Life in Teikou
By : DC

Disclaimer : Not mine. Except the story.

Summary : A series of drabbles and short stories on the everyday lives of the GoM. Chapter 1: A sense of loyalty. Kuroko's thoughts during the game against Shuutoku.

Rating : None.

Chapter 1: A sense of loyalty


Kuroko watches as Midorima shoots from half court, not surprised unlike the rest of his team mates. It was something he already knew, something he had seen from before, but it was only when the team had expressed their disbelief of Midorima's whole court range shot that he bothered confirming his knowledge of Midorima's abilities.

They didn't ask him why he didn't tell them sooner. Why he didn't even think to warn them of this so that they could have taken steps to guard Midorima more closely. But he can see it from their eyes.

He wiped the sweat from his forehead, and prepared himself to enter the court. No, it was not out of a sense of loyalty to his former teammate. He was a Seirin player now, and Teikou has been long past and over with, a chapter in his life he had closed with a bad taste in his mouth.


And he wants to win. He plans to win. Win with Kagami. Win against the Generation of Miracles. Win for Seirin.


He watches as Takao's eyes widen in surprise when he made the acceleration pass to Kagami, while the rest of the Shuutoku players were frozen in disbelief. It seemed that they weren't told about this pass of his.

His eyes met Midorima's for a brief moment before Midorima, already anticipating that pass, had positioned himself in front of Kagami to block his dunk. Only a brief moment, but it was enough to know that they shared the same sentiments.

Yes. They were scattered now, to different opposing schools with only one who will emerge as the winner. And yet...

Memories of a time when they had eaten together at the nearby yakiniku after a grueling hard practice. Celebrating their first national championships at the sushi bar at the other side of town. Going to the beach during the hot summer to train for their future opponents.

The force of Kagami's dunk rang throughout the noisy court, making the audience scream out it delight. He can visibly see the shoulders of his teammates relax and release the strain that was caused by Midorima's continuous three-point shots. They were back in the game, and winning this is not an impossibility anymore. Kagami was hurting and he's relying on Kuroko, now that he has used his 2nd and last jump. To win this game, to win against Shuutoku - to win against Midorima! - Kuroko has to step up and take the lead.

It should've been hard. To fight against a former teammate, knowing that there is no other way to win except to defeat him. And yet, as he blocks off Midorima's last attempt to shoot, he feels a sense of relief. That despite Shuutoku losing this game, somehow, Midorima still wasn't defeated by Kagami. Wasn't defeated by someone outside of the 'team'.

Because despite everything that had happened, despite the fact that they were playing against each other now, they had been - once upon a time - at Teikou. Together. As a team. As the team. The team who won constant championships ever since they had started. The team who had defeated anyone and everyone who went against them. The team who had been given the prestigious title as the "Generation of Miracles".

The team who had trusted each other's backs for three glorious years.

Now that they are at the opposite side of the court from each other, there should be nothing holding them back from divulge those weaknesses. Nothing except a feeling of reluctance, coming from the remembrance of a time when they had done everything that they could not to let the opposing team know about it. But in the end, they will do everything that they can to defeat each other. That was what they had agreed on, just before all of them went their separate ways.

Still, Kuroko knew. That just like him, the sweet taste of victory which they experienced together at Teikou will always lingers in each of their hearts.


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