The TV screen buzzed to life, loud gaming music filled the room. Gaz smiled at the sound, almost smoothing to her. She began playing, killing flaming vampire piggie by the dozen. Each kill bringing her closer to the goal. The boss, he was sure to be strong, but never better than Gaz. Hearing the sound off the last death, Gaz knew she was there. The music changed, with it came the boss. The screen said, in red letters, PLAY. Gaz pressed start. The doorbell rang. Growling, Gaz paused her game and threw the controller to the ground. "What the hell?" She yelled standing up. Gaz went to answer the door, but only to make her anger worse. "Zim..." She hissed. "How DARE you ruin my GAME!" She screeched at him. He just glared at her.

"I have come to returned your pitiful water protection." He said holding out a purple umbrella and jacket. Gaz glared at him, stupid alien...

"Fine." She took the items and threw them into house. "Anything else?" She asked, not really caring anymore. Zim twitched, it felt like the Gaz-human was feeling even less than usual. Zim now knows what cold-shoulder feels like...

"Uh, um." Zim managed to stutter before-

"ZIM!" Gaz rolled her eyes, stupid Dib was back from his paranormally stupid investigation. Zim almost relaxed at the the sight and feel of Dib's anger at him. He went along with the Dib's argument.

"Dib!" He yelled pointing a gloved hand at the dark hair boy. "What do you want?" He said a little more casual, almost friendly.

"What are you doing at my house?" Dib's hands wave in the air. Zim froze.

"This is your house?" He asked innocently and looked around. "Oh, I hadn't realized." Gaz watched the two idiots do their weird fighting before a while but then Dib pulled her into it, literally. He grabbed her and put his arms around protectively.

"What have you done to my sister?!" Dib asked accusingly. Zim didn't answer, he was too busy backing away and watching the Gaz-human's face. She hadn't looked too happy, not that she ever did. But when the Dib-thing grabbed her Zim saw her eyes go wide, but then her face changed once again. Thats when his Pak made him go on high alert. Gaz was full on rage. Nothing else came off her.

Dib watched Zim back away, he grew confused. Why was Zim fearfully watching Gaz? That was when Dib looked down at his hands. Gaz, he was holding Gaz! When did that happen? He hadn't noticed his own actions, but it was too late now.

"Dib." A dark voice hissed. Dib had to do a double take, was that Gaz's voice? He let her go and took a step back. Gaz stood in the same spot, tense and unmoving. Dib grew worried, for himself or her, he did not know.

"G-Gaz?" A purple light began flowing around Gaz. Oh shit, Dib remembers this! It like from the day he gave Gaz pig-mouth! Dib looked around for anything to protect himself with. He made eye contact with Zim. The alien was just standing there, too scared to move. Dib ran toward him.

Zim watched the Dib human running, but his Pak was too overheated. Gaz's rage was blinding, Zim didn't know how to react. Finally the Dib was upon him, that was enough distraction for Zim.

"What human?" Zim snapped, anger once again his protection.

"We got to run Zim! Gaz is angry!" Dib shook the Irken's shoulders frantically. Zim swatted Dib's hands away. Dib didn't give up, "We have to hurry before-!" Too late.

"DIB." Zim and Dib look a Gaz once again. She was in the air, and a giant fire circle was around all of them. There was no escape! "ZIM." Both boys held onto each other, shaking. Gaz and her scary purple light came toward them. On upon them Gaz lowered herself, but only a little. "You both are annoyingly stupid! Do you not understand ANYTHING? Why can't you ever shut up?! Now I'm going to-" Gaz beginning ranting. It was horrible! She describe what she was going to do to them in such detail that the boys literal saw it happening and feel to the ground, sick. "-and you'll be sorry you EVER crossed me repeatedly!" She kept her scary floating and watched the boy shake and shiver on their knees. Cooling down from her rant, Gaz landed on the ground in front of the boys, they flinched. Gaz could hear them whimper, she smirked seeing them so weak. They spend so much time fighting and hear they were, holding onto each other with terror. Gaz stopped smiling and growled, "Stand up!" The boys jumped but stood as fast as they could, their legs feeling like jellies. They looked at her, Gaz smiled so sweetly and happily that Zim's Pak sparked. Was Gaz truly happy? But wh-?

Zim got his answer, Gaz punched both boys in the face. Dib fell back, but Zim kept standing, his superior Irken bones taking the hit, it hurt SO much but not so bad as to knock him down like the pitiful Dib-human. Zim held a hand to his face, trying to sooth the nerves. Gaz stood in front of him, watching with amused eyes. Zim waited for her move, she was in control here, the fire circle still surrounded them. Dib must have been unconscious because he wasn't moving much. Gaz took a quick glance at him, she was strong enough to carry her brother, but was too tired. "Zim." He stood straighter, hand still on his face. "I have spare both your lives." Gaz lied, she was never going to kill them. Just man-handle them pretty bad, but Zim looked pretty scared and Gaz had a feeling that he would do anything she said right now out of fear. She went with her feeling, "So for letting you live, your gonna be my slave or something. Okay?" Zim was outraged! How could this pitiful- he did a quick look around- Okay, not so pitiful (scary) human dare demand such a thing from him?! He opened his mouth to protest but a quick glare from az had him nodding his head in agreement. "Good!" Gaz clasped her hands together. "Now, pick up Dib and put him in my house." Gaz pointed Dib the her door. Zim grumble and did as he was told. Picking Dib up by the feet, Zim dragged him into the house. Gaz followed and smirked, Zim could have pick Dib all the way up and he didn't. Gaz like Zim a little better , they both really hated Dib; but Zim was a 0.5 on her list of likes, were 10 was her game-slave and Dib was zero.

I'm moving pretty fast, I know, but I was like "Hey, both boys pissed her off, why not have Gaz finaly show her awesome power? And the NOT really use in but still use the fear from it to her advantaged. She seems lazy (to me), and a ex-"Freind" as a slave seemed pretty cool. So in other words this was full of something I thought was funny, manily because of Zim's new enslavement! And Dibs out cold! Hahahah, isn't that humorous? :D