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Summary: When three women who are in search of answers of their own paths cross they realize that with the help of the Winchester brothers and a few angels that they can find the answers they were looking for and just maybe save the planet in process.

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Kylie Parish bolted straight up in her bed with sweat rolling down her forehead and tears she didn't know she shed running down her cheeks. Out of the corner of her eye she saw Ozzy at the door with his ears thrown back growling, she reached for her knife knowing whatever had Ozzy on high alert was not a good thing. Within a few moments Kylie could see the doorknob turn on its own accord. Knowing someone was picking the lock she walked slowly to the door just as it was being opened. Grabbing the intruder Kylie held a knife in her hand. "Who are you?" She hissed.

The intruder was a petite woman with blond hair framing her face. She managed to pull out of Kylie's grasp and knock the knife from her hand. "I'm Aurora Singer; I'm not here to hurt you." She said calmly holding up her hand in a surrender motion. Kylie noticed that Ozzy was pacing around the woman in a rather dangerous way waiting for the word to strike.

"Not now Oz." Kylie order watching her German Shepard watching him lay on his stomach waiting silently. She turned to Aurora. "If you're not here to hurt me then why bother breaking into my room?'"

Aurora snorted. "Would you really have acted any differently?"

Kylie pondered that for a moment and let out a sigh. She was right she wouldn't have acted at all differently, not when she had a hunters instinct to always fight back and as of lately she had to always be on her guard she never knew when someone would be coming after her. "Your right I wouldn't, now what is it you want from me?"

At this point Aurora made herself at home sitting on Kylie's bed. "I heard about your gifts, and needed you to use them to help me."

This normally happened some hunter who was up to their eyeballs in a case and couldn't find the answers they were seeking would call upon Kylie to use her gifts to help them out; it rarely ended well when she teamed up with other hunters.

Aurora continued speaking. "It would mean a lot to us if you could help us out."

Kylie sighed and pushed a stray strand of dark brown hair out of her eyes. "I'm sorry but I can't be any help to you."

There was a long pause in the room as Aurora got off the bed and walked over towards the door. "Please reconsider all you have to is give us a name it wouldn't take long I swear."

Kylie's patience was running out since she was practically running on fumes and she didn't have any desire to be around people. Ozzy was enough for her, he was all she needed in this life. She wasn't looking for anything else but what she had even if she had unanswered question that she would love to have answers for, but she knew that it was almost impossible to get those answers.

Kylie sighed she knew she was going to regret her decision but she couldn't help the guilt that was gnawing at her insides. "Fine I'll help you, but Ozzy is coming with us." At the mention of his name the dog jumped up and stood by his owner.

Aurora nodded a little uneasy not at all liking the fact the giant dog looked like he wanted to take a bit out of her, but if this got her one step closer to finding answers for her friend then she would agree to just about anything at this point.

The car ride to the motel Aurora was staying at was mostly silent. She kept glancing at Kylie who looked like she wanted jump out of the car. Kylie shot Aurora a look when she caught her staring. "Do I have something on my face?"

The blond laughed and shook her head. "No you just remind me of someone."

The brunette raised her eyebrow in curiosity. "I'll biteā€¦ who do I remind you of?"

She couldn't put her finger on it but the way the brunette held herself with cockiness and arrogance seemed to remind her alot of someone she knew but the same was said for the way she held her head down as if to try to avoid meeting anyone's eyes. It felt as if she knew Kylie but she couldn't figure out why, it was like the answers were right there in front of her but she just wasn't seeing it at all.

"Not sure it's just like we've met before." Aurora answered pulling her car into the parking lot.

"I'm sure we haven't I tend to remember people who break into my room in the middle of the night." Kylie laughed.

There was something about that comment that made Aurora feel uneasy she was sure that is was meant to be a joke, but the way Kylie said it, it was anything but.

Once inside the motel room Ozzy stayed at Kylie's feet ready to pounce if she gave the order. Inside the room was another blond a little bit taller than Kylie and Aurora.

"This is Victoria Sylver." Aurora introduced. "Victoria this is Kylie Parish, she's here to help us,"

Victoria smiled brightly and offered her hand. "It's nice to meet you."

Kylie hesitated but took the offered hand. "Yeah you too." She replied rather shortly.

Aurora started setting thing up in the middle of the room, starting with a map, some weird looking candles and very old looking books; all of which was obviously some very strong hoodoo objects. "Kylie, would you please explain to Tori about your gifts."

She left out a huff of air, she felt like a freak when it came to her gift either people hated her for it or exploited her for them, no one ever completely accepted them or her for that matter. "I can sense stuff by just touching it, I can pretty much get the whole history off of something." Kylie replied taking off the black leather gloves she was wearing.

Victoria looked at Kylie in silent awe, as Aurora handed her a knife. "We just need a name, it won't take long." She explained when the brunette gave her a confused look.

Taking the knife in hand she closed her eyes and concentrated, but all she got was a block. She sighed and concentrated harder but nothing was going to let her get the information she needed. She turned to Aurora and Victoria with an almost apologetic expression on her face. "I'm sorry I can't, I almost have it but I keep getting a mental block, like someone doesn't want me to get the answer."

Aurora swears under her breathe. "Freaking angels. Keep trying."

She closes her eyes again and tries harder breaking all the barriers with her might, it took a few moments but Kylie grinned as the lights flickered in the room and sparks started to fly then she blanked out.

"Does the name Gabriel mean anything to you?" Kylie asked handing the knife back to Aurora watching as her and Victoria traded secret looks, she felt like she didn't belong as the two blonds smiled victoriously.

"Looks like we have an angel to hunt down." Victoria announced throwing random items into a duffel.

Kylie started backing up towards the door, ready to make a quick exit before anyone noticed she was missing but it was too late Victoria noticed when she had her hand on the knob. "Aren't you going with us?" She asked with pleading eyes.

"Yeah, please come with us." Aurora added stating at her knowing full well that Kylie wouldn't stay, but some part of her wanted her to come with. She knew that Kylie's gifts would come in handy and not only that Kylie was interesting, but she knew if Kylie did come with them then Ozzy would have to go with her; that was just something Aurora wasn't ready to deal with the dogs trust issues.

Kylie shook her head. "Got my own answer's to search for, but I wish you all the best of luck in your quest." She waited as both girls said their goodbyes and thank you's as she walked out of the door with Ozzy at her feet.

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