The next day Gaz went over to see Gir again, much to the disagreement of Dib. But after a few minutes of pain, he understood and let her go in peace. Gaz went to Zim's house after doing her homework, another worksheet (stupid school= easy schoolwork). She stood by the fense that guarded his yard, watching his gnomes. There was more of them, she noticed, Dib must have attacked him or something last night. Gaz walked past them, they didn't even turn toward her. She wasn't even halfway to the door when a green blur jumped her. Having no time to react to the sudden outburst, she fell to the ground with an "oomph". There was giggling and yelling when Gaz finally had time together her wits. She sat up and look down at her lap, Gir sat looking up at her with a stupid grin. Frowning at him, she patted his head then looked up at the yelling source. Zim, as he usually is, was yelling about something stupid. Gaz only listened to parts. " Exploding...Random foods...Always screeching...ect.!"

"Zim!" Gaz snapped as she got up. The little alien turned to her, antennas up. "What are we doing today?" Zim frowned.

"You are not going to play the games with Gir again?" Gaz sighed and rolled her eyes.

"I don't play games like that everyday, it hurts my head." Really she knew Gir would be bored of something he already did, so she gave up and was hoping Zim would have something to do. Zim and Gaz argued about what to do.

"We could-" Zim started.


"I didn't even say it yet!" He exasperated.

"It was going to be something stupid about my brother." Gaz sated. Zim looked away, "Thought so."

"I HAVE AN IDEA!" Zim and Gaz turned to the high voice. "WE CAN GO EAT TUNA!" Gaz was confused and look at Zim for answer. He was just as befuzzled.

"Where?" Both asked in unison. Gir just smiled and grabbed both of their hands, dragging them with him down the street.


Turned out Gir's word's had some sense; he dragged them to some kind of sushi bar. Gaz heard some of the kids at school talking about it, very popular. It was so popular that it was usually too hard to find a seat, but when Gir walked through the door they were quickly greeted by a bunch of girls in kimonos. They cooed and hugged Gir, taking them to a table in the back. Zim and Gaz sat quickly, but Gir stood and talked to the girls. He said so stupid stuff, but the girl saw it as cute and funny and just laughed. When he sat Zim and Gaz just stared at him. "What?" he drawed out in his squeaky voice. Gaz just shook her head, she'd never understand Gir. Zim however just glared at his robot, the stupid thing was too friendly to humans. Soon a giant platter of raw fish was sat before them, Gir quickly began eating the ones with tuna, while talking about tuna. Gaz had never had sushi before, so she picked one that looked pretty okay and took a bite. She chewed slowly, it was fine, kind of spicy also. She smiled at Gir.

"This isn't as nasty as I'd thought it would be." She almost praised. Gir was still happy and began talking to Gaz very quickly. Gaz had no idea what he was saying, he was too excited and speaking way too fast, but she kept nodding her head like she understood. Zim sat in his corner of the booth staring at the food in front of him, it looked colorful and squishy. He frowned and looked at Gaz eat a few. She didn't seem to mind the squishiness, so it can't be that bad. He pick a random one up and put it in his mouth. Zim quickly got sick; he made gagging sounds and started waving one hand frantically in the air while the other covered his throat. Gir and Gaz watched his display, many other table stopped to watch as well. Gaz let Zim do this for a while before she noticed other people laughing and pointing. She frowned, "I'm taking Zim out." She told Gir. He nodded his head, still eating but much slower now. Grabbing Zim's arm, Gaz dragged him out of the restaurant and walked to a nearby park. She dropped him, he was still screaming.

"They try to poison ZIM!" He stood shaking his fist in the air. "That veil Earth filth was squishy! and VEIL!" He kept ranting till Gaz pushed him.

"Stop that." She snapped, clearly annoyed with Zim's behavior. "Geez, I can't even take you into public! Aren't you suppose to be acting normal?" Gaz scoffed, turning away from the green alien. He glared at her back, he began to yell back at her, but his pak felt something. Gaz was-!

"You're embarrassed!" He blurted out before he could stopped himself. He saw Gaz tense up, she turn to face him slowly.

"Shut. UP." Her glare pierced Zim. He gulped.

"Uh..Uh.." His words kept dying in his throat, Gaz's glare was strong, but his Pak sensed nothing from her again. He got angry sense it was his only defense. "You shut your noise hole!" He pointed at her. "Zim is better than all! Completely normal!"He continued to screech. "Zim needs no one to help him! You needn't help ZIM!" Gaz frowned.

"Okay." She shrugged. "Enjoy the rain." She walked away scowling. Zim watched her go. Rain? It is perfectly clear out. He felt something hit his head, it stung. Zim looked up, dark clouds had gathered. His eyes nearly bugged, more rain began to fall. Zim ran. Each drop that hit him caused a whimper to escape his mouth; as it began to hit hard he began to scream, running for the shelter of a close by gazebo. He stood under it shaking with pain and fear. Oh, how he hated the rain. Water falling out of the sky, how disgustingly dumb! They had enough water in the oceans and lakes; why'd it have to come from the sky also?!

Zim shook for a while before he saw a dark figure walking towards him. He squinted, trying to see better. It was Gir, and he had an umbrella! When Gir was finally by Zim he smiled and handed his master the umbrella. Zim took it quickly and watched Gir pull a coat from his head. Gir handed it to Zim, humming. Zim pulled the coat on as fast as he could. "How'd you know I was here?" Gir giggled.

"Gazzy told me to take it to you." he sang. Zim frowned, the Gaz was truly a mystery.


So this was really short. I like it though, hope you like it too. Don't mind the shortness though, please. I ran out of my Rigg-juice. Thanks for reading. :D