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Lindsay was looking around the alley. She spotted some scuff marks on the ground and followed it to a door to the side. She photographed them and documented it. Next she looked at the blood on the wall. Experience has taught her well and she could see that the blood was mixed with saliva-meaning someone was punched and the blood came out of their mouth. Lindsay took a sample after documenting it and put it with the other evidence. She looked up and saw Don standing by the dustbin that he had found Mac's things in. A thought occurred to her and she thought about it for a while before clearing her throat to get Don's attention.

"Don, have you considered the possibility that Mac might have gotten caught in an undercover thing? Or maybe he went with this guy willingly? It won't be the first time he did something like that." Silence greeted her and she looked up finding Don staring at her.

He answered after a while, "yeah, I have thought about that. But I don't know Linds, something is not right here. I mean, I can't get a hold of anybody that on shift. Everybody is out at a crime scene on the same day we interview this guy and all of a sudden Mac, disappears? It just doesn't make sense, you know? My gut is telling me something isn't right here."

Lindsay kept a straight face as she said, "would that be your spidey senses coming out Don?"

Don laughed at that but didn't reply. Lindsay sobered up and said, "Yeah, I know the feeling."

Suddenly her eyes caught something on the ground. It was blood drops. Someone was standing stationary at that spot and he or she was injured. She bent down to take a sample but her phone rang and she stopped mid action. "Messer?"

Don had to smile at that, Danny and Lindsay answered their phone the same, his smile faded as he saw the look on Lindsay's face. At first there was silence but the silence was shattered with Lindsay shouting Mac's name over and over again. The other officers stopped talking and looked at Lindsay while Don made a bee line for her side, he reached her just in time to hear Mac's scream on the other side of the phone. The line went dead and Don looked at Lindsay questioningly.

"Mac was kidnapped. Whoever did this is doing it because of something that Danny did." She looked at Don with tears in her eyes, "They just broke all his fingers as a message that they mean business."

Don could only stare at her in silence.

Two hours later Jo met Danny in the parking lot as they both stepped out of their cars, they made eye contact and smiled. Funny how synced they were. When they got to the elevator, Jo cleared her throat and stared straight ahead, staring at the closed doors.

"I know this will probably sound really stupid, but" Jo risked a glance in Danny's direction to find him and Adam staring at her in anticipation, "I've had this feeling the whole day, you know?"

Danny nodded, he knew because he had the same feeling. "Something isn't right?"

"Yeah, but I don't know what." Jo ground her teeth in frustration. She hadn't been able to get in touch with Don or Mac the whole day and it was working on her nerves. Mac had become her best friend and when she really wanted to talk to him, he wasn't answering his damn phone.

Adam was still looking at his phone in confusion, still no bars – something smelt fishy.

Just then they walked into the lab to find everyone looking worried and running around. They found Don sitting with his hands in his hair in the break room.

"Don what's wrong?" Danny asked suddenly feeling worried.

"Let's wait for Lindsay, she went to get Lucy and take her to her mother's." Don looked like he would cry any moment.

Danny frowned, he knew that Lindsay's mother was in town but it was Lindsay's day off, why do they have to wait for her? What was she doing at work? He looked at Don; his eyes searching Don's blue ones for an answer but Don just shook his head and closed his eyes.

Jo shared a look with Danny and shrugged her shoulders; a lab tech ran into the room almost running Adam over, who was watching the whole scene with apprehension. The poor tech had a shocked look on his face but Don had the report out of his hands before he could say anything.

"oh, damn, no" Don sank into the nearest chair, Jo grabbed the report and paled,

"the blood sample is a match to Mac Taylor. No, actually both samples match his but the second sample had saliva mixed in which diluted the sample a bit." Danny gave Jo a 'wtf' look but before he could ask or Jo could say anything, Lindsay's voice cut through them from the door.

"I hoped that the one with saliva was somebody else's. Don this means we have no idea who this is." She paused as she looked at the others, and started to explain with a grim look, "Don couldn't reach any of you so he called me. Mac went missing and before you ask, yes, we did make sure before panicking." She took a deep breath and shared a knowing look with Don, this next part was not going to be easy. " I got a phone call from the kidnappers. They said that they couldn't reach Danny and they wanted to relay a message- they blame you for something, honey. They said that Mac will pay for what you did."

Jo looked curios and Danny sported a horrified look. "Are you sure?" Lindsay just nodded.

"What makes you think that they are serious? I mean for all we know they are just keeping him somewhere." Jo sounded hopeful, Adam's mind was racing but he kept quiet-not saying a word.

"They broke all his fingers, Jo, I think they are serious." Don spoke up, his voice hoarse.

"For all you know they could have done nothing, I mean you didn't see anything did you?" Jo was grasping at straw and she knew it but her mind said she had to try. She had to try anything.

Lindsay shook her head and said, "Jo, I heard him scream over the phone, and it was real." She ran over to Danny and buried her face in his chest; he was so shocked by the revelation that he could only fold his arms around her as she cried. Adam just sat down next to Don. Jo squared her shoulders and said, "Well we are going to find him and whoever these bastards are, they will pay."

