AN: Sorry if things seem a little rushed. I wrote this as a final for my Conceptual Storytelling class. It's four in the morning and my class starts at eight. I haven't slept and this is not nearly done. Yeah… It's most likely going to be 13 chapters. Enjoy.

The plane ride isn't quite as bad as Blaine imagined it. He sprung for first class as to not deal with having to touch any of the other passengers. He still wasn't comfortable with the conditions but he made due. The flight was six hours and he thought to take sleeping pills so he spent most of it unconscious. He informed the flight attendant of his needs and so the time he did spend awake wasn't too horrible. He was given two glasses of tomato juice, the same amount in each glass. He drank them alternating between the cups until they were both empty. He brought his own pillow and blanket to be disposed of after using. The other passengers seemed to find him strange.

After getting off the plane he hurried to the baggage claim. Rachel said she would be waiting there. Upon arriving he quickly found her.

"Blaine! Over here!" She waved her hands and called out to her brother.

While the room was relatively crowded, she was easy to spot and he wondered why she bothered calling out. He made his way over and quickly gave her a hug as she stretched out her arms for him. "Rachel," he said ending the hug. "You look well."

"Well, thank you. Same to you." She looked him up and down and smiled. 'Same old Blaine,' she thought. "I suspect you'll want me to pick up your bag." She grinned.

"Yes," he said quietly, looking down. "If you would." The bag was no doubt disgusting at this point after being handled by so many people and falling down the ramp onto the baggage claim.

"Of course. Wait here." She walked into the crowd of people waiting by the claim. There was no need to ask what his bag looked like. She knew the minute she saw it. The only bag wrapped in plastic was no doubt her eccentric brother's. She grabbed the large suit case and dragged it onto the floor. 'Jeeze, I forgot how much he packs.' Thankfully it had wheels and she was easily able to get it back over to Blaine. "Alright!" She said. "Let's go. My car is nice and clean, just for you."

He smiled and followed after her. "I'm glad I came Rachel. I've missed you."

"I'm glad too." She said looking back at him. "You don't know how much it means to me for you to be there for me. Mom and dad both declined."

"I'm glad for that, too, actually." He wasn't on very good terms with their parents. His father was still uncomfortable with his sexuality and it wasn't easy for them to talk. His mother, on the other hand, skipped right over discomfort and went straight for trying to 'cure' him. Sufficed to say he wasn't interested in that.

"I know you guys don't get on very well, but they do try. And they love you."

"Love only goes so far." He said as they arrived at Rachel's car. He was surprised to see that the inside met his standards. He didn't think he would even need to clean his hands after getting out.

"Told you so," Rachel laughed, knowing what her brother must be thinking.

"I would never doubt you," he said, feigning innocence.

"Suuure," she drawled. She went around to the trunk and tossed in Blaine's bag. He was already secure in the passenger seat by the time she was done. "I don't live far from here. You can choose the station."

He decided to simply leave the radio as it was. If he started to mess with it the odd numbers of the stations and the volume would consume him. "I'm fine," he said.

The ride took about half an hour. While she did live quite close New York traffic was horrible. Blaine wondered why Rachel even bothered owning a car. It seemed very inconvenient. If she lived in an apartment where did she even park? His thoughts were interrupted by their arrival. Turns out she lived in a small complex complete with parking. 'Well that explains that, I suppose.'

Rachel brought his case inside and showed him to her bedroom. "You'll be in here. I'm taking the couch. And don't complain, I know you can't sleep on a couch. I'll be fine. I've already cleaned and ironed the sheets and pillow cases. They're new pillows, by the way."

Blaine smiled at his sister. "Thank you."

"It's no trouble." She brought him to the kitchen. "Now," she started. "I have a closed practice in an hour so you'll have to eat by yourself tonight. I've made everything in advance; it's all in the fridge. Practice ends at ten; I should be home before eleven. Go ahead and get into anything you want."

"I'll be writing my book. No need to worry about me."

"Alright, well I have to get ready really quick and be on my way. Tardiness is highly frowned upon." She said with a serious face.

