In lilys fifth year she would always go to the library at dinner and study for Owls so she would always end up hungry until one night she saw a piece of cake on her bed with a letter saying

Dear lily

Eat it

She looked around abit so she could find some clues but she never found any so she just ate

The following day happened the same thing she found the letter , she would look a bit a round to look for clues but never find any the following routine happened for a week until one day lily was really curious I mean who would be so nice to put cake on her bed? She thought maybe her best friend did it but no .. so that night she waited in the common room till everyone went to dinner and then quickly hid under bed so she would catch the person who would put cake on her bed for her she waited and waited after ten minutes she heard the door open she heard someone walking until that person stopped at her bed she felt someone place something on her bed and before that person could go she rolled on her side on the floor and quickly stood up , she gasped.

she didn't expect to see James Potter standing there looking like a deer caught in head lights " he-y e..vans " he stuttered , " awwww he looks cute when he stutter s" then she thought about what she said and her eyes widened ….. she then started to think about all the different sides of James , Jerk James when he was asking he out hundreds of times , Caring James when he came and found her after Severus called her a mudblood and now when he would put cake for her on her bed .

she must have been thinking for a while because she heard james calling her " Lily ! are you alright ?" she said the first thing that came to her mind " im in love with James Potter" she saw James's eyes widen and lily was blushing like a tomato and she said this while stuttering " I … I mean ….." but she couldn't complete the sentence because james had crushed his lips on hers , and from that day forward they were know as the golden couple .