"Tony! You are not supposed to encourage Loki to continue to stare at them by staring with him! You are supposed to at least greet them properly!" Steve said, pulling Tony's ear after reaching the range of pulling Tony's ear.

Loki quickly covers his black cat ears, looking most innocent to not end up like Tony's ear fate.

Steve looks at Loki with his narrow eyes and smack Loki lightly on his nose. Loki holds his nose in pain and frowns at Steve.

"Hey! How come you pull my ear and never pull his ear?" Tony grumbles grouchily.

"Let's go and introduce yourself properly now, okay?" Steve said, holding Loki's hand gently and walks to the Warrior Three.


"Do you think Steve kind of acting like a father to Loki?" Bruce whispers softly to Clint.

"Yeah, I think he is really like a father now. See the way he holds Loki's hand." Clint said, looking at Steve holding Loki's hand and chatting to him.

"Well, one thing for sure, Tony doesn't seem to be happy about something."Natasha said, watch in amusement at the way Tony is pouting and walking to them.

"Seriously, I am fixing the problem by staring at them. If they see me staring at them, they will definitely come to talk to me!" Tony grumbles.

"Have you think of the fact they are Asgardian warriors and they may get offended by the glare?" Bruce said with a sigh.

Tony turns pale at that thought.

"So how is Loki being with you all? I hope he doesn't create too much trouble. He is always so active and mischievous when he is young." Frigga said, deciding to chat with them.

"Nay, he never caused much trouble. Just have to make sure someone is not being a bad influence to him." Natasha purposely looks at Tony meaningfully with a poker face. Tony frowns at the way Clint smirks.

"He is quite mischievous but quite tiring to take care when he is hyperactive, no thanks to someone." Clint pointedly glares at Tony, who pretends to be whistling merrily.

"Wait, until we start teaching Loki useful things then we start talking." Tony smirked at them. Bruce sighs at the incoming trouble times ahead. He decided maybe he will buy more tea when he gets back.

"So why he can't stay in Asgard to be taught under us?" Odin asked with a sulk.

"Is once not enough? After all that chaotic times?" Frigga frowns at Odin.

"Well, I manage to teach him a few things and they are mortals. It's not like they can live forever like us." Odin argued back.

"Now don't try to talk back to me in this way, okay?" Frigga place her hands on her hips and preparing to talk some sense to Odin.

"But Loki should stay with us instead of them!" Odin exclaimed out in anger.

"Now stop being so unreasonable!" Frigga screech back.

"I think now is the best time to go." Clint winching at the volume they yelled.

"Uhm, father and mother?" Thor ask uncertainly. "WHAT!"

Both parents immediately glare at Thor for interrupting their quarrel. Thor seems to shrink from the glare.

"What is it, Thor?" Odin said sulkily.

"I will lead a tour around Asgard for my migardian friends to see. Bye." Thor said as casually and cool as he can before walking off.

The Avengers quickly follow Thor after saying their goodbyes.

Both Odin and Frigga continues to glare at them before continuing the quarrel.


Steve and Loki walk up to the Warrior Three casually. Steve decided to be a good example to Loki and introduce himself first.

"I am Steve and this is Loki." Steve said. Loki hides behind Steve at the mention of his name before poking out his head again from behind Steve's back.

Fandral flicks his hair to the side and poses himself handsomely.

"I am Fandral." Fandral said, winking playfully.

Loki narrows his eyes and frown.

"Is that a pose to a lady? Steve is not a lady." Loki hiss in anger, tail swaying in agitation. Fandral almost choked himself to death with his own saliva.

Steve spluttered at Loki's words and blush a little.

"That is very rude of you, Loki. He doesn't mean to do that." Steve said gently.

"But he is…" "No, Loki. Just his way of introducing himself."

"Okay, fine." Loki pouts at Steve and glares at Fandral, believing he is trying to do something bad.

Fandral cringed a little under Loki's stare and Volstagg then decide to introduce himself.

"I am Volstagg." Volstagg chuckles and bends down to Loki's height with a grin.

Loki looks at Volstagg curiously, examining him.

"You remind me of teddy bear…" Loki murmur shyly, hiding his face with Steve's back. Steve ruffles Loki's hair cheekily, making him pouts.

Volstagg frowns in thought of what Loki thinks of him.

"Oh, this is Hogun." Volstagg said, nudge Hogun with his elbow. Hogun looks at Loki with his grim face.

"Is he unhappy?" Loki looks at him curiously.

"He is always like that." Sif shrugged. "I am Sif."

"Hey, Sif." Loki says nervously, thinking she looks pretty scary with all that armour. Steve looks at Loki in amusement before starting to notice the loud yells from the quarreling royal couple.

"Do they always quarrel?" Natasha ask, looking at the quarreling couple.

"No, they don't but it can be bad when their thoughts clash badly." Thor said.

"So where are we going next?" Tony ask gleefully.

"Loki's room first, then my room and the other parts of the palace. Lastly will be the city." Thor said, chuckling at the excitement which is almost radiating out of Tony.


Loki hears the footsteps of the Avengers coming toward them and looks at them with a tilt of his head.

"So how is the introduction to them?" Tony ask cheekily at Loki. Loki blinks at him blankly and thinks for a moment.

"It's fine but I think the guy who is thin but the cheeky looking one, is trying to court Steve." Loki whispers to Tony with a serious face.

"WHAT!" Tony exclaims out loud, attracting everyone's attention. Tony tries to muffle his giggle which is threatening to burst out of him from the words Loki just says as everyone looks at him curiously.

"What Loki says that make you laugh out loud, Tony?" Clint looks at Tony with a frown.

Tony just continues to giggle.

"It's nothing." Tony said. The other Avengers just shrug and introduce themselves to the Warrior Three.

"So what are you all going to do next?" Fandral asks .

"Go to Loki's room to see as well get some things for him." Thor shrugs.

The Warrior Three immediately turn pale at that statement. The other Avengers notice their drastic change of face complexion turning pale and starts to feel worry about Thor's plans.

"Well, I guess that it is time for us to go. Nice to meet you all." Fandral said hurriedly and quickly walks off. The rest of the Warrior Three also follows Fandral quickly.

"Why are they in such a hurry, Thor?" Tony asks, as the Warrior Three briskly walks away.

"Hmm, I am not sure. Probably for training." Thor shrugs, walking towards the hall of the palace.

"Somehow I am getting a bad feeling of this." Tony said, feeling a little déjà vu.