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Her heart was pounding in her chest. She could see Him clearly. She knew that He had come back for her. When she had gotten involved with Applegate she still felt His love. Sometimes she heard him talking to her in her sleep. She took a step to Him. Applegate screamed at her to get back here but this time she ignored him and nothing he did could get her to comply.

A song played in her mind. It was a song her momma taught her when she was just a little girl. It reminded her of Him.

Beyond the wind

Across the sea

I know my true love waits for me

Beyond the shore

Across the sand

I know He's holding out His hand

And then the gray skies

Will no longer be gray

I will see my love someday

On that perfect perfect day

Today was that perfect day. A thrill ran up her spine.

"Lola," He called out.

She ran to Him. He enfolded her in His strong arms.

"Well as I live and breathe," He exclaimed, "My Lola."

"Do you still love me," she asked practically begging Him to say He did.

"I have always loved you. I will always love you. I would never abandon you."

Lola felt a sense of relief. She could hear Applegate yelling at her to get back here but she wouldn't listen.

"YOU BELONG TO ME," Applegate yelled.

"She doesn't belong to you anymore," He told Applegate, "and she never will again."

"WHAT SORT OF A DIRTY trick are you playing here," Applegate yelled

"You should know all about dirty tricks," He said, "That's your area of expertise."

Unlike Applegate He wasn't yelling.

Applegate had something to prove. He didn't. He had no reason to yell. Applegate did.

"I'll turn you ugly again," Applegate threatened.

Lola ignored Applegate.

"There is nobody uglier then you," He told Applegate, "and you cannot do anything to her."

"She's mine," Applegate yelled to Him, "You have enough people!"

"She is not yours. She has never been yours. She never will be yours. She doesn't belong to me either. I love her. That's all there is to it so she is free to come with me and that's what she chooses to do."

"So anyone can make that choice," Applegate asked an idea coming to him.

"Anyone yes," He said.

"What about say... oh I don't know me?"

"Well you are free to make that choice of you so chose to," He replied, "But it would have to be a choice you freely chose to make. You can't make it to manipulate anyone. I know when I'm being played. You couldn't play me then and you can't play me now."