Life in Teikou

By : DC

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Summary : A series of drabbles and short stories on the everyday lives of the GoM. Chapter 6: Legends. This is how legends are made. Akashi. Kuroko.

Author's Note: Oh my! Their past is finally going to be revealed! Anyway, I'll just post this now before any further chapters ruin my plot. Really had a hard time with Akashi.

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Chapter 6: Legends.


Everyone stared as the ball slowly fell through the hoop, the net swishing just as the buzzer sounded.

Seirin had won.

Golden eyes looked at the shocked expression his ex-teammate's face which slowly turned into a smile filled with wonder and accomplishment. A smile he hadn't seen for a long time.

He was finally able to do it.

"So it's going to be Seirin eh?"

"I can't believe it! Kaijou actually lost!"

"That last shot was great. Especially coming after such a weird pass against the board like that. Who is that number 11?"

"They say he was part of the generation of miracles. The phantom 6th player."

He stood up, hearing enough, knowing that starting today, the blue-haired boy will finally gain recognition from the people around him. The recognition he should have had back then.

The recognition he would've had if only they had been stronger.

He passed by the stands, ignoring the way the crowd parted for him like parting of the red sea. Whispers about the natural geniuses of the generation of miracles and their legendary accomplishments were exchanged underneath hidden looks of admiration and envy.

And he wonders how people can be so forgetful.

How people had forgotten that there had been a time when the generation of miracles were all simply middle school players with above average abilities who somehow got together at the same school during the same year. That they didn't start out as geniuses or prodigies, and that all of them had trained just as their other teammates had, only, they loved basketball so much that they trained even more.

But perhaps, people just didn't want to see that it took great effort and hard work to reach where they are now and conveniently blamed genius for just choosing only a select few to become great. Newspaper articles showed their strength with their constantly winning score, as if those two numbers can tell about their opponents who were just as good as them but simply had the misfortune of having weaker teammates. Sportswriters spoke of the miraculous shots and the breathtaking plays they had successfully made despite all odds, not realizing that they were only able to do it because they received the ball at the right place and the right time. And reporters... reporters simply wanted to sell a story and a legend what they made.

He ignored it though, the partial truths and hidden lies. It gave their team the advantage of intimidation and if it meant that it will forever shadow those people who have been shunned with their brightness, then so be it.

The crownless generals. Their seniors. Their team mates.

But then, Tetsuya...

They were supposed to get better after some time passed by. Enough to get experience and learn to work as a team so that Tetsuya, who had the burden of making sure that their team play would succeed, whom they all relied on to make things work between them, can slowly let go and finally play for himself. He had already been meaning to teach him how to shoot with that unique stance of his but then...

Daiki was the first. And when they saw that they can get better, much much better, there was no turning back.

They became strong. Stronger than ever and so much prouder. And their team play suffered just as much and it became even more important for Tetsuya to be there to work for the team because no one else would do so now.

Ryota was next, because he would never let Daiki move anywhere further than he already has.

Passes became fewer and their individual score sheets steadily rose higher and higher.

Shintaro came after, because whatever Daiki and Ryota can do, he can do as well.

Then the games started. Bets on who can score the highest number of points, dares on what shots to make in what situation, and the faces of their opponents slowly faded to the background.

Then, Atsushi. Because he would not let Atsushi fall behind, not for anything.

Their plays began to be filled with tension and competition marked their every move. Except, this competition was a competition between themselves and a little bit more would have had them taking the ball from each other instead.

Lastly, himself. Because he could no longer hold it back.

And at the very end, at a critical point with only the last few seconds remaining in the clock, amidst the overwhelming number of opposing players intent on stopping him, he took the final shot. A shot that got them their second consecutive championships.

Finally, they had become strong.

And Tetsuya fell behind.

It was too late to do anything, now that they have come to this point. They have become strong, too strong for their opponents and too strong to not rely on their phantom 6th player anymore. Only memories of Tetsuya's support in the past when it was the only thing that had saved them from defeat and the respect they had for him made them continue the charade of playing with him even when it was evident that they didn't need him any longer. But he knew that it wouldn't last.

He can see it, even if the others couldn't, too absorbed with their newfound greatness. The way Tetsuya's eyes became duller with each game they played. The way his smiles became rarer and rarer as the days passed. The way he had suddenly left and disappeared after the game where they had won their third championship.

All because of his miscalculation.

If only he had been smarter, perhaps he could have seen it earlier and prevented this from happening. Perhaps he could have done something to stop themselves from hurting Tetsuya, even if it wasn't intentional. Perhaps he could've stopped Tetsuya from hurting because it was never his fault. But he wasn't, and the only thing he can think of, the only thing he can do to correct his mistake was to force Tetsuya to stand on his own, away from their shadows. Because when he does, when he develops the skills he wasn't able to, was prevented from doing so, he knows that Tetsuya will shine in his own light and finally be recognized as himself and only himself.

And then, he will make his own legend. And when that happens...

He looked at his teammates as they stood before him in silence. All five of them. On the court where they had shed blood and sweat and tears and lived.

Daiki. Ryota. Shintarou. Atsushi. Tetsuya.

His comrades. His friends. His partners.

His brothers.

"Come. Let us make an oath."

When that happens, perhaps, he can finally forgive himself.


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