had originally assumed. He appeared to be in his mid 40's when Darren had originally thought him in his 70's at least.

After minutes the man finally said "Right, if you are going to be staying here, these will be your daily chores. You will get water for our meals, chop wood for the fire, make sure to have a fair sized stock for when winter comes, and you will be in charge of cleaning the house. In the past the golem did all this, but it is more efficient to have him do more dangerous tasks like gathering materials while you do the light labor now boy, get to it." And with that, Darren left his new home and settled in for his new life.

5 Years Later

With a sigh, Darren swiped the sweat from his brow and leaned on his ax, taking a good look at his work. He let out a grin while he looked at the large pile of chopped firewood, he thought back on the last few years. Despite his expectations, the man did not teach him magic and instead he was basically the housekeeper. But he could not complain, he was more at peace than he had been in years. Darren gathered his work and piled it up neatly beside the house. Over the last few years Darren had grown, perhaps not as much as he had hoped, but he was as of average height and the labor everyday kept him fit and strong. He leaned the ax on the side of the house and walked to the pond to wash the sweat of the day off himself. After washing himself, he walked back up and into the house, stretching to loosen his muscles. He heard footsteps behind him and when he turned to see the golem that he had gotten used to in the last few years and he grinned at it. Of course it showed no emotion back, but Darren was used to that. As he walked into the house, he saw the his master sitting at his table waiting and Darren turned his head with a confused look on his face.

The man looked back at him and said "You have been here for 5 years today, and not once have you tried to pressure me to teach you to use magic. Why?"

Darren looked back and said "Originally I thought that I wanted to learn magic, but I realized that pushing you wouldn't gain me anything. If you were going to teach me, you would do it on your terms, not mine."

His master stared at Darren's face with a searching look on his own and after a few moments finally said "That was a good response. Okay now is the time."

"You are going to teach me how to use magic?"

The mans serious face broke out into a grin and he said "Why not? Now boy, you should know, not everyone has the potential to learn the art of wizardry, but you have the spark. I saw it when you first came to me and that is why I accepted you."

"You only accepted me for the that spark?"

"What, you thought I wanted a housekeeper? Now here take off those woodsman's clothes and put on these." The old man tossed him a pile of black. Darren opened it up to see that the packaging was a cloak and inside was more black, a pair of pants. Where is the shirt?

"His master seeming to read his mind answered "There is no shirt, I don't want it restricting your movement, besides the cloak will keep you warm." Darren shrugged and went into his room to change. After changing he returned to the main room wondering at his new clothes. They looked to be of expensive materials and it felt very high-quality. Then Darren realized that his master would only want to spend this much once and grimaced when he realized that he was already in his full growth. He was as tall as a man, but not the tallest person by a longshot. He sighed as he strode into the living room to find his master. When Darren entered the room, he saw that the old man was no longer there. Glancing around, Darren stepped outside to look for the old man and spotted him waiting patiently beside the pond in the middle of the glade. The man glanced Darren up and down as he approached and finally nodded.

"It suits you." he said. "Now then, lets get down to business." Darren stood with his feet spread and his hands folded behind his back and waited for his instruction.

"Right, so, a wizard uses magic by preparing what you expect you need at the beginning of the day. I have already prepared several for the day and I will show you now." With a flick of his wrist, a small light appeared in the man's hand and danced between his fingers.

"We are going to start with spells like that. Ones that are not likely to be deadly if you mess up, which odds are you will once or twice." The man grinned to show that it was meant in good humor. Darren grinned back and followed the mans instruction on how to prepare the simple spell. The old man demonstrated the proper hand gesture to summon the small light. With a grin Darren imitated the movement and then frowned when nothing happened. He tried again and again nothing happened. Irritated now, Darren angrily completed the gesture and yelled in frustration when his efforts were met with no results. His master looked at him with a perplexed look on his face.

"Hmmmm, I suppose you will just have to practice. Don't come in until you have successfully summoned a light." Darren nodded and tried once more, paying no heed as his master walked away and returned to their home.

