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Sixteen years later

It was a normal day at Ouran Academy, Kyoya was writing something in his black book of death, Haruhi was ignoring the chaos and the twins were messing with Tamaki.

"Hikaru and Kaoru get back here!"

Tamaki screamed in anger as he started to chase the twins. The yells didn't even wake Hunny who was asleep on the couch. As I said it was a normal day until…..

Kaoru fell to his knees shocked, feeling sudden pain at his right side. He screamed as the pain got more intense scaring everyone. Then before he could move he passed out.


His twin yelled running to his brother side, he yelled again.


He was shaking his brother trying to get him awake but was failing, tears falling down his face. Hikaru attention was deeply on his brother that he didn't see Tamaki and Haruhi getting Hunny and Mori, or Kyoya calling 119 (1) even if he did he didn't care, all he cared about was his brother.)

Kaoru was confused he "woke" up in a black empty space. With no choice he walk in a straight line looking for someone to tell him where he was.

Soon he notice a person in the distance. He look to be in his mid-twenties. He had pure pitch black hair and brown looking eyes that showed wisdom. The man look at Kaoru with a strange look before he vanished into thin air.

"Hey come back!"

Kaoru yelled running to where the man had once stood, feeling sad but he didn't know why though.


He gasped as he thought someone called his name.


There it was again but this time louder.


Whoever was calling his name was getting louder and louder. Kaoru eyes widen when he finally recognizes the one calling his name, it was his twin brother Hikaru.


He shouted in glee, just happy to hear his twin voice. With another shout of Hikaru he open his eyes for real.

He blink, trying to understand what he was seeing. Tamaki was holding Haruhi hand causing Kyoya to look jealous, while honey was stuffing his face with cake. Mori was trying to calm down Hikaru. Only one thought came to Kaoru mind and that was ~What did I miss? ~ The others didn't notice he was awake until the doctor walk in.

"Ahh I'm so glad that you're awake."

The doctor said in a monotone way, causing Hikaru to get angry, then joy came to him as he realizes that his brother was fine.

"What happened?"

Kaoru asks in a sleepy tone showing he was only half awake. The doctor gave out a small sigh, then look at the two brothers.

"I'm sorry Ebola Virus Infection (2)"

The doctor mentally smirks as panic was shown in the rash older twins eyes and dread in the other calm twins eyes. Kyoya neutral face fell through.


He said in a dangerous tone. The doctor fearing for his life left the room. Kyoya let out a sigh then turn to Hikaru.

"Will you take a walk with me?"

He ask, his voice showing hints of concern. Tamaki notice the nod that Kyoya gave him and he did what he does best making people felt better by being an idiot.

The two walk in silence, until they walk past the doctor's door. They froze when they heard the man started speaking.

"I found them. The brats of the two countries. They don't even know that they are adopted."

Hikaru gasped in shock while Kyoya let out a small growl. The man continue.

"Alfred Jones and Kiku Honda have no idea about their locations r about the spell done to hide their true identities."

The man froze for a second then said,

"I understand sir."

The two teens walk back to their friends. The moment they walk in everyone could tell something had happened but they didn't know what.

"We're adopted."

Hikaru whispered to his twin while Kyoya explained the situation to the others.

"What really?"

His twin ask in shock, his answer was a nod. The door burst open suddenly shocking the ones already in the room, revealing the Hittichin twins adopted parents.

"Kaoru are you okay?"

She Mrs. Hittichin asks in extreme worry. Kaoru flinch slightly. Hikaru eyes narrowed,

"Were you ever going to tell us?"

he whispered. The two adults flinched as their faces paled.

"Where you!?"

He demanded again, his voice breaking. His answer was silence until his adopted mother open her mouth.


He growled out,

"Overheard it from the doctor."

Mrs. Hittichin burst into tears.


Kaoru tried to scold his brother but couldn't.

"We're sorry."

Said Mr. Hittichin before he and his wife left knowing they were not wanted at the moment. Mr. Hittichin stopped he turned to look at his adopted sons, then said in a monotone voice,

"Alfred F. Jones and Kiku Honda are your real parents."

Then he was gone. The twins look at each other as the information sink in, everything was silent until Hunny ask cutely,

"What's going to happen next?"

Mori looks at Hunny then whispers to him.

"I don't know."

Done! So we learn that the twins are adopted but why? Why did the twins real parents gave them up? What's going to happen to that doctor? Who does he work for and will the twins ever forgive their adopted parents? Find out in the next couple chapters.

I really hope Kyoya is that badly OOC. He is really hard to write.

{1} Japanese for 911.

{2} Basically it this disease that cause you to randomly bleed. No choke I got this from my Health/PE teacher. Sadly that's all I can remember from what my teacher told me and I do not have that good knowledge in the medical field so if any has more info go ahead and pm me.

Hikaru and Kaoru: You enjoy making your fave characters suffer.

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