The Young and the Dramatic: What Could Have Been?


Where we last left off on Alejandro is Convicted of Murder, Alejandro was arrested by Hatchet for the murder of Izzy. Brady, a private investigator, had arrived in town to solve Staci's brutal murder, and had started a relationship with Dakota.

The next few episodes would deal with Cody dealing with his life in prison, and he would eventually be given an offer he couldn't refuse from Sierra: join her to take down Duncan so he could have Bridgette for himself. Cody still refused to accept, but Sierra posted his bail, releasing the tech geek from prison in order to sway his decision.

Anne Maria would have been still driven by revenge to get back at Eva for stealing Lightning from her, and joined forces with Sierra as well. Sierra would have started a television talk show called Wawanakwa TV in order to take down Bridgette.

Bridgette would have eventually told Duncan about Cody professing his love for her, and when Cody was released from prison, Duncan felt threatened. Duncan then proposed to Bridgette, who accepted much to Cody's dismay.

Brady would have discovered Josh's hatred for Staci, and would eventually pin Josh as the murderer. When he learns that Josh had skipped the town the same time as Zoey and Mike escaped from the insane asylum, Brady discovered the connection between the two.

Dawn would have discovered that Hatchet is hiding a secret. She eventually wins his trust, leading to Hatchet telling him that he murdered Holmes in self defense. Dawn would have left Hatchet for a few minutes, and when she would have returned, Hatchet would have been gone.

Dawn would have gone to Brady for help after discovering that Hatchet had disappeared from Wawanakwa City. Brady would have agreed to help her, while still trying to track down Josh, Zoey, and Mike. During this time, Ezekiel would have returned to the city to run McLean Enterprises.

Noah would have returned to work as a lawyer, and be assigned to Alejandro's case. Justin would have stood by Alejandro, pledging to defend him at all costs. Heather would have worked on recovering her memory, and would remember partial memories of relationship with Alejandro.

Heather would have gone to visit Alejandro in prison, believing that she was together with him and not Justin. Just as the two began to passionately kiss in the holding room, Noah and Justin would have entered, witnessing the two.

Cody would have learned of Bridgette and Duncan's plans to elope, and followed them to Manhunt Beach. Before the ceremony was about to begin, Cody would have tried to convince Bridgette not to follow through. Bridgette would have gone through with the ceremony, leaving a hate-fueled Cody. Cody would have turned around, and joined forces with Sierra in order to get revenge on the two.

LeShawna and DJ would have started a relationship, much to Momma DJ's dismay. Their relationship would have continued to grow until the point where Momma DJ forced DJ to break up with LeShawna. LeShawna would have been devastated, and eventually realize that Momma DJ was the reason they had broken up.

LeShawna would have gone to confront Momma DJ at the diner, ending with the two being locked in the freezer. Momma DJ would have had a heart attack, leading to LeShawna keeping her alive while trapped in the freezer. DJ would have saved the two, causing Momma DJ to accept the two's relationship.

Katie would have been reeling over the fact that her friendship with Sadie has ended, leading to a confrontation in Manhunt Beach where Sadie happened to be living.


Bridgette and Duncan would have returned from their elopement, and discovered that Cody had joined sides with Sierra. Bridgette would have tried to talk sense into Cody, leading to Cody lashing out at her.

Justin would have abandoned both Heather and Alejandro, believing that Alejandro had ignited the kiss. He would have realized through a car receipt that Alejandro was the one who had run him over that night, leaving new evidence to be pinned against Alejandro.

Brady would have left Wawanakwa City for a short period of time to search for Josh and Zoey, while telling Dawn that he was indeed searching for Hatchet. He would have found Josh, Zoey, and Mike hiding in a warehouse outside of town.

Brady would have shot and killed Mike, leaving Josh and Zoey to escape. With no leads, Brady would have returned to Wawanakwa City, where Dawn would have confronted him over his deceptiveness. The two would have had an argument, leaving Dawn to search for Hatchet herself. She later would have realized that she could not search for him by herself, so she would have called Jo to return to Wawanakwa City.

While Brady had been gone, Lightning would have returned to Wawanakwa City with his fellow teammate from the Wawanakwa Sluggers, Owen. Owen would have taken an interest in Dakota, who wouldn't have returned the feelings. Lightning would have tried to win back Eva, who would have refused to due to her believing of Lightning belonging with Anne Maria.

Anne Maria would have overheard Lightning and Eva talking about their relationship, and fueled by anger, would have taken the hot seat in the latest Wawanakwa TV. She would have bashed Eva on TV, leading Lightning to interrupt the broadcast. He would have told Anne Maria that he didn't recognize her anymore, leaving Anne Maria to have a revelation. She would have confronted Sierra, and left her.

