The elevator doors slid open and Harvey, Blackberry in hand, stepped in. He had got what he came for, as if there was a chance that he wouldn't, but he was mad that Morgan Holdings had thought they could get away with it. Obviously they didn't count on him. He wasn't sure which pissed him off more, the idea that they would try to intimidate his client, or the idea they had underestimated him.

He dialled Mike's cell and hit the button for the ground floor where Ray would be waiting to take him back to the office. He didn't intend to stay in this neighbourhood any longer than he had to; the Kim family had needed face to face persuasion that they would win this case. He didn't blame them, the men who had paid them a visit the day before had scared the life out of them.

"We've got them back. Mr Kim is still willing to testify. It took some persuading but he's agreed. He'll come in tomorrow to give a deposition. Your genius brain had better have the other documents sorted before I get back" he paused, "...yes, I I care about winning."

He hung up before Mike's excited cries about caring for clients were over, rolling his eyes at the phone. A small grin did escape the side of his mouth though, both at Mike's exuberance and, if he was totally honest, the look of relief on Mrs Kim's face when he persuaded her husband there was still a case to be fought. Not because he cared, obviously, not for that reason, but because he wanted to win and she believed he could, and she wanted her husband to fight. Judging from this apartment block though, the money mattered as much as the principle. If they won, which he always did, they would be able to move out of this shabby building.

He leaned casually against the rickety side as the elevator descended, taking the moment of solitude to finish an email from earlier and checking his schedule for the next few days. Yep, if all went to plan he might even have the entire weekend off.

Mike had only been with him a few weeks, but he was already proving himself a reliable and speedy assistant in these cases. He might even admit to liking the kid. He kinda grew on you, like a fungus. The documents he had somehow unearthed meant Harvey was pretty sure that Mr Kim's deposition would be just what they needed to get a healthy settlement, but he would be prepared, just in case a trail was unavoidable.

He didn't look up from his email as the elevator stopped on the second floor and someone stepped into the small space beside him; simply shuffling slightly to accommodate another body. He registering a shock of lurid red hair but paid little attention. There was a short pause, as the doors rattled closed again and the descent continued.

He had just slid the Blackberry into his pocket and straightened up in preparation for disembarking, when the elevator gave a sudden lurch. The lights went out, and there was a sickening groan.

"You have GOT to be kidding me!" A female voice exclaimed beside him in the darkness, "No,no,no!"

"It would appear to be yes, yes, yes." Harvey spoke, groping forwards to try and locate the control panel. His hand closed over something warm, his companions hand, which was swiftly pulled away with muttered oaths.

He found the panel and hit each button searching for the emergency alarm. It didn't appear to be working.

"Hit the alarm." the voice came again.

"I have! It doesn't appear to be working. Is there a Phone over beside you?" his voice remained calm, although he felt his irritation rising at this inconvenience.

More Muffled oaths met this question. "Yes, but I can tell you now it is pointless, the stupid thing hasn't worked in months now. If the bell isn't sounding then they definitely won't have fixed that!"

Harvey heard the sliding of metal as this theory was tested.

"Yep, dead as a door nail." the crash of something being thrown against the doors. "This happened to the Munroes a month ago and they were in here for HOURS before the IDIOT SUPER REALISED AND GOT HELP!" the end of the statement was raised as if the voice intended the Supervisor to hear.

"Dammit, Dammit and DAMN!" the voice continued and Harvey heard it's owners attack on the offending phone and elevator doors in general. Felt it a little too as whoever it was bumped into him, threatening to topple them both.

He grabbed at what he hoped was waist and held until they both had regained their balance.

"Feel better?" Harvey asked sarcastically, releasing the small framed furry from his hold as, balance restored it struggled against his grip. She moved against the far wall, still hopping slightly but the attempts to rip the doors off with their bare hands appeared to have ceased.

"No!" the answer was somewhat huffy answer sounded. "Hurt my toe"

Harvey gave an exasperated look towards the corner she had retreated to, not that there was far to retreat in the small space. He heard rattling as she started searching through a bag.

He pulled out his phone. Just what he needed, trapped in a dark, confined space with an unstable female. Well he would fix that.

"Donna, change of plan. I appear to have a situation here. I need you to phone the maintenance company for this building. The elevator appears to be stuck just above ground floor." He paused, holding the phone a little away from his ear. "Yes, yes. Hilarious, Donna. If you would be so kind? Ring me back when you have spoken to them." Another pause, "Yes, for tomorrow. Better move lunch with Robert to then too incase this takes too long..and tell Mike he'll have to meet with Mary Worthing by himself. Tell him to stick to what we discussed or she'll eat him alive. He can use my office for that, just don't let him shed on the furniture."

At that moment the elevator gave a sudden lurch, dropping a few inches, causing both occupants to jolt and the female voice to exclaim. The only plus to this development was that the lights suddenly returned.

Donna, on the other end of the phone, heard Harvey grunt slightly as his shoulder was bumped in the motion. Momentarily concerned, she paused in her action, the maintenance company's website already opening in front of her, "What was that?"

"We just dropped slightly, think the emergency brakes have kicked in now. Just ring the company and let me know how long this is going to take."Harvey was getting seriously irritated now.

"Should I actually be worried Harvey? Or is it just you in danger of plummeting a few inches to your death?"

"Funny girl. No, me and.." at this point Harvey turned to glance at his fellow inmate for the first time.

She was hunkered down rapidly emptying the contents of a large bag onto the floor, searching for something with frantic intensity, muttering to herself. She glanced up as she realised he was looking at her. The lurid red hair wasn't the only unique feature of his companion. The figure straightened up under his scrutiny.

Harvey took in the full vision, and Donna could swear she heard his smirk expanding across his face as he spoke, "It would appear to be just me and The Little Mermaid."