So the whole "hopefully next week" thing didn't really work out as you can see…. But! As can also tell, we're back! At least for a little while... So I hope you enjoy!

Prompt: Songbirds
Rating: K+
Characters: Draco, Luna
Summary: "'What were their names again? The lovers?' He asked. 'It was a Malfoy and a Smith.' She answered." Luna tells Draco a story of lovers and Songbirds.
Pairing: Draco/Luna. At least….the beginnings of a pairing….


Draco was out in the lawn, leaning against his favorite tree on the Hogwarts grounds doing his homework. He was in the middle of a Potions essay when he heard someone humming. A was a short, simple tune, but was beautiful all the same.

Shortly after the hummer was finished, a few birds above him started repeating it back. He heard a quiet feminine giggle. He looked around and didn't see anyone. He shook his head and went back to his essay.

But the humming was back, providing a harmony while the birds whistled the original tune. A couple birds picked up the harmony while the others stayed on the melody. The giggle again.

He turned around. On the other side of the tree was no other than Luna Lovegood, humming with the birds. "What are you doing?" he asked.

"Songbirds." She said dreamily as if it explained everything. Glancing at the confused look on his face, she elaborated. "You've never heard of Songbirds?"


"They're the most magical creatures. Anything they hear, they memorize and can repeat it back. Even words. They remember it for all their lives as long as you know the right words or sound to trigger their memory."

"Well if they're that harmless, why haven't we learned about them yet?"

"They're hard to recognize. They all look different. The only way to know is to test it. But I had prior knowledge from one of my mother's old journals that they love this old birch tree."

Draco couldn't believe he was actually interested in these birds. There was just something about them…

"They used to use them for communicating in wars and such. Sending messages without the other side knowing." She hadn't looked at him once. She just stared at the birds. "My favorite though, is the legend of the two lovers. Their families hated each other and they used these birds to communicate and they would meet up in secret. But he had to go to war so she didn't hear from him for months. She almost lost hope. Until on her birthday a bird appeared at her window and said 'happy birthday my love' and whistled the tune I was humming earlier."

Draco nodded. "It's a beautiful story really." She concluded, still staring at the birds.

"What were their names again? The lovers?" He asked.

"It was a Malfoy and a Smith." She answered, leaving out the fact that Smith was her mother's maiden name.

"How does it end?" He found he had to know. He wasn't sure why, maybe the whole name thing, but he had to know.

"He comes home; they get married and have children."

"Oh. Thought it would've been more dramatic than that."

"Not everything has to be dramatic." She finally looked away from the birds and right at him. Her eyes were a beautiful bright blue.

His heart was beating rapidly. "True." He leaned in close to her face so their lips were almost touching, and he whispered "But some things are better that way." She lightly smiled.

He closed the space between them.