Title: Never Should Have
Author: Ophite68
Summery: Even a gentle lover can leave bruises.
Inspired by: Don't Touch by rebecca
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He strode up the steps of the jail as if he owned the building. The PAO Officer waiting for him watched with contempt that hid behind a bland mask. A rich man here to lawyer up his buddy.

"I'm here to see Clark Kent."

"Follow me, sir."

Clark Kent sat slumped over a sturdy wooden table. The plain grayish walls of the interrogation room drained all the life from his complexion.


He didn't look up from the surface of the plain table. His voice was barely audible "Lex. Why are you here?"

"I keep track of you Clark. A copy of the police report crossed my desk 6 hours after you were arrested." He paused, "I must say I was surprised. Sexual assault and battery?"

He stood leaning against the door. Waiting for a response that did not come. After a bit he added, "This from the Clark who was 'disturbed' by a little S&M." His voice was smooth and thoughtful, "Of course that didn't keep you from watching .. and they do say that sort of behavior can escalate into rape, even murder."

"It was a date." answered the soft whisper. "Sh she ... We..." He was panting softly with distress, "had been seeing eachother for about a month."

"Broken ribs, perforated lung, dislocated shoulder, ruptured cervix... Some date."

"I lost control." the whisper answered, "I hurt her. I didn't mean to." He was rocking back and forth now. Lex looked on frowning.

"I hit you that day on the bridge."

"Yes." came the soft vindication.

"I think I found the tree where you used to sit and watch us." Lex commented softly. "One of the limbs was splintered and almost broken along with some compression damage. Handprints."

"I should have never touched her." He looked up at Lex, his expression blank and frozen. "I should have never touched her."

the end

I'm better at scenes than stories so that is probably all there will be.