The day slowly passed with Darren making no progress whatsoever. As the daylight faded the old man came out to find Darren on the verge of tears at his lack of results.

"Boy! Unless you can create a light before the sun falls behind the horizon, I am going to end your apprenticeship!" There, maybe now ill get some results out of him now. The man didn't really intend to end the apprenticeship, the boy had too much magical potential to let him out without training. Fear entered Darren's eyes at the thought of being cast out. He tried the maneuvers again with a renewed urgency, but results still failed to manifest. After several tries, Darren collapsed to his knees in frustration. Tears flooded his eyes and his throat choked up. His master showed a look of concern and confusion, there was no way that it shouldn't have worked. Darren stood on shaky legs and kept trying, doing his best not to collapse and break down. Finally, Darren screamed into the air in frustration. He screamed with all his might and threw his hands into the air. With that movement there was a familiar event. The world exploded into light and a memory flashed into Darren's eyes.

Harold stood with his fist raised, ready to deliver a punishing blow when he was engulfed in flames and light. The blast blew Darren off of his feet and his vision blacked out. The last thing he saw was the look of surprise and fear that flashed into Harold's eyes before the flames engulfed him completely.

After a minute, Darren came back to the present. He quickly cast his vision around him. There was steam rising from the pool and the ground around him was scorched. He cast his gaze around looking for his master and after a moment, saw him lying in a heap just outside the ring of scorched earth. Darren ran to him and quickly checked his vitals, tears in his eyes and guilt running through him at the thought of hurting someone else. Darren tried to wake the man, but he didn't show any signs of rousing. Tears ran down his face as he struggled to wake the man.

"Please, wake up. Don't die. I don't want to be alone again." he cried. Darren's breath caught in his throat as the man's eyes slowly opened. The old man let out a small cough and turned to look at Darren, a surprisingly clear look in his eye.

"So that's why you couldn't do it." he murmured. "Boy. You aren't cut out to be a Wizard."

Darren let out a little gasp and asked "But didn't you say that I had magical potential? And didn't I just hurt you with magic?"

The man looked at him calmly "You have one of the greatest magical potential that I have seen, but you aren't meant for the research of a Wizard, you are a Sorcerer, possibly descended from dragons. You weave your magic, you don't prepare it. I can't teach you anything, you will have to learn it on your own."

As the realization of what he was being told dawned on him, Darren's face drained of blood. His lips started to quiver at the thought of being alone.

His master seeing him on the verge of a breakdown sat up and said "Your powers will be controlled in time, you just need to practice, go on a journey. But until your powers stabilize, you should learn to use weapons." He got up and limped inside the building, leaving Darren crouched in place. After a few minutes, he returned carrying a pack and a small sack.

"This is the bag you came carrying 5 years ago. I've restocked it for your leave." Then he handed over the small sack. It was surprisingly heavy. "This is some money to buy some weapons until you can use your magic at will." With a small push, he sent Darren on his way out into the forest in the direction of the town that he had abandoned years ago. Darren started off reluctantly, walking slowly while looking back, but after a moment, he took off quickly. He walked for hours before the dark made it impossible to travel any farther and decided to settle down for the night.

The next morning Darren awoke to the sound of movement and he jerked his eyes open, remaining perfectly still otherwise. He quickly scanned the area and saw a squirrel leap off a tree. He breathed a sigh of relief and got up and ready for more walking. He wandered for a few hours before he spotted buildings at the edge of town. Darren slowed as the first people came into his vision. He pulled up the hood of his new cloak, obscuring his face to all those who could see him. Darren wandered around the town, taking in the familiar sights and sounds that he had grown up with. It had been 5 years, but it looked like not much had changed in the time he had been gone except all of the people looked older. Darren froze in his tracks as a beautiful girl wandered into his vision. She was just shorter than him and had long blonde hair that fell in ringlets. The breath was stolen from his lungs and he couldn't even think straight. Since when did such a beauty live here? She turned his way and saw a man watching her.

The man had a cloak that covered his head and fell in a way that covered his whole body. Why is he watching me?