Sierra would have visited Tyler in prison, having heard about his story. She would have become compassionate with his story, and attempted to sway Judge Henry to give him a parole hearing. Meanwhile, Sierra would have sent Cody to Toronto to search for juicy topics. While he was there, Cody would have discovered Hatchet in a bar, having forgotten who he was.

Lindsay and Geoff would have returned to Wawanakwa City to testify in Tyler's parole hearing. When Tyler would have been granted parole, Lindsay would have argued with Judge Henry's decision. He would have stated his reasoning for being that "he knows how it feels to have lost a child and that feeling of hatred".

Duncan would have noticed Bridgette's distress in Cody's turning, and would have gone to Toronto per Anne Maria to confront Cody. There, he would have discovered Hatchet in the bar as well. Duncan and Cody would have argued over Cody's decision to not bring Hatchet back to the city.

Before they could have decided anything, Hatchet would have been lured into a warehouse by an unknown source. The warehouse would have exploded, leaving Hatchet to be presumed dead.

Duncan and Cody would have returned to Wawanakwa City with news of Hatchet's death, leaving the town devastated. Bridgette would have planned Hatchet's memorial, leaving Jo devastated over his death. After the memorial, Jo would have been praying in the church, leading to Hatchet revealing to her that he was indeed alive.

Hatchet would have revealed to her that he was indeed her father, and the whole truth about her adoption. Jo would have been thankful for Hatchet being alive, and the two would have left to tell the town about Hatchet being alive.

Cody would have gone to confront Sierra, discovering that Sierra was the one who caused Hatchet's disappearance in order to hurt Bridgette and Duncan. Sierra would have held Cody at gunpoint, taking him as her hostage as she fled from Wawanakwa City.

Geoff would have been concerned by Tyler's parole, and would have witnessed a confrontation between Lindsay and Tyler in the diner. He would have confronted him in an alleyway, leading to Tyler attacking Geoff. Geoff would have smacked Tyler with a lead pipe, killing him. Scared for his life, Geoff would have hid Tyler's body and fled Wawanakwa City, not telling Lindsay where he would have gone.

Katie would have returned from a date night with Noah, only to discover Judge Henry in her apartment. Judge Henry would have revealed a major bombshell: he is indeed her father.

Hurt by Heather still believing that Alejandro is her true love, Justin would have slipped into a deep depression filled with drugs and alcohol. Heather would have had a revelation about her memories, leading to her dashing to Justin's apartment, only to find him overdosed on drugs. Heather would have held Justin's dying body, leaving his fate uncertain.

Brady would have received a tip about Zoey and Josh's whereabouts. He would have gone to Manhunt Beach, only to be kidnapped and held hostage in a small cottage. There, Zoey and Josh would have revealed to him that they lured him there. Josh would have revealed that they were acting on someone's orders.

When Brady asks who, a door in the small room Brady is being held hostage in opens. Through the door, in walks Blaineley, very much alive.


The season would have picked up right where the previous one left off: Brady would have been killed by Blaineley in order to keep her being alive a secret. She, Zoey, and Josh would have left Manhunt Beach to an unknown location after that.

Justin would have survived his drug overdose, and with Heather having received her memory back, the two would have left Wawanakwa City for their honeymoon. Meanwhile, Alejandro, without anyone to help his defense, would have been sent to prison for killing Izzy.

Katie would have been shocked by Judge Henry's revelation, and wouldn't be able to forgive him for abandoning her when she was little. Noah would have tried to help her through this, but Katie would have remained inconsolable. Wanting to help Katie, Noah would have tricked Sadie into returning to Wawanakwa City to help her. The two would have reconciled, after Sadie realized that she was being too controlling.

With renewed confidence, Katie would have gone to talk things through with her father, only to discover him doubled over in his office due to a heart attack. Devastated, Katie would have said goodbye to Judge Henry as he slowly died in the hospital.

LeShawna would have been intrigued with her new neighbor, Harold, who had just moved into the house next to her. Harold would have been harboring a dark secret with a mysterious box filled with unknown contents. LeShawna would have grown closer to Harold, much to DJ's dismay.

Anne Maria would have gotten back together with Lightning, and the two would have been happily together. Anne Maria would have apologized to Eva, and the two would have become good friends.

Bridgette would have become confused with Sierra and Cody's sudden disappearance from the city, and have broken into Sierra's loft. After going through Sierra's computer, Bridgette would have discovered that Sierra was the true reason that Hatchet had gone missing in the first place.

Jo would have moved to Wawanakwa City permanently to be with her father, bringing Brick along with her. Hatchet and Jo would have set their sights on tracking down McLean, and would have learned that Ezekiel is planning on running for mayor. Suspicious of his motives, Hatchet would have convinced Courtney to return to the city with her daughter, Faith, in order to run for mayor to take down Ezekiel.

