Inspired by a Tumblr post: emery3002: Fanfic challenge: Employ the phrase "Use more pressure, I'm okay" in a different scenario. #InappropriateWednesday ;)

Jane halted her ministrations as Maura groaned. She was almost there, just a little bit further to go

Maura spoke between heavy, ragged breaths. "Use...more pressure...I'm okay."

"Are you sure?" Jane asked uncertainly, not wanting to cause Maura any unnecessary pain.

Maura simply nodded before inhaling slowly, deeply.

Jane pushed up against Maura once more, tightening the pressure.

"Jane!" Maura moaned, her breath coming in quick, short pants. Jane grunted as she exerted greater force.

Suddenly, Maura released a gasp and then a loud yell as her back arched and her breathing slowly began to return to normal.

Jane gave one last tug on the laces of the tight corset before tying them securely. "Are you okay?" She asked her friend. Maura nodded, smiling, still trying to catch her breath.

"See, I told you it would fit!"

Jane's eyes raked over Maura's body as she admired the ME's accentuated curves. "You'd never catch me in one of those, but it does look pretty amazing."

"And now I'll fit right in!" Maura grinned, ready to play her part in the undercover mission at Merch.

So my first thought was...Ahem...Jane trying to fit her hand inside of Maura. *Blush* But that was a bit too dirty for me to try and type out...So I made it this instead.