Chapter 3: Wolf's Howl

He had always heard some howl when the day had fallen, it had recently become more frequent, though at first it had puzzled him greatly, the first time he had heard the howl, it was a new moon, there was no way that a werewolf could transform without the aid of the full moon and so he had investigated and checked on his books on what magical creature could howl so loud that the whole town could hear it, another clue was that it was able to co-exist with humans, as he hadn't heard any news on people disappearing that could be blamed on this creatures.

The moment Harry heard the howl, he had already donned his jacket and holstered the Elder Wand and though he doubt he needed the Death Stick to deal with a possible werewolf, Moody's teachings of "Constant Vigilance" would not let Harry leave a weapon that was available, specially one as strong as the Elder Wand, so with that in mind, Harry left the safety of his house and walked along the path to the forest.

The forest in Forks was nowhere near as thick and dangerous as the 'Forbidden Forest' but it was thick and large enough to warrant its name unlike the so-called forests that different cities boast, if Harry were to go to the forest in the morning, the sun when shining would be able to provide enough lighting for him but in the middle of the night, not even the full moon would be able to penetrate the thick foliage that covered the forest like a blankey, and so Harry produced a low-powered lumos to light his way, his plan wasn't to confront whatever creature was prowling but he wanted information as to what the creature was and if it posed a threat to his peaceful living… well it wasn't like the creature would be a danger to him even if it was thereat, it wasn't like Death would be so kind as to let him stay dead for long.

With his plan of action decided, Harry spelled himself to have no smell as well as summoning the Invisibility cloaked to his person, it was a nifty trick he learned after his final battle with Voldemort, the Resurrection Stone had immediately bonded with his magical core as well as the other two hallows, when he had misplaced where he had put the Stone, it had immediately popped back to him, trying this with the other Hallows Harry had found out that no matter the distance nor the situation, it didn't matter as the Relics of Death would always come back to him, the one that Death itself recognized as its master even if he destroyed it like he tried when he snapped the Death Stick and let the pieces fall after the Final Battle, it had still come back to him, whole and clean as if it had never been broken and had its pieces scattered to the four winds.

Using a simple point me spell, Harry trudged towards the general direction that the spell pointed to, taking great care to silence his footsteps so as to not alert the magical creature.


After her howl's, Leah just sat in her normal position, her patrol time was nearly ending and soon Jacob along with Embry was going to phase to their wolf-form at any given moment, not wanting to stick around so that the others wouldn't know what she was doing moments ago, she heightened her senses and sniff to see if someone was near, having a negative feedback, she phased back to her human form and prepared to dress in her normal clothes but just as she put on her clothes, she heard a twig snapped in her right, normally she would have ignored it and dashed it as someone in her pack making a noise but she was alone, and she had just checked that fact, so with her senses once more alert, she phased…


When Harry set out that night to investigate what kind of creature was present in the seemingly peaceful town of Forks, he thought he was ready to see whatever it was, after all participating in the War, where Voldemort allied himself with all kinds of magical creatures, from Hags, Werewolves, Giants, Vampires and many more. He thought having seen those; he was ready for whatever this small town had…. At first everything was in the realm of expectation, never mind that he was seeing a silver wolf that was at least as large as he was, never mind that it was also nowhere near the time of Full Moon where Werewolves always transformed, everything was within Harry's expectation, after all he had heard howl's even though it wasn't full moon, though judging from the loud noises he had expected a pack of them though it was still possible that this one was alone and was away from the pack at the moment.

So when he saw the previously mentioned silver wolf actually turn to a naked human female, Harry was shocked and made a very amateur mistake of stepping back, and with his luck he had stepped on a twig that broke under his weight which alerted the now human female.

As soon as he saw the female react to his presence, Harry was faced with three options :

The first one was to run like hell and hope against hope that the she-wolf wouldn't be able to track him, after all even if he couldn't actually die, it still hurt when he did.

The second option was to stay still and wait for the she-wolf to chalked it up to her imagination and leave.

The last option was the one that carried the most risk of him being attacked, as it consisted of the plan of talking to it while hiding behind his invisibility cloak.

As he was considering his options, he heard the she-wolf growl as if to say 'Who's there?'

'Well, I guess there goes option two' Harry sighed as he once again showed exactly how he valued his life.

"What are you and what is your intentions for this town?" -Harry said in a booming voice, taking care of spreading it around so that the she-wolf couldn't pinpoint his location

The she-wolf just growled at the voice while frantically looking around to see where his voice came from


Even with her heightened senses, she still couldn't figure out where the voice had come from, she had a feeling that it had observed her before making it's presence known to her, and even though she was sure that she was a match to whatever this was, she couldn't help the nervousness that crept at her, after all this was the first time she was going to fight without her pack and she was currently alone, though she was stalling for time so that Jacob and Embry would phase and be able to come as her back-up.

As she was looking around to see if she could pinpoint it's location, she pondered that even though the voice was quite intimidating, she didn't feel bloodlust or even any malicious intent towards her, it was as if the voice was merely askin-

Leah's train of thought was interrupted as she felt that she was no longer alone, Jacob and Embry had just joined her in her mind.

'Leah!, just wait I already ordered Embry to tell Sam, and I'm coming, just keep it occupied.'

'Don't panic Jacob!, whatever it is it's not attacking or making any moves." 'Almost as if it was just watching' Leah thought softly, she couldn't place it, but she knew that whatever it was, it wasn't there to cause her or any of them harm.


'Ugh, I knew it, why couldn't I walk away just for once?, I should really learn to turn off my curiosity, it's gonna be the death of me' -Harry thought bitterly as he sensed another one of the wolves near 'probably a pack then.'

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