AUthor's note: Another Harry Potter crossover, I made this story because I really really like the story 'Hex', it was really well-written and it entered an idea in my head and now I can't get it out (Sigh). I don't know how much I can update this since school is starting tomorrow but I'll try my best.

Summary: All Harry Potter wanted was a peaceful life but sadly, the wizarding society has other plans, All he wanted was to be "Just Harry" So with his friends support, Harry decided that maybe being away with everything associated with the magical world would give him some peace and so he went to a small town named Forks expecting peace and quiet but it seemed that Destiny had other plans...

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Chapter 1:

It had been years after the war, and Harry, Ron, Hermione along with those who survived in the Dumbledore's Army tried to pick what was once their life's and finished their formal education in Hogwarts, and though the war had changed all of them. They persevered and went their own separate ways.

Harry had chosen to become an Auror and though he wanted some peace, he also wanted to finish what he started. His choice of career greatly pleased the Wizarding Society, and because of his fame and natural talent in Defense, not to mention his experience. He quickly finished the Auror program and became the youngest Head Auror in history.

Meanwhile Ron, wanting to leave and forget the war that claimed one of his siblings life, had joined the Quidditch world and became the keeper of the Chudley Cannons, and though it had taken Ron quite a while to shape up the team, they still won the Quidditch World Cup in later years, though Ron had not been solely focused in Quidditch, the relationship that Ron and Hermione cultivated in their hunt for the Deathly Hallows had blossomed to a more serious and permanent one, in three years two of the Golden Trio was married happily.

Despite her Blood status, Hermione had entered the Department for the Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures, and because of the status and fame she gained because of her efforts and contribution in the War, she quickly became the Head of her department and began granting other sentient creatures more rights and protections while removing the oppressive ones while also improving the relationship between Wizards and Non-Humans.

Neville Longbottom had inherited the title "Lord" from his father when he became of age, After finishing Hogwarts Neville pursued Mastery in Herbology and then became both Herbology professor and Head of the House of Gryffindor.

Susan Bones had married Justin Finch-Fletchley after suceeding her aunt, the late Amelia Bones, as the Head of Magical Enforcement.

Luna Lovegood inheritedher Father's newspaper the 'Quibbler', and thanks to Harry's help in advertising and giving exclusive news about the Boy-Who-Lived and Man-Who-Conquered, The 'Quibbler' quickly became the prominent newspaper of the Wizarding Britain.

And through it all, Harry Potter stayed the same, his body frozen in the time of his early-twenties, Harry didn't notice it at first but seeing his friend's back getting more hunched over, their skin wrinkling, some of their hair graying then seeing his face, unchanged by time every single day.

It was then that harry decided to quit his job, much to the people's surprise and even though some tried to day that it was his duty and obligation to serve the magical world, they were all silenced by Kingsley Shacklebolt, who became the Minister Of Magic. It was Kingsley who let Harry go and even told him that his postion will always be waiting for him if he ever decided to come back, and though he was grateful to Kingsley's interference, even if he didn't interfere, Harry would have still quit after all for him, killing Voldemort, and spending the last 10 years chasing down the last of his cronies had been more than enough for Harry.

Telling his friends of his decision had elicited different reactions, Neville had been surprisingly accepting.

"It's your life Harry, and it's time for you to get what you want for once." -Neville said with his soft but firm voice.

Ron had been more angry and outraged at his decision but had come to his accept his decision after talking with Hermione.

"We would miss you Harry, but Neville was right, you've become more reclusive and more stressed, especially when you found out about that and I think this would help you." - Hermione had added soothingly.

"That was when Hermione also noticed his apparent lack of growth, and discreetly made some study on why on Harry's insistence and that was when they learned that apparently the title 'Master of Death' wasn't just for a show and that the legend about them had actually told the truth 'The one who completes the Hallows will become the Master of Death' after the revelation, Harry tested Hermione's theory, although she didn't know, Although he thought about slitting, he wasn't that desperate to know just yet, and instead uses an under powered cutting hex at his arm and watched with a morbid feeling, as his hand healed without the help of his magic and if that wasn't enough, Harry accidentally summoned Death who then explained that he was it's master now and that one of it's job was to keep it's master alive, which was unfortunately him. After his meeting with Death, Harry saw the tragic irony, the one who tried to do everything in his power to avoid his death was Voldemort, and in the end he died, and then Harry who actually wanted to grow old with his love one's was the one who couldn't die or even age, Dumbledore was right after all "The true Master of Death is the one who isn't afraid to face it." and because of that Harry came to one conclusion, Fate was a cruel bitch.

"I'll handle the ministry, besides I think Kingsley would help me in that." -Susan offered

"Thanks Susan, I still don't know where I'm going but I'm thinking of some small town." - Harry told them

"Just owl us when you arrived, You've done more than enough Harry, more than what anyone could expect of you and it's high time that the wizarding society give you want you want, though you better make a low profile since I'm pretty sure you don't want your fans to follow you wherever you will go." - Hermione advised him

"Just... Just keep in touch mate, okay? you son't need to write every week but you've gotta owl us once in a while." -Ron ordered him, his sadness obvious in his voice.

"And Harry, I'm sure you already know this but... please wherever you're going... keep yourself safe, okay?" - Hermione said, her hand touching his shoulder reassuringly.

"I will 'Mione, Thanks guys" -Harry said, his items were all packed, the goblins had given him a pouch that was linked to his Vaults and converted whatever money he needed at the time, The clothes that he kept were already packed and was shrinked then put in his pocket and so with one last look to his friends, he apparated to his new house in a little town called Forks.

As he felt the familiar sensation that apparating brought, he thought 'Who the hell actually named a town after that?'

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The pairing will be Harry X Leah