"What are you looking at?" She demanded. Darren's face blushed a deep red as he realized how what he was doing could be misinterpreted.

"Sorry, I haven't been here in while." he said, allowing his hood to fall to his shoulders. The girl froze in her tracks and stared at his face. She couldn't believe what she was seeing. It was like seeing a ghost. Tears filled her eyes, startling Darren.

"Darren." she whispered. Suddenly she jumped through the air and collided with him.

"Kati?" Kati nodded her head, buried in his chest. Darren felt her hot tears run down his front as she cried. He grabbed her and held her close for several moments, the tears welling up in his eyes as well. After a long moment, he released her and held her by her shoulders at arm length.

"Why don't we go see Mom and Dad?" She only nodded in response and they took off in the direction of the store that their family still owned, Kati clinging close to Darren. They entered the store together and saw the tall beautiful, blonde woman in her early 30's standing behind the counter. She lifted her eyes from the counter and saw her daughter enter, clinging to the arm of a boy she felt that she should recognize.

"Welcome back Kati, who is this?" she asked, raising an eyebrow.

"Whats that matter mother? Don't recognize your own son?" Darren returned with a sad smile on his face. The woman's eyes shot open and she examined him closely. With a sudden intake of breath, she grabbed Darren and pulled him into a crushing embrace, tears rolling down her cheeks. Darren hugged her back smiling, thinking that it was great to be home. Darren heard a cough. He turned to see his father standing in the doorway behind them, grinning. He walked up to Darren and offered his arm. Darren stared at him for several moments before taking his father's forearm in his grip and hugging the man.

"Where have you been all this time?" his father asked. Darren took in a deep breath and set to telling his family the whole story of what happened, from the night he left to the night before. By the time he was done, the sun had crossed the sky and the moon had risen.

"And then I met Kati in town." he finished, catching his breath. His mother got up and went to the small kitchen in the store to prepare a small meal while they caught up.

Darren's father looked him up and down and nodded "I see that you've been keeping in shape." Darren nodded, grinning.

He got up from the table. "I'm going to take a walk." Kati followed him saying that she would go with him. Nodding, Darren walked outside and strode down the road under the moonlight, his sister walking alongside him.

Kati turned to him "You kept your promise." tears once again filling her eyes. Darren looked at her with a questioning look in his eyes.

"You came back." she said simply.

An indescribably sad look came over Darren's face as he said "I'm sorry Kati, I can't stay."

"Why not?"

"I can hurt people with this power of mine. I don't want to hurt anyone that I care about, so until I can control it, I will travel and train, constantly testing myself and improving myself." He then turned on his heel and walked back to the store, leaving Kati standing in the middle of the road, the moonlight shining off her glossy blonde hair, light glinting off the water that trickled down her cheeks.

Darren entered the shop and looked closely at the weapons that they carried. He could tell that the stock was larger than when he helped in the past and it made him happy that they were successful. In the end a short spear and a small crossbow caught his eye and he thought that he could learn to use it with a little work. He also grabbed a small bag and 20 crossbow bolts to take with him in it. He set it all down on the counter and rang the bell. His father entered the room with a perplexed look on his face and it grew even more confused when he saw the weapons piled in front of his son.

"What is the meaning of this?"

"Father, I need to do this, don't try to stop me." His father looked at him for a long moment and finally nodded, he knew what it meant to adventure. Darren pulled out a few coins from his small pouch and held them out to his father. The man silently accepted the money and gave his son a hug. He then turned and walked into the sitting room, dreading explaining why their son was gone a second time to his wife.

Darren turned and left the shop without another word. When he stepped out into the road, he turned to look where he had left his sister, to see that no one was there. He sighed sadly, thinking that she hadn't wanted to say goodbye when she crashed into him from the other side.

"Don't go!" Tears poured down her face as she pleaded with him. Darren pulled her in close and gently kissed her cheek.

"Don't worry, ill be back."

"No, this time, when I'm old enough, ill come find you!" Darren stood in silence. He gave her one more hug and turned away. He walked down the road and prepared to start his life anew once again.

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