Lindsay would have been devastated about Geoff having left Wawanakwa City, and would have met Dakota in the diner. The two would have bonded over the fact that both of their lovers had left Wawanakwa City for no reason. Lindsay would have encouraged Dakota to give Owen a chance, and Dakota would have gone out on a date with him, eventually falling in love with him.

B would have become highly suspicious of Harold's motives, and would have tried to prove to LeShawna that he was up to no good. B would have snuck into Harold's house to look for proof, only to be knocked out by Harold, and locked up in the basement.

The first mayoral debate would have gone on between Courtney and Ezekiel, and during the debate, Courtney's daughter, Faith, would have been kidnapped. Courtney would have been blackmailed into dropping out of the race in order to ensure her daughter's safety. Faith would have been returned to Courtney, and Ezekiel would have been elected mayor by default.

While on their honeymoon, Heather and Justin would have been involved in an epic car chase through the streets of Jamaica, being chased by an unknown source. The two would have survived, and returned to Wawanakwa City following their incident, only to discover that Alejandro had escaped from prison.

Bridgette would have attempted to tell Hatchet about her revelation involving Sierra, but would have been kidnapped before she could do.

Around the same time, LeShawna would have gone to Harold after realizing her brother had been kidnapped. When Harold hadn't been home, LeShawna would have helped herself inside, and discovered Harold's box full of photos and newspaper articles about the Duncan Abraham case. Just before she could have left, Harold would have knocked her out.

Worried for Bridgette, LeShawna, and B's safeties, Duncan and DJ would have teamed up to search for them.

Locked up in the basement, LeShawna, Bridgette, and B would have discovered from Harold that he is indeed Cameron's older brother searching for revenge for the person who killed his brother. Harold would have explained that he was using the three to lure Duncan so he could kill him himself.

Bridgette would have realized that Harold was the one who had tried to run Duncan over previously. Harold would have then admitted to killing Staci when she was too nosy, and then stashed her body in her old dressing room.

Duncan and DJ would have entered the house while Harold was in the basement revealing his secrets to the three. Duncan would have entered the basement, just as Harold would have grabbed Bridgette. In order to save his wife, Duncan would have offered to go with Harold.

As Duncan and Harold would have entered Harold's truck, Harold would have told Duncan that there was a bomb placed in his house, set to go off in thirty seconds. Harold would have let Duncan go to save Bridgette. Just as Duncan would have exited the truck to run back to save Bridgette, the truck would have exploded with Harold inside.


Duncan would have realized that someone had taken the bomb that Harold had hidden inside the house, and planted it inside the truck.

With Ezekiel now mayor of the city, the residents would have realized that no one is safe. Chris would have returned to Wawanakwa City in order to organize his rise to power behind the curtain.

Bridgette would have realized that she is indeed pregnant with Duncan's child, and would have left Wawanakwa City for a while to be with her mother. Meanwhile, Duncan would have stayed behind to search for Cody and Sierra.

Hatchet and Jo would have tightened up their forces to search for Chris, when Josh would have unexpectantly shown up in town. Dakota would have recognized him from the case files that she and Brady had looked over for Staci's murder, leading to Hatchet arresting Josh.

Later, Josh would have been freed from prison after LeShawna stepped forward with evidence of Harold revealing he had murdered Staci. Josh would have revealed in a lie that Brady had been indeed murdered by his sister, Zoey.

Dakota, devastated, would have continued her relationship with Owen. Lindsay, meanwhile, would have still been looking for answers pertaining to Geoff's disappearance from the city. When Tyler's body would have been discovered in an alleyway, Lindsay would have realized that Geoff had murdered Tyler.

Lindsay would have left for Boney Isles to search for Geoff. There, she would have found Geoff who had told her that he only killed Tyler in self-defense. Lindsay would have persuaded Geoff to return to Wawanakwa City to face the facts. Geoff would have later gone to trial for Tyler's murder, only to be freed. Geoff and Lindsay would have left Wawanakwa City in search for a better life.

Courtney would have gone to confront Ezekiel after he had passed a new provocative law stating that the mayor will now work side by side with the sheriff. Chris would have revealed himself to her, and Courtney would have accused him of kidnapping her daughter. Chris would have rejected the thought, stating that there is a spy in the sheriff's station, and then held Courtney hostage once more in the McLean Enterprises station.

Justin would have later been kidnapped by an unknown source, leaving Heather to rescue her husband. Heather would have realized that Alejandro's brother, Jose, a drug lord in Jamaica had been the one who had broken him out of prison and kidnapped Justin. Angry, Heather would have stormed to Alejandro's apartment, where Justin had been held, and shot Alejandro just as Jose had planned to murder Justin.