The venom in her voice was deadly.

When Mac woke up he thought for a second that everything was just a dream, but then the fire in his hands assaulted him. The memories came flooding back and he groaned. When he tried to lift his head to look at his hands he found that his head was tied to the chair. He moved his eyes around but everything was blurry, the skin around his eyes burned, "the pepper spray" he thought wryly. Mac tried to take stock of his situation, mentally, so he closed his eyes. His hands burned and stung, he knew that most if not all his fingers are broken. Swallowing was a task and a half so that cable tie was still around his throat. His left shoulder throbbed dully where that dart hit him and the side of his mouth stung that could only mean he was the proud owner of a nice bruise no doubt. With difficulty he tried to remember what happened before he woke up in that chair, how long ago he wasn't sure. He opened his eyes again, but it the room was still dimly lit and everything was still blurry. He closed his useless eyes. He let his mind wonder to the last time he could move around freely…


Mac ran faster as he saw his suspect disappear into the alley, he wasn't worried because Don was right behind him, wasn't he?

As he turned the corner he couldn't see Jordan Pinch. He drew his gun and walked further into the alley cautiously. Suddenly there was a whoosh of air near his ear and a sharp pain in his left shoulder making him take a step back. Pinch appeared in front of him and sucker punched him before he could do anything. In a daze Mac felt rough hands tie his legs together at the ankles and his hands behind his back. Other hands went through his pockets, stripping him of his phone, wallet and shield. Mac shook his head trying to clear the cobwebs just as hands picked him up and dragged him through a door leading out of the alley. At the same time he started struggling and a rough hand went over his mouth as a voice whispered in his ear:

"If you don't want your friend to end up dead, you will be more co-operative, detective."

Don- why was he so far behind? Mac stopped his struggling but continued to glare at his captors as he was pushed into the trunk of the dark SUV standing in what looked like an abandoned warehouse.

A bearded face smiled down at him as a needle came out of the face's pocket. Mac tried to move back but with his hands and feet tied he wasn't very successful. It felt like an eternity before the needle hit its mark. In the seconds before the blackness swallowed him whole was car doors slamming and the squealing of tyres as the car sped out of the warehouse and away from Don. Mac remembered no more until he opened his eyes in the chair. That was when his nightmare started.

****Back to reality***

Mac took a breath but even that hurt through his restricted throat. All of a sudden lights came on above him, giving him the impression of an operating table. For some reason that made him shudder. He felt people around him before he saw them. He tried to open his mouth to say something but nothing came out but a few garbled sounds. He felt someone pushing something into his left ear, he tried to struggle he really did but he couldn't, not while he was tied down and at the mercy of someone else. He could feel the pressure in his left ear and suddenly that same pressure was in his right ear. What the hell? What the fuck is going on here?

Suddenly the tie that kept his head in place disappeared and he felt someone grip his hair and lifting his head up. That hand stayed in place as another began to wrap a bandage around his head, covering his eyes and ears. When they were done the hand let go of his hair and he dropped his head back to the headrest of the chair. Mac knew he was in trouble know, serious trouble. He couldn't see or hear anything. He was completely disorientated.

"Detective Taylor, you are probably wondering what is going on here. And I will tell you, in time but not now. You will hear what I want you to hear. The earpieces will make sure of that, I am the only one with a mouthpiece to communicate with you. I do not want you to see anything." Silence, Mac's mind was reeling, who is this guy?

"Oh and one last thing, you didn't do anything to me but your friend Danny Messer did. You are aware of Newton's 3rd law I'm sure. This is that law in practise now, he did something to me so I'm doing something to you. I'm gonna have fun with you." The silence was deafening. Mac suddenly felt hands around his neck. What are they doing? A collar? What am I? A dog? All these questions went through his mind as he tried to struggle in vain to get rid of the hands around his neck.

The ties around the rest of his body were loosened and Mac took a chance, he was getting desperate. Mac lunged forward and regretted the move almost immediately. All the ties was removed except one around his right ankle, and he face planted, twisting his ankle painfully. As he was laying on the floor in agony hands wrapped a belt around his middle, they captured his hands and put them into leather cuffs located on the sides of the belt.

"That wasn't a very smart move, Detective. Now I have to punish you more than what I intended. Now co-operate or your stay will end faster than its supposed to."

After that Mac had little choice but get up and follow the 'leash' as he was pulled a long a corridor.

Phillip looked at Taylor struggling with pity. He was desperate, you could see it, but its all in vain. After his last message Taylor calmed down and let the men lead him to the next stage. Phillip took out his phone and followed his men.

He took a picture of Taylor. He was standing in the middle of the room with a chain connected from the ceiling to the collar around his neck. He sent the picture to Lindsay Messer but then he dialled Danny.

"Listen Messer, have fun and pay attention. You hurt my father, now I'm hurting yours." He held the phone out careful not to get in the way of the whip that was singing and connecting with Taylor's body.

The sound of whip meet flesh was loud enough in the room to be loud and clear over the phone. Phillip knew that Messer heard the sound and the grunts and shouts coming from Taylor. He laughed into the phone and disconnected.

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