Insurmountable certainty of universal doom!

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Chapter 1

Gaz Membrane looked around at her enviorment. It was sunny, the birds were singing, and she felt nothing. She looked back to the game in her hands, entering her game world once again. At least there she could get away from her black and white boring world. Gaming was much more colorful and interesting.

Adults told her she had a great life: she had a family and they were rich. What could be better? After that she would walk away, the adults knew nothing. The kids at school didn't care, they pointed out the bad things like how here brother was kind of crazy and that her dad avoided her because she was scary. She knew they were wrong- her brother wasn't crazy, just smart then them; her dad... he just worked to much and didn't have time.


Gaz growled, her character died. "Gaz?" She snapped her head up and turned to the speaker.

"Yes, Dib?" She asked, not really caring.

"Are you listening to me?" Gaz looked at him boredly. You'd think after all these year he'd learn she DIDN'T care. He only ever talked about Zim, and if not that big-foot or ghosts. Everything he said just went into one ear and out the other. If she did feel something for him it was probably anger or annoyance. She answered him anyway.

"No." Dib looked upset at her. She, of course, didn't care and walked away from him.

"Geez Gaz." He brother spoke, "At least wait for me." Gaz sighed, her brother felt it to be his responsiblity to protect her every moment from everything. They were just on their way to school, he's to paranoid. She tried to get back into her gaming Zone, whe Dib yelled. "Zim!" She flinched, he was right next to her ear! She grabbed him and pulled him to her eye level.

"Scream near me like that again today, and I will hurt you." Dib paled, her knew of his scary sister's powers first hand. He didn't want another look at them, even if they were paranormaly interesting to him.

"S-sorry. but Zim he-!"

"Isn't doing anything." Gaz finished. She pointed to the green alien. He was really doing nothing, just standing by the school gates (probably waiting for his morning fight with Dib). "He hasn't done anything remotely dangerous in three years. If he is as great as he says wouldn't have, oh I don't know, killed you or something by now?" She asked him calmly, but just as mean. Dib flinched at how casual Gaz could speak of him dying.

"I g-guess so. But he still neededs to be study and cut open..." Dib was cut off. Gaz had thrown him on the grown, tired of his excuses for yelling so loudly. She walked past Zim, he glared at her, but she ignored him completely. Dib pushed himself of the ground and brushed off. He began his walk toward Zim, already in a bad mood.

Zim watched him walk up, ready for their fighting, but Dib didn't hit or yell at him. Instead him pointed at Zim and glared. "It's your fault she's angry with me." Zim grew confused.

"She? I do not know who you speak of Dib-stink." Dib sighed, Zim still talked the same.

"My sister, you idiot!" He threw his hands in the air. "She got angry with me cause I yelled about you." Zim watch the human in front of him, his Pak scanned his emotions.

"You are fustrated. Yes?" Dib nodded his head slowly, "Do not fear. You sister is not angry with you." Dib looked at Zim questionably. "She feels nothing at all." He said simple. Dib scruntched up his face.

"How do you know that? Do Irken's feel?" Dib was pretty sure Zim once told him Irkens needed no feelings.

"Their not suppose to..." Zim turn away from Dib, then turn back at quickly, "But our Paks can tell what the enmey is feeling. So I know for a fact your sister feels nothing at all, because everytime she is around, my Pak processers do not detect her having any kind of active emotions." Zim said, though he wasn't sure why he shared that information with the human.

Dib glare at Zim, he didn't like Zim talking about his sister. He's seen her angry, like when he gave her pig-mouth. She was really angry then. "She just surpresses he feelings is all." He defended. He pushed Zim out of his way and walked past Zim. He looked back at the alien as he walked, "You haven't seen her angry." He warned and ran into the school.

Zim saw something cross Dib's face. It was fear. Dib feared his sister? Zim shrugged it off and walked into the school as well.


In Gaz's Class

Gaz looked at the borad in front of her. Her teacher, Mr. Sour (aparently Mrs. Bitters older brother), was talking about history. "What the Mayan's perdicted is the insurmountable certainty of universal doom!" He stated. She wished the high school would let her play her games in class, but they weren't like her elementary school. They were even more suckish and boring. Now all she had was her notebook, it wasn't full of notes though. It was full of doodles, cause if they weren't gonna let her play her games, she was not going to take their notes. It was only fare.

Right now she was drawing her brother. Having his mouth sown shut by a crazy knitting old lady. She smirkd at the drawing, it was perfect. She was about to draw tears on runnig down Dib's face when-

"Gaz!" She jumped and the pen made a giant line across the page, ruining the drawing. She frownd and look up at her teacher. He glared at her, "The bell rang. Go to lunch, you doomed child-you." Gaz quietly picked up her things and walked out of the class. She had no intent on going to lunch though. She was skipping.


Zim's class

Zim sat in math class, doing a worksheet. It was easy of course, he's superior brain answered them with ease. He was on the last question when the teacher, Ms. Eliza spoke, "Alright class, when you finish that worksheet I have another three for you!" She said happily smiling. The whole class moaned, even Zim. He was pretty sure she was a sadist, and was out to get him. Because everytime he was about to finish one of her worksheet, she had another one to hand out! He growled, but excepted the worksheets when they was handed to him. He began them right away.

He was on the second worksheet when he felt eyes on him. Turned in his seat, it was Dib. Zim sighed, the Dib-human never changed. He still hated the Alien after all these years. Zim was pretty sure they both knew Zim had stopped trying, but neither wanted to admit it. "Zim turn around, please." Ms. Eliza said. Zim quickly turned around. He finished all the worksheets, before lying his head down. Eliza had gave up on the worksheets for today. Yay.

Zim didn't know when but he had past out at sometime. He was awaken by Ms. Eliza, "Zim please get up and leave my classroom." She said with a hard smile. Zim quickly got up and headed to the door.

'Maybe I'll skip the rest of the HiSkool...' he thought as he walked down the hallway.

End of Chapter 1