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I wrote this little cut about a year back but never posted it, obviously. I watched the whole miniseries on Hulu - Thank you, Hulu! - and I just had a moment where I needed to regurgitate the pre-climax scene. This is just a one-shot, but I hope you like it nonetheless. By the way, this is written by Tammi's POV, and at that moment, she didn't know anyone by name.

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"Bye!" Tammi shouted at her friend. She was just leaving softball practice and she really wanted something to eat.

As she rounded the corner of the building, passing two men chatting with each other, she was thinking of what she had said the other night to Nick. "Nigger!" she had sobbed to him. She now wanted to take that back. But right now, that was the only thing she said that she regretted.

Tammi realized now that the two men she saw talking to each other were following her, getting closer and closer by the step. When she looked back, she saw the two men staring intently at her. Before she could even think of running, a third body stepped in front of her, stopping her in her tracks. This man had a hat on.

"Hello, Tammi," he said.

"How do you know my name? Who are you?" she asked, looking in front of her and behind her.

"Don't be alarmed. We know your step-father – Nick."

Tammi didn't know what to say; she just stood there, looking back and forth between the three men that had now created a triangle around her. She couldn't get away if she wanted to.

A little shakily, she finally said, "Yeah, well, I don't know who you are, so I'll be leaving now—"

As she took a step to leave, she heard an "Ah, ah, ah" from the man in the hat and an arm instantly blocked her way. She backed away from the perimeter.

"Your step-father's something else," he said, almost amusedly. "He's a good guy. Even if he does do some illegal things, he's doing it all for you."

Tammi didn't know how to respond. "What – what do you mean 'illegal'?"

"Oh, you're bound to find out soon enough when he comes to get you. You're a smart girl; you'll figure it out."

"Comes to get me?"

"I don't believe he'd leave you with us…"

At that instant, the only white guy in the triangle pulled out a handgun and pointed it straight at Tammi, waist-level.

"Don't scream, Tammi," the man in the hat warned her.

She gripped her shoulder bag even tighter. Right now, this was her only weapon. "Why not?" she asked shakily.

"Oh, because then, we'd have to do something that we really didn't want to do to you. Now," he said, "you can either get in the truck quickly and quietly or we can make you. Your choice."

After looking at the pointed gun, she decided that she didn't want to be shot. She got in the back of the truck as the man had said to.

The two sidekick men sat in the back stayed with her while the one with the hat sat in the passenger's seat. The driver of the vehicle had now been added to the kidnapping trio. They sped away, no one suspecting a thing.

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