"As it should be," he agreed. He waited for her to finish in her room before going in to unpack his case. She had left him an empty drawer to use. He carefully cut the plastic off and quickly sanitized his hands after throwing it away. Unpacking was relatively uneventful. He had to make due putting all of his things in one container. He wasn't used to it but he could deal.

"See you in a few hours, Blaine!" Rachel called out to him and took off.

He set to work on his book. After a few hours he had a few pages done and decided to take a break for food. Rachel had a plate made up and wrapped in foil in the fridge. All he had to do was heat it up. The break wasn't too long and he soon continued with his book. Seven rolled around and he need to get ready for bed. He left Rachel a note saying he had gone to bed. She didn't know of his schedule.

The next day he woke at seven, as usual. Rachel was still sleeping and he decided to repay her for dinner. He made waffles, as he knew they were her favorite breakfast. He finished at eight and decided to wake Rachel before eating.

"Blaine these are amazing." Rachel practically melted due to the amazing taste of Blaine's breakfast. "How are you this awesome?" She asked.

"I always cook for myself," he said. "For obvious reasons," he added.

"Oh right, of course," she said nodding her head. "Well," she started, changing the subject. "Tonight's the big night." She looked positively ecstatic.

"You're going to be wonderful. I hope Tony will be able to keep up with you." He smiled at her.

"Oh that definitely won't be a problem. Kurt is amazing. Not quite as amazing as me, of course, but he is exceptionally talented. I couldn't ask for a better Tony."

Blaine was intrigued. Not many people warranted the Rachel Anderberry seal of approval. "We'll see."

Rachel quieted down. "I've told him about you, you know."

Blaine raised an eyebrow.

"Nothing bad!" She clarified. "It's just… well he's single, you're single…"

Blaine rolled his eyes. "You're trying to set me up with someone that lives here? That will never work, Rachel. And besides, I'm sort of hard for most people to deal with. Have you mentioned that to him?"

"I told him you have OCD. He doesn't judge. He's naturally very clean. I'm sure he could handle you just fine." She paused. "If you know what I mean."

Blaine flushed. "Oh please, Rachel."

"I'm just teasing," she smiled. "But in all seriousness. He seems very interested. I told him your profession, your taste in music, and your obsession with shoelaces. He thought it was cute."

Blaine flushed again. "I'm not obsessed with shoe laces. They just get dirty very easily. I can't wear the same ones twice."

"I can understand that. But keeping the used ones?" She lifted her eyebrow at him.

"What if I need them someday?" He exclaimed.

"You will never need dirty used shoelaces, Blaine."

"Can we talk about something else now?" He was getting irritated.

"I'm right, but fine. Back to West Side Story. I'm extremely confident that I'm going to be perfect tonight. Oh! Maybe Kurt can join us for a celebratory dinner afterwards!"

"That sounds fine. But please don't try to set us up while we're out."

Rachel pouted but agreed.

Time seemed to fly by. Before they knew it Blaine was sitting in the audience and Rachel was on stage. As expected, her performance was spot on. It was times like this that made Blaine remember how proud he was to call Rachel his sister. Once upon a time Blaine had wanted to perform as well. However, as his condition developed he quickly realized that he wouldn't be able to live that sort of life. Just the make-up and costumes alone were too much for him to handle. Following the show Blaine went backstage to find his sister.

"Blaine! Blaine, over here!" She waved him over just as she had at the airport. "Oh my gosh, that was so amazing! Wasn't it amazing?" She was practically vibrating with excitement.

"You were amazing, Rachel. Your performance was just as perfect as I assumed it would be. You never fail to astound me." He gave his sister a hug. "In fact, I loved it so much I think I'll catch tomorrow's show as well."

"Really?" She asked.


She squealed. "Yay! Thank you so much, Blaine!" She hugged him once more. "Oh!" She exclaimed, pulling away from him. "I have to introduce you to Kurt! He's really excited to meet you." She smirked and grabbed his wrist, pulling him farther backstage. They arrived at a dressing room and she pulled him inside. "Kuuurt," she said in a sing song voice. "I brought my brother!"

