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Kylie limped through a darkly lite alley with her faithful four legged companion at her side, who also look a little war worn with dried blood on his chest. She bent down and scratched Ozzy behind his ears. "It's ok boy, we're almost at the motel." She whispered mostly for her benefit then for Ozzy's.

They walked a little further when Ozzy started growling and Kylie almost feels someone behind her, slowly pulling the knife out of her motorcycle boots, she turns around to see Aurora Singer standing there holding up her hands. The whole scene was kind of reminiscent of their first meeting a few weeks prior.

"What the hell Aurora?" She asked heatedly. She didn't have time for this she had to get the motel room patch herself up and pack her stuff and get the hell out of dodge, especially since there would be a lot of demons on her trail now after what just went down.

The blond smiled slightly as if to defuse the tension between them. "Didn't mean to sneak up on you had to make sure you weren't being followed."

Kylie narrowed her eyes. "How, by following me yourself?"

Aurora sighed. "No, but I saw you walking and noticed a few hell spawn following you had to take 'em out. You didn't even notice." She paused to take in the appearance of the two. "Looks like you went through hell."

Even if the comment was meant to be a joke Kylie flinched a little but composed herself quickly. "I'm fine." She answered defensively. Her breathing became labored and she started to see white spots dancing in her vision, she felt as if her legs could no longer support her weight. She felt like she was ready collapse and Aurora knew this, she looped an arm around her waist and let her lean against her. Aurora used her weight to keep them both supported as they walked forward, with Ozzy walking slowly behind them.

When Aurora got to her car she opened the back door to let Ozzy jump in the back; then she helped Kylie in to the passenger seat being careful of her injuries. She then jumped into the driver's seat and sped out of the empty lot putting as much distance between her and that place.

"Do you think you can hang in there until we can get somewhere safe?" Aurora asked giving Kylie a nervous look.

Kylie nodded painfully wincing a little in the process. "Yeah I'll be peachy. Where are we going anyways?" She moved to were her head was resting on the glass and she stared ahead at the empty road ahead of them.

Aurora kept her eyes straight on the road. "Sioux Falls, South Dakota; taking you were my family is you'll be safe."

Kylie felt the promise in her words and her heart started to feel heavy; it had been a long time since someone vowed to keep her safe.

Aurora looked at her and sighed. "You might want to get some sleep and get your strength back; I'll wake you when we get to where we are going."

Kylie nodded feeling relaxed enough around Aurora to close her eyes.

"Momma." The little girl whimpered frightened grasping her mother's hand.

The woman bent down to her daughter's eye level. "Oh, Kylie." The woman breathed out pushing stray strand of her hair out her eyes so she could look into her daughters dark green eyes. "I want you to know that I love you more than anything."

The little girl wrapped her tiny arms around her mother "I love you too momma."

The woman got up and grabbed her daughters arm and ushered her into the bathroom with a very serious expression on her face. "I want you to stay here, don't come out for nothing."

Kylie looked up ready to protest. "But…" Her little lip wobbled she was growing more frightened by the moment.

The woman shook her head cutting off her daughters protest. She quickly shoved her daughter in the bathroom before giving her a quick kiss on the cheek. She quickly locked door.

Kylie sat in the corner hugging her knees to her chest with her heads over her ears trying to drown out the screams of her mother as she rocked back and forth, tears clouding her vision.

What felt like hours later the little girl numbly walked out of the bathroom. The motel room was trashed, clear evidence of blood splattered across the walls. Kylie's mother was nowhere in sight.

Kylie jerked awake. It took her a few moments to remember that she was in Aurora's car. Ozzy whined from the back seat, he took his nose and nuzzled her arm. She sighed and petted his head to reassure her old friend that she was ok. "It's ok, boy." She muttered ignoring the worried glances that Aurora was sending her from the driver's seat.

Aurora was quiet for a long period of time before she spoke up. "If you want to talk about it…"

Her words hung in the air as Kylie cut her off with a shake of her head. "No offense I really don't."

Aurora stay silent but nodded understanding the other woman's need for privacy.

It was almost daylight when Aurora pulled her car n front of and old junk yard. "Here we are. Singer Salvage."

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