The next adventure

: chapter 1 the proposal for a cat

Shortly after the end of the third movie, Alex was pacing back and forth in his train car, waiting for Gia (his jaguar girlfriend) to arrive. Suddenly Alex sensed a presence behind him. "I was wondering when you would come." He smiled. "I lost track of the time." Replied the female jaguar, in her accent. "Gia, I need you to come with me to show you something."

Alex led Gia, covering her eyes with his paws, into a nearby valley the train had parked next to for a night time rest. "Are we almost there Alex?" asked Gia. "We are now." Answered the lion. Alex removed his paws from Gia's eyes allowing her to see her surroundings.

Gia saw she was standing at the top of a hill illuminated by candles. The candles were just bright enough to reveille a valley of multi-colored flowers. While Gia was over taken by night-time beauty of the valley, Alex placed a crown of flowers on her head and grabbed her paw.

"Alex you did all of this for me?" asked Gia with tears of joy in her eyes. "Yes, because I wanted to prove that I love the most beautiful, smart, and kind-hearted jaguar in the world. I also wanted to ask you something important." Said Alex. "What is that?" Asked Gia, blushing from Alex's compliment. Still holding Gia's paw, Alex got down on one nee. "Gia the jaguar, you are the love of my life and I couldn't imagine my life or even a single day with out you in it. From the day I met you in the train-yard I knew we were meant for each other. What I mean is Gia will you be my mate?" asked Alex.

With tears streaming down her face, Gia raped her arms around him and kissed him romantically for about a minute before she answered. "Yes, Alex I will be your mate." Alex then picked up his new mate bridal style and began to walk back to his train car with Gia in his arms. Let's get back soon, so you can move in my car on the train." Smiled Alex. Gia giggled at Alex's statement.

Neither Alex or Gia were aware of what would happen to them soon.