Blaine stumbled in the room to see the back of a man slightly taller than him. He was still wearing Tony's clothes and while they looked good they didn't seem to suit him. The man turned around and Blaine almost gasped. Beautiful was the only way to describe him.

"Oh, hi." Kurt smiled looking at Blaine. "Rachel's told me so much about you."

Blaine hesitated a moment before finding his voice to respond. "I'm sorry I can't say the same. She just mentioned you yesterday." He didn't want to seem rude. "It's nothing personal though. We don't talk much."

"It's fine. I do feel a little creepy knowing so much about you though when you barely know my name." He stopped staring at Blaine to grab a bottle off the table. He quickly sanitized his hands before offing one to Blaine. "I'm Kurt Hummel." His smile was still in place.

Blaine looked at Kurt's hand taking in what had just happened. 'He sanitized his hand. He's perfect.' His thoughts were getting ahead of him. "Blaine Anderberry," he said grabbing Kurt's offered hand.

Rachel observed from the side. 'Yes! I knew they would get along.' She had to contain another squeal. 'Now ask him out!' She wasn't sure which one she was thinking to, but one of them had to pick up on the vibes.

"It's wonderful to finally meet you." Kurt greeted. "I'm happy to have a face to put with the name."

"Same to you." Blaine said. He was usually very awkward with new people, but there was something about Kurt that calmed him.

"Well, now that we're officially introduced, I would like to ask you out." Kurt kept his smile but a blush was added.

"On a date?" Blaine questioned. He began to blush as well.

"Yes." Kurt laughed. "If you want."He looked down at his feet.

"Umm, yeah." He said. "I mean, yes. Yes, I would love to." He quickly corrected himself so that he didn't sound so confused.

"Great!" Kurt said, looking back up. "Um, how about tomorrow? For lunch?"

Blaine hesitated. He hated to eat out. He didn't trust other people making his food.

Kurt saw the discomfort and guessed the reason. "I know this great BBQ place where they bring the food to you and you cook it yourself. I've only been once but it was really good." He gave Blaine a small encouraging smile.

'Perfect!' Rachel exclaimed in her head. 'He's definitely going to make an impression! First the sanitizer and now this! I freaking knew they were perfect for each other! Blaine is going to LOVE me for this!'

Blaine interrupted Rachel's inner monologue with a smile. "Yeah. That sounds amazing, actually. Do you know where Rachel lives?"

"Yeah. I'm in the same complex. Pick you up at noon?"


"Well then. In the mean time, how would you two like to go out for a victory dinner? We were both amazing and we deserve some celebration!"

"Sorry, Rach. The family came and they've already booked me for a celebration. But count me in for tomorrow night!"

"Oh, alright," she said sounding defeated. "I suppose that will do. Blaine and I will just have to have mass amounts of fun without you." She huffed.

"Not too much fun, I hope," he teased causing Blaine to flush.

"Don't tempt me, Hummel. Maybe I'll take Blaine out to a gay bar to find a better date for tomorrow." She teased back.

"Hey now, there's absolutely no need for that. I'll make it up to you, I promise. Tomorrow's dessert is on me." He smiled.

"Ooh! You got yourself a deal!" Rachel lit up at the prospect of free dessert.

"Now if you two will excuse me I must be on my way." He laughed. "I'll see you guys tomorrow." Then he turned to Blaine and grinned bashfully. "Bye Blaine."

Blaine grinned right back, knowing full well that he looked like a love struck teen. "Bye Kurt."

Rachel practically pounced on Blaine once Kurt was out of the room. "Well? Did I tell you or what? I knew that you two would be perfect for each other! I just knew it! Did you see how he sanitized his hands for you? That was so cute! And the bbq place? That's perfect for you! How did he even know! I didn't tell him about the food thing." She was doing the vibrating thing again.

"Okay, Rachel, calm down. " He hesitated before finally caving. "You were right. He's gorgeous. And he's so thoughtful. I've had one conversation with him and I'm already hooked." The ridiculous grin came back and he didn't bother trying to hide it from Rachel.