Jessica knew how to throw a party and it was in full swing. Katie took a sip of her drink, Harvey caught her eye over the top of her glass and subtly winked at her. They had been cornered by a couple who had been clients with the firm for years and had been half listening to a very long winded diatribe about some new legislation that might effect the family business.

Katie had tuned out most of the details, engaging in small talk with the wife, while Harvey made a good show of pretending to be interested. He must like them, as she had already seen him successfully and smoothly brush off several attempts to engage them in business talk.

The wife had rejoined the main conversation and apart from an occasionally nod of agreement Katie let the her mind wander.

Out of the corner of her eye she could see Mike and the pretty brunette girl talking animatedly near the bar. They seemed well matched, she made a mental note to ask Harvey about them later.

She began running mentally through the items that she had put in her bag for the night ahead. Letting Jo help pack was arguably a mistake, but she was pretty sure Harvey would approve of the items her over zealous roommate had insisted she bring. Thoughts of the night ahead made her blush prettily. Harvey appeared to notice, lifting an eyebrow inquisitively while he pretended to listen to the man's droning voice.

Katie avoided his eyes, her blush deepening. Harvey felt his second lurch of the evening, his need to be alone with his date increasing. He brought the conversation to an abrupt but not unpleasant ending.

"You ok? Sorry about that."

"No, don't be. This is a work thing, I get it."

"There are about two more people I have promised Jessica I will charm with my skill and brilliance. And then we are free to go." He steered her towards the bar. His hand on the bare skin of her back sending little shock waves through them both.

"That sounds like a plan," she replied softly as Harvey paused once again to greet someone and she nodded politely at introductions.

Suddenly she felt an uneasy shiver up her back like she was being watched. Raking her eyes around the room she couldn't see what or who it was.

Then just like that, the party goers around her shifted and her eyes locked with John Jr. He was leaning against the wall at the far side of the room, two hopeful blondes vying for his attention which was fixed firmly on her. He raised his glass slightly to her with an in-perceivable nod. She jerked her eyes away. A movement not lost on Harvey who, greetings over was moving them onwards once more.

"Are you ok?" he asked, concern in his voice. His companion had paled suddenly and he searched the room in the direction she had been looking but the crowd had shifted again and all he saw was a room full of innocent party goers. "Katie?" he asked again more urgently as she remained silent, giving an involuntary shudder.

"Yes, sorry. Someone must have walked on my grave, my grandmother would have said." She smiled at him, but he could detect the slight unease still in her eyes.

"Ok," he said unconvinced. "You cold?"

"What? No,no. Really I'm good." she lent in towards him. "Come on, I'll buy you a drink."

"It's a free bar..."

"Exactly." Harvey just rolled his eyes and seeing no obvious reason for her momentary unease, he let it drop allowing her to move just far enough in front of him that he could enjoy the view.


Harvey fully intended to leave as soon as he could. He couldn't wait to be alone with Katie. When he looked at her he could see little signs of her stress and tiredness but she still sparkled. At the moment she and Harvey had joined Mike and Rachel. The two seemed to be hitting it off very well and Mike and Harvey shared a look as the they collapsed in giggles, apparently at something apparently related to the two men.

He was just about to suggest they escape when Donna arrived at his shoulder, "Jessica needs you. Dan McCormick wants to talk shop."

Harvey rolled his eyes, "Just great. Mike, you better come too." He rubbed a hand regretfully down Katie's back speaking lowly only to her, "I will sort what ever the problem is in no time and then we will not look back on our way out of here. Did I say our room has a hot tub?"

"Fine then. Go be amazing, I'll go grab some fresh air." As the boys left and Donna and Rachel fell into an easy banter, she excused herself and moved to the doors that led to the beautiful roof terrace that spanned the entire front of the building.

The terrace was deserted apart from a couple who were getting extremely friendly in the corner hidden from those inside. Not wanting to miss Harvey's return, or get too close to the making out pair, she didn't venture left or right, instead she lent on the railings straight ahead of her. Manhattan was spread out before her and she understood why Harvey loved it. She let her mind wander away form the party and back to the music she had left sitting at home.

She was so lost in her thoughts that she didn't hear someone come out of the doors behind her until they were right beside her. Expecting Harvey she didn't turn her eyes from the view as the dying chords faded away in her imagination. She lent into the touch on her back, "Hey you, " she whispered.

"Hey gorgeous," a voice, not Harvey's pulled her back forcefully from her daydream.

Dum Da Dum...

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