I like 80's music because that decade put out some radical stuff. Radical being a term that is no longer used in English vernacular, but still used by people who used to worship the "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles" (yet another thing the 80's gave us!)

Anyway, I like Kisa and Yukina, they are my favorite of the three main couples from せかい―はつこい. (Sorry, gotta practice my Japanese writing, and it works well!). I have decided to write some short one-shots using songs from the 80's as a background. Here is the first piece. It is complete fluff, which I needed to write after re-reading Monogatari.

This piece is inspired by "Alone" sang by the group Heart. I was belting this song out today while at work, so I really needed to write the piece to get it out of my head. Hope you enjoy. There are some phrases that are almost exact from the song written into sentences within this piece. See if you can find them.

I own nothing; I just play around with it for fun. Cheers!



There exists an old tale where if one were to pay attention to time, then time seems to go by slowly. That same tale explains that time moves faster when no one is paying attention. Truth of the matter is; time is constant and does not go by fast or slow, it just goes by. Still, it hurts when someone is waiting for someone else alone.

After a long day of classes, work, and extra painting in the studio the man had finally made it back to his boyfriend's apartment. He was dead tired; hardly able to keep his eyes open as he fumbled for the key in his pocket. The key fell out of his hand and he smashed his head into the door while retrieving the little piece of metal that would open the door and allow him to crash onto a bed for a little shut-eye.

Yukina Kou knew that the love of his life was not behind that door and it made him sad. He was used to the days in which the older man had to work until all hours of the night. Those days were often enough he sometimes found himself wondering, "Kisa, how can I get you alone?" A good question to be sure, but one that didn't really have an answer.

Door finally open, and shoes removed from his feet, Yukina walked into the kitchen area and grabbed a bottle of water. He couldn't remember when he'd started sleeping with a bottle, but it kept him from having to leave bed when his mouth was dry. Any of the times Kisa was in bed with him, even when they both were sleeping, was a group of moments he didn't want to miss.

The art student shuffled into the bedroom and removed his clothes. Sleeping naked didn't ensure any sort of sex was going to happen, but it did create skin contact. He loved the feeling of Kisa's skin on his.

His bedtime ritual took only a few minutes. Brush teeth; check. Relieve bladder; check. Yukina then went back to the bedroom for a night of sleep. After moving about the room for a few moments to make sure all of his stuff was put away, he slipped into bed and let the blanket envelop him.

That's when he heard the ticking of the clock. The room was pitch dark which made the clock sound even louder than it was. He was never going to get to sleep if he paid attention to the clock, so he tried to think of something to take his mind of the ticking.

Of course the only thing that would enter his mind was Kisa. No matter what, the first thing he thought about when he woke up was his lover. The last thing he though before sleep took him was the man whose lips he wanted to kiss and body he wanted to hold tight. These thoughts usually ended up with a nice bit of masturbation, which wasn't so much fun when the brain attached to the hands necessary to perform such a task was on the brink of dying for the night.

When he was that tired he started having strange thoughts. A common one tended to be how he had always been fine on his own before, but how after meeting Kisa it seemed as if he couldn't live without the man. Yukina chalked that up to being so head over heels in love it messed with his head, in a good way. He'd not change a single thing in his life, even if he had become a little dependent on his older boyfriend.

After meeting the editor, his nights seemed to go by so much slower when said man wasn't with him. Then again, the nights when they were together seemed to pass in the blink of an eye. How on earth was that supposed to be fair? Yukina'd have traded an organ to switch the way time lapsed around so that moments with Kisa were forever while moments without were eaten away like nothing.

"I wonder where you are right now, Kisa-san." He absentmindedly stated into the darkness of the room as he tried to fall asleep; the ticking of the clock was still keeping him awake.

The answer to that question was simple. He was either 1) Still at work or 2) On his way home from work. Either way, he wasn't in bed with Yukina, who was definitely alone. As a consolation, they were both alone, together. Not that it did anything to ease Yukina's mind.

Sleep was beginning to finally overtake the man, at least until he heard the door open. His heart leapt out of his chest which woke Yukina up in a very quick manner. Kisa-san was home before he'd fallen into oblivion. This type of occurrence was so rare, he insisted his body remain awake until the other was under the covers with him.

He listened for the older man's nightly ritual. Even though it wasn't often he was privy to hearing what Kisa-san did when he returned home from work, Yukina knew the process by heart. Every movement, every sound made his heart beat faster because it brought the man closer to the bedroom.

Less than twenty minutes after the door shut, Yukina's waiting was finally over. Kisa padded to the bed and slipped under the covers only to be latched onto and pulled close. Yukina could feel the older man tense slightly and then relax.

"Sorry if I woke you. Go back to sleep." The tired sounding man said softly.

"I was awake." Was the reply.

Yukina started to kiss the top of Kisa's head which caused the smaller man to turn around and face him.

"What are you doing? It's a little late, isn't it?"

"You don't know how long I've waited to do just that." Yukina said with a grin. He pulled the man closer and ran his hand through the elder's hair.

Kisa started shivering slightly in his arms, which caused Yukina to hold him even tighter.

"Are you cold?" The younger man asked.

"No." The reply was slightly muffled, meaning Kisa-san was rather embarrassed. "When you do that it gives me the chills."

"Do you want me to stop?"

Yukina could feel the other man shake his head from its position under his chin. "No."

There were no more words after that; there didn't need to be. Both men fell asleep embraced by the blanket and entwined with one another. Yukina didn't need to worry about the night ending with him (or Kisa) ending up alone.