Gaz left the school with ease, nobody even looked her way. She almost grinned at the lack of security, the school officials must be stupid or something. All she had to do was walk out the door. The Office Lady didn't as so much as glance at her! Though it was easy, Gaz still felt someone following her. 'Who the heck?' She looked over her shoulder as she walked quickly to the school gates, she saw no one. Only trees, the school and, sidewalk. She glared at the emptiness that was the schoolyard, she still felt the presence of someone near her. Gaz knew she wasn't paranoid, that would make her like Dib. She knew somebody was following her, she did what only she could do. She hid in the shadows of the trees that were outside the gates.

It took only a second of hiding for her pursuer to come out. The person jumped from the top of a tree. 'So that's why I didn't see him on the ground.' Gaz thought. She also knew who it was, only one person she knew had green skin. She didn't leave her spot, though, not yet. The, person, Zim, looked around in circles. "Where did the Dib-sister go?" Zim spoke out loud, to himself. Gaz didn't like that name. She slowly walk out from her spot, Zim was facing away from her. Gaz poked his shoulder.

Zim spun around quickly, arms up in defense. He lowered them once he saw Gaz. "Where did you come from?" He questioned her loudly. Gaz shrugged.

"Why were you following me?" She asked him. Zim looked embarrassed, he rubbed the back off his head.

"Zim wasn't following you." Gaz raised an eyebrow at him, "I was just curious as to why you were leaving school. Isn't it wrong?"

"Well you also left school." Gaz pointed out.

"I didn't mean that, I meant won't Dib-him get mad?" Gaz glared at that, Dib does not say what she can and can't do.

"I don't care. I like to see him upset." Gaz said simply before walking away. She grew annoyed when Zim began walking with her. She sighed, "Why are you following me?" Zim shrugged.

"I think since the Dib-sister is going somewhere, it must be interesting." Zim said sarcastically. Though, it truth he had left school but he didn't know where he wanted to go. If he went home, Gir was sure to scream to him about leaving school. Not that he cared. Then he saw Gaz and thought 'Why is she leaving? I must know, for some reason!' So he started following her.

"I am Gaz."

"What?" Zim grew confused.

"My name, you idiot, it is Gaz. Not Dib-sister." She told her fiercely. Zim was shocked, he hadn't realized he didn't know her name. It never occurred to him to learn it. They walked in silence. Well Gaz was silent, Zim was doing his usual march. Which made too much noise for Gaz, "You're going wherever I go? Really?" Zim nodded his head yes. "Well then I'm going to eat." Gaz smiled sadistically, which made Zim's heart skip a beat. She had smiled at him, but still didn't set off any emotions. He was so scared now.

"Where?" Zim squeaked.

"Bloaty's." Zim full to his knees. Gaz stopped to watch him, as he yelled "No!" Very loudly and dramatically. She shook her head, "You whiner. You don't have to come."

"But Zim is bored!" Then he added, "Why are you so mean?"

"I'm not mean. Mean people get angry and do stuff for a reason." She looked at him seriously, "I don't really have one. Not that I know of, anyway." She began walking again. Zim stood up grumbling to himself, and followed after her.

[-]In Bloatys[-]

Gaz entered the place like she owned it, Zim followed after her. She went to the counter, and ordered a large pizza. She sat down at a table near the back, away from the dancing robots. Not for Zims sake, but because as she got older they had become annoying. Once they sat Zim sighed in relief, "We are far from the zombie robots, good." Gaz rolled her eyes, then pulled her GameSlave out a began to play.

Zim watched her, she was like no other human. He noted she walked with an air of superiority and always held her head up. She was more like an Irken female, he thought. She showed no fear, was stealthy and strong. Zim looked at her face as she played her game. She was also pretty, for a human anyway. The alien tried to push his Pak to find her emotions, but he still couldn't get a reading. He growled, which caused Gaz to look up at him. That's when he noticed he had been staring at Gaz the whole time. He quickly pretended to be looking at something behind her. She raised an eyebrow at him, but there was no time to question. The pizza had come.

The waitress, set the pizza down on their table. Gaz quickly realized who the girl was, it was a senior at their school. She grabbed the waitress's arm, stopping the poor girl from walking away. "You didn't see us here." Gaz warned. The girl nodded her head, fear radiant in her eyes. Gaz let her go, and she ran off into the kitchen.

"Must you scare everyone?" Zim accused.

"I didn't mean to. I was just telling her not to tell anyone we skipped." She didn't think she was that scary.

"You didn't tell her! It sounded like an order and a threat!" Zim laughed half yelled. Gaz glared at him.

"Well it kind of was a threat. But it wasn't an order. She could tell someone, I don't care. Though, I'd half to get her back in some way. Nothing out of the ordinary." Gaz shrugged. She thought this was of acting was normal. Zim, surprisingly, knew better.

"Di..Gaz, I am pretty sure normal humans do not behave like you do." Gaz frowned, was Zim telling her she was wrong?

"Never said I was normal, Zim. I am probably the least normal human there is." Zim shook his head.

"You are weird"

"No Zim. I am interesting." Zim laughed, Gaz frowned. "What?"

"I suppose you are interesting." Zim told her. "But I have a question." Gaz motioned for him to go on. "Why is your brother's head so large?" Gaz smiled. Not scary this time, Zim noted.

"I am not sure, but I have some theories." So Gaz and Zim had this whole discussion on why Dib's head was big and how it got so big. It was a pretty fun, but sadly school was ending soon. Gaz had to leave.

"Bye Zim. I better get home soon. Or Dib will think somethings wrong and come looking for me." Zim walked her out of the restaurant.

"See you later." Zim told her before they went their separate ways.

[-]At the Membrane House[-]

Gaz got home before Dib. It wasn't unusual, she usually left before Dib. He had clubs to attend to before he went home. Once inside the house Gaz did her after school routine: she got a soda, sat on the couch, and started to play video games. It was maybe 3 hours after, but Dib came home. "I'm home!" He called, not really expecting an answer. He knew Gaz was there, he also knew she never answered. He walked over to the couch. "Hey Gaz." She didn't look away from her game, "How was your day?" She paused her game.

"It was," she paused thinking, "interesting." She told him with a smile before turning back to her game. Dib stood shocked his little sister just smiled at him. Something was wrong. He thought back to school. Had anything weird happen? He thought about lunch. All he could remember was that Zim wasn't there. How about Gaz was she there? He tried to remember if he saw her or not, but at lunch all he thought about was Zim, his clubs, and his friends. He sighed, he was a bad brother. Couldn't even remember if he saw his sister or not. Finally he just gave up all together. Gaz had something good happen to her, maybe. There was no reason to worry, right?

Dib looked at the clock on the wall. It was late. "I'm going to take a shower first. Then I'll make dinner." He began to walk up the stairs.

"I'm not hungry." Dib paused, "Also, I'm going to go take a shower, you always us up the warm water." Gaz turn her game off and walked up the stairs, passing Dib.

Dib watch Gaz enter her room to retrieve clothes. He was even more worried now. Gaz not hungry? Lunch was pretty long ago. Maybe she's sick! He couldn't ask her about anything though. She'd just get mad and tell him to shut up and mind his business. So he gave up his worrying again and went to go make himself something to eat.

Gaz was in the shower when she thought about her day seriously. Zim and her had walked together, talk together, and eat together. Her eyes grew in horror. She had just been on what society classified as a date! She had a good time to! Now she wanted to be like Zim, she wanted to get on her knees and scream "No!" But she was Gaz, so she just shivered and gagged at the repulsive thought. She couldn't like someone, especially Zim. It couldn't happen. Could it?

End Chapter 2