The Young and the Dramatic

Episode 1: Bridgette Moves to the City

"Are you sure you want to do this?" asked Ms. Summers as Bridgette loaded the last box into her Jeep.

Bridgette sighed as she shut the door.

"Yes Mom, I'm sure," Bridgette said, "I'm 25 now. I'm pretty sure I can start making my own decisions,"

Ms. Summers sighed, "Well, I'll be sure to come visit you every weekend, OK?" she asked while she ran a finger through the surfer chick's blonde hair.

"OK," Bridgette smiled at her mother, "But don't feel like you need to, OK?"

"Got it," Ms. Summers said, and then checked her watch, "Well, you should get going. You told the landlord you would meet him at 2:00. It's nearly noon, and you've got a pretty decent drive ahead of you,"

Bridgette nodded, and then gave her mother a hug. "I'll miss you, Mom,"

"I'll miss you too," her mother said as they departed, "Try not to make any stupid decisions, got it?"

"Got it," Bridgette said, and then got into her car. She started the engine, and then pulled out of her driveway—well, her mother's driveway now, and with a single wave, she started down the road.

McLean Enterprises was busy at the moment, as young interns lined the hallways, waiting to be interviewed by the boss for the job. One intern, Katie Stars, was eagerly sipping her water from her water bottle, while she sat in the lobby.

"Katie Stars?" called out the receptionist at the desk, as she stood up.

"That's me," Katie said happily as she stood up as well.

"Follow me," the receptionist said, and led Katie down a hallway past the desk. As she walked, the receptionist started talking, "Now, I'm Courtney Jones, Mr. McLean's secretary. Here are some tips: don't get nervous. Mr. McLean can smell fear,"

Katie gulped.

"Really?" she asked, sounding concerned.

Courtney chuckled as she stopped at the door at the end of the hallway, "No. I'm only joking," however, then she put on a straight face, "Well, I could not be,"

"Here's Mr. McLean's office," Courtney said, knocking on the door, "Good luck,"

As Courtney started to walk away, Katie watched as the door slowly slid open, revealing a very dark office.

"Come in," purred a voice.

"Damn it," Gwen groaned as she dropped another paint jar again.

"Next time, try not to spill the stupid paint jar, Gwen!" snapped a voice from behind the main counter.

"Yes Heather," Gwen said, looking back to her manager. The Goth then went to get the dust pan and broom from the supply closet, and started to lament on why she had ever chosen to get a job at the local paint supply store.

Especially since Heather Carmichael was the manager.

When Gwen returned to the front of the store, she was surprised to see Heather talking to her boyfriend, Alejandro, at the main counter. She groaned, knowing that Heather was always nagging on her about getting to work, but then wasted time talking to Alejandro.

"Hypocrite," Gwen muttered, as she bent down to clean up the shards of the paint jar.

"Gwen," Heather's voice rang out again.

Gwen stood back up to see Heather standing behind her with her hands on her hips.

"Take my shift," Heather said, "I have a date tonight,"

"But—"Gwen said, trying to interrupt the evil manager, but was then interrupted.

"If you don't want to take my shift," Heather said, "Then you can just find another job. Got it?"

Gwen sighed, "Yes Heather," she said, and then watched as Heather walked out of the store with Alejandro, leaving the Goth to cover Heather's and her own shift.

"This is the apartment," said Dawn as she showed Bridgette her new home. It was a lavish two-bedroom apartment with neon green walls, giving it more of a retro look. It was fully furnished with white furniture, giving Bridgette a weird vibe.

"It looks nice," Bridgette said happily.

Dawn turned back around to face the surfer chick, "You must be new in town. I'm Dawn," she said, holding out a hand.

Bridgette gladly shook it, giving Zoey some confidence.

"This a really quiet town," Dawn said, "Wawanakwa City doesn't really get that much attention anymore,"

"What do you mean "anymore"?" Bridgette asked, looking confused.

Dawn sighed, "Well, ever since that big scandal got covered up, it's been rather quiet around here. I hear Duncan Abraham is still out there though,"

Bridgette's eyes widened, "What are you talking about?"

"Oh, nothing," Dawn said, waving it away, "Just some big murder case that was wrapped up by the police department years ago," the moonchild then walked towards the door, "I'm right down the hall if you need anything, OK?"

As Dawn left, Bridgette was left to ponder what she really meant.

"I'm Katie Stars, sir," Katie said, taking a seat across the desk from Chris McLean, the owner of McLean Enterprises.

Chris nodded, "I understand you want the job of intern around here, huh?"

"Yes sir," Katie nodded her head, and then pulled paper out of her folder, "Here's my resume, sir,"

Chris waved it away.

"Oh, there won't be any need for that, Ms. Stars," Chris said, crossing his arms.

"Why is that?" Katie sounded confused.

"Because you're hired," Chris said, "Now report to my office tomorrow morning 9:00 a.m., sharp. We'll start you salary at say, $20.00 an hour, OK?"

Katie was stunned at the lavish treatment she was getting. She stood up, still amazed, "Thank you sir! Believe me, I won't disappoint you!"

"That's nice," Chris said, "Now please feel free to tell Courtney at the desk that the spot's been filled, and then she can come see me now,"

The sweet girl then left the room, feeling confident, but still confused at Chris's motives.

As Katie left, Chris waited for a few minutes before Courtney walked back in.

"You called, sir?" Courtney asked.

"Lock the door behind you," Chris said, pulling out a bottle of wine and two glasses, "I think some celebrating is in order,"

Courtney did so, and then giggled, "Oh, sir, why is that?"

Chris chuckled, and popped open the bottle of wine.

"Because everything is going according to plan," Chris said, chuckling.

Next time on The Young and the Dramatic…

Bridgette smiled as she walked into the Wawanakwa Daily office.

"I'm looking for a newspaper article, say on Duncan Abraham?" the surfer chick asked the lady behind the counter.

A certain plan goes into motion…

"My first day on the job, and I'm sorting mail?" Katie asked herself as she was escorted into the mail room.

"Part of the job," Courtney advised her.

More characters are introduced…

"Hey handsome," the blonde said, standing up, and letting Tyler happily pick her up.

And when a mysterious resident shows up, nobody is prepared…

"Anybody know where the bathroom is?" the young man asked as he walked into the office.

A/N – I've been inspired by watching The Young and the Restless and decided to make my own little soap opera! There should be a chapter posted every day, just like a regular soap opera! You've already seen some storylines open up! See you tomorrow with the next chapter!