Disclaimer: I don't own any of the characters of The OC. They all belong to Josh Schwartz.

A/N: This takes place post-Oliver, Ryan and Marissa did not get back together, and Seth did not run off to Portland. This story is AU and I've taken liberties with some of the characters including Theresa and Kirsten. Be easy on me, this is my first story.


The moonlight casts a warm glow across his face. She watches him as he lays in bed, eyes closed in deep slumber. She loves to watch him sleep. He always seems so innocent when he sleeps. He is innocent, she reminds herself.

She carefully threads her fingers through his soft, dark blond hair, gently brushing his bangs off his forehead. She sighs. The summer night is warm and muggy and with no air conditioning, she notices he is wearing nothing except the light covering of a slightly worn top sheet.

She traces her finger lightly over his belly button and drinks in his beauty. He shifts his body slightly under her touch but doesn't awaken. He's exhausted. She feels sad that he has to work such long hours at the construction site to support themselves and their unborn child. He just put in a grueling six days straight in the unrelenting summer heat. She hopes that once the project gets back on schedule, he'll have more time off. More time to spend with her. She finally has him back in Chino with her and realizes she rarely sees him.

She needs him. She wants him. Exhaustion be damned. She leans down and gently kisses his soft lips while slowly moving her hand down his warm, taut stomach. He moans slightly, lazily kisses her back and utters a small grunt of approval. Even in his state of exhaustion, she knows he probably wouldn't turn down sex. She has always known exactly how to touch him; exactly where to touch him. And here, now, feeling his desirous response, she tries not to think about how she will lose him if he was to ever find out. Find out about her unforgivable deception, all because she can't bear to lose him. She can't bear to live without him.