Jose would have been arrested, and deported back to Jamaica, leaving Heather and Justin to finally be safe and happy once more.

Courtney, imprisoned at McLean Enterprises, would have attempted to contact Hatchet at the sheriff station. However, Brick would have answered, and realizing that it was Courtney, would hung up instantly, revealing that he was indeed the spy.

Noah would have proposed to Katie, leaving the two to be married in a small ceremony. Sadie would have been Katie's maid of honor, proving that the two are now best friends.

Bridgette would have returned to Wawanakwa City, preparing to tell Duncan that she is pregnant with his child. However, Duncan would have been too occupied with trying to find Sierra and Cody, that he would have ignored her.

Hatchet and Jo would have become worried about Courtney's sudden disappearance, and would have struggled to search for her while Brick would have continued to feed them lies.

Sierra would have returned to Wawanakwa City, with Cody in tow. Having brought Cody to McLean Enterprises, it would have been revealed that Sierra had been working for Chris all along, citing it as the reason she moved Hatchet from Wawanakwa City to Toronto.

Brick would have let Josh free from his prison cell, and the two would have been caught escaping by Jo. Devastated by her boyfriend's betrayal, Jo would have been knocked out by Brick, and taken to Wawanakwa City as a captive.

With Jo, Cody, and Courtney being held captive at McLean Enterprises, Ezekiel would have contacted Hatchet, telling him to arrive at the building space. Hatchet would have walked straight into the trap, and become the fourth captive.

There, Ezekiel would have planned to kill Hatchet for murdering his uncle. Hatchet would have revealed the truth about his killing of Holmes, and how Chris had ordered the killing of his wife. Ezekiel would have had a change of heart, and would have tried to kill his father, only to be shot and killed by Brick.

Jo would have tried to talk sense into Brick, but with no success. When both Zoey and Josh eventually arrived at McLean Enterprises, Chris would have revealed that he was truly their father. Chris would have stated that he had had an affair with Blaineley, and that through the affair both Zoey and Josh had been born. Chris would have then stated that he had abandoned Blaineley after the children were born, and that the man they thought was their father was actually their stepfather.

Duncan would have soon discovered Hatchet's police cruiser parked outside of McLean Enterprises, and realized that Chris was behind the disappearances. He would have entered the building, only to have been knocked out by Brick.

When Duncan would have awoken, Blaineley would have revealed herself to him and the hostages. Confused by how she would have been alive, Blaineley would have explained she had a twin sister, Caroline. Caroline was the one who had murdered Cameron Little, and had started the affair with Duncan. When Caroline had escaped from the city, she and Blaineley had switched places.

Blaineley had arrived in the city, and was the one who had murdered Gwen out of spite for her ruining her sister's relationship with Duncan. Caroline had returned to the city later on to get revenge on Duncan, and was the one who had been murdered. The one twin who had survived was indeed Blaineley.

Blaineley would have planned to kill Duncan, believing he was the one who had murdered her sister, Caroline. Just as Blaineley would have raised the gun, Bridgette would have arrived at McLean Enterprises, revealing she was the one who had murdered Caroline in the first place.

Blaineley would have turned the gun on Bridgette, and just as she was about to shoot, Duncan would have jumped in front of Bridgette, taking the bullet instead. Blaineley would then have escaped to the rooftop of McLean Enterprises, with Hatchet and Jo following in pursuit.

Bridgette would have revealed she was pregnant with Duncan's child to Duncan as he died in her arms. Cody would have looked on, coming to terms with the fact that Bridgette had truly belonged with Duncan, and not with him.

On the rooftop, Blaineley and Chris would have attempted to flee from Wawanakwa City after realizing their plans had failed. Hatchet would have shot at the two, leaving the two to stumble off the side of the building, and plummeting to their death.

Brick would have shot at Jo, attempting to kill her. Courtney would have arrived on the rooftop to help, but would have been shot in the crossfire. Courtney would have later died from her wounds, leaving Faith without her mother.

With Wawanakwa City finally free from Blaineley and Chris, the residents would have moved on.


Heather and Justin would have had a daughter together, whom they named Gwen in honor of the late aspiring artist.

Hatchet and Jo would have celebrated their lives together, continuing to act as the town sheriffs.

Katie and Noah, married, would have adopted Courtney's daughter, Faith, as Katie wouldn't have allowed another young girl to grow like she did in an orphanage.

Zoey, Josh, Sierra, and Brick would have been sentenced to life in prison without parole.

Cody would have returned to being the principal of Wawanakwa High School, and continued his friendship with Bridgette.

LeShawna and DJ would have married, and would have had a son whom they named Duncan in honor of their late friend.

Bridgette would have given birth to her daughter, whom she would have named Melody. After realizing that living in Wawanakwa City was too hard, she would have moved away to start a new life in